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Dear SWAT-KATS Fans, join us and be part in the Revolution to bring back the Radical Squadron.
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Remembering 25 Years through sketches and memories!


Hello Everyone,

We would like to share with you some memories of 25 years past of Swat-Kats, through some sketches of our archives. I hope you will enjoy it!

We would like to wish you all living in United States a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones.

Cheers to all!

Christian & Yvon

PS Thanks to Matt F. @ for putting this video together.

PSS For the 10 lucky ones who won one of the SK Commemorative Limited Edition Prints, they are on their way!

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    1. Kenneth Callaway II on

      In response to the statement toward the end of the video in reference to DeadpooI and the likes…. Take that or even Guardians of the Galaxy, those comics were definitely not mainstream and they’re HUGE hits because the strong characters were represented well AND they stayed strong and pretty accurate to their comic canon. 

Imagine if the Tremblay Bros. got a green light for not just the new animated series, but since the sky is the limit with today’s technology… Imagine Megakat City with the rendering power behind it that made Bladerunner or Ghost in the Shell and combine that with he motion capture and re-rendering of anthropomorphic characters with the Avatar technology.

    2. MoDaD on

      Thanks for the look back at the origins of SWAT Kats and for sharing the previously never-before-seen materials.

      In your Update #39, the following was announced:

      "We’ll also be taking that opportunity to talk about a lot of the questions fans have been asking or wanted to know for a while. We'll be sharing a few details about the challenges we’ve encountered and how we’re planning to overcome them.

      We will also be sharing some of the pre production items we’ve been using for our presentations to potential partners as part of this interview. All of this will be on-camera so you all will get a chance to see."

      Will SWAT Kats fans get a chance to see more of this?