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Dear SWAT-KATS Fans, join us and be part in the Revolution to bring back the Radical Squadron.
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Dear Fans,

It's been a long while, and thank you to still be around, it means SO MUCH to us.

We understand some may be disappointed that we have not made announcements as of yet on a definitive beginning of production or news of SKR, and I can understand you all. It's been harder then anticipated, and even though we believed sometimes to be very close, hurdles appear and forces us to look at other opportunities. Greenlighting a TV Series is always difficult and an achievement in itself. But I need to convey that we are continuously and actively pursuing all venues to bring SWAT Kats Revolution to life. Investors and Studio meetings are constantly happening, and we are very confident we will succeed.

In the meanwhile, with the dedications of Matt Fisk and others at, we have been doing SWAT Kats related activities that you can see herein below in case you missed them.

Earlier this year we invited to take a look at our personal archive of SWAT Kats material, including background art, model sheets and storyboards. As part of celebrating SWAT Kat’s 25th anniversary, their entire site has been redone, and you can find all of this exclusive stuff here:

And here: also coordinated a very special reunion for us in April, where we got a chance to reunite with our friends from our Hanna-Barbera days, Randall Crissman and John Zuker, the guys who put together the original SWAT Kats music, and they even performed the theme! It was a lot of fun, and we’re glad we got the opportunity to share it with all of you:


SWAT Kats is now 25 YEARS OLD, and we want to do something special to commemorate this occasion. We’ll be meeting with in November to take some time to talk about this anniversary and take a look back at the show we all know and love. We’ll also be taking that opportunity to talk about a lot of the questions fans have been asking or wanted to know for a while. We'll be sharing a few details about the challenges we’ve encountered and how we’re planning to overcome them.

We will also be sharing some of the pre production items we’ve been using for our presentations to potential partners as part of this interview. All of this will be on-camera so you all will get a chance to see.



Tremblay Bros. Studios will also be having a Giveaway of 10 Commemorative Limited Edition Prints (Signed and numbered) of SWAT Kats 25th Year anniversary. The winners will be randomly selected on Nov. 10, 2018 and announced in a video toward the end of November. These are all one-of-a-kind things, very cool to have! Just sign-up with your name and email here:

If you win, you’ll be emailed for your address, so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Once again, thank you so much for your patience! We realize that it’s been over one year since our last update, and I apologize for that. The way that things work in this industry can be frustrating at times. Without getting too specific, I can tell you now that we’re in talks with a different department at Warner Bros. that’s completely separate from our previous points of contact. I’m really reminded of our challenges back in 1992 when we were trying so hard to get SABAN to pick up the show, and then as fate would have it Hanna-Barbera wound up opening the doors for us. It’s crazy how things work sometimes!

Thank you again, everyone!

Christian & Yvon

And, while you’re here, tells us below in the comments what you think about it being 25 YEARS since SWAT Kats first aired in 1993!

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    1. Stephanie P on

      Oh god you guys are alive!

      Jesus I thought you ran off with the money for a second, glad to see that didn't happen and also that no one is dead..well not yet at least

    2. Shawn Boyett on

      I wish you guys would update more often! Hope things work out.

    3. Kenneth Callaway on

      I think the true fans of Swat Kats are just sitting back, cracking open a couple cans of cold.. milk… And for something that was so far ahead of 1993, might indeed be perfect for our not-too-distant future!

      Lately, the momentum in Hollywood has been building up around the epic monster & anthro-nostalgia. The hunger is there, but Top Gun 2 and The Mighty Eighth are merely appetisers for the Swat Kats main meal!

When someone doesn’t know Swat Kats is, my brief go-to examples are:
A fuzzy Lethal Weapon visits a Troll Hunter safari park
A gritty Zootropolis wrapped in a Top Gun bow.

    4. Andres T. Montoya on

      Very grateful for the over-due update, guys. Your fans sincerely appreciate the communication. There are too many horror stories of backers getting frauded out of their money. I am glad to hear this is not one of them.

      HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY everybody!

    5. Walter Heil on

      Thanks for the update, guys. It's good to know that SK Revolution is still alive and the limited edition print giveaway contest is really a nice move. It also doesn't happen everyday that a studio shares its original material with the fandom like you did with But to be honest, it's actually the material you've created for the new show which I can't wait to see. Allowing to let these things going public might even attract potential partners who you actually don't have on your radar. In the days of social media it's also vital to make things going public on a regular basis in order to keep people's attention. Unfortunately, it's lost pretty easily due to the information overflow we have these days. So I really hope that we going to see more of the future instead of dwelling in the past furthermore. I wish you best of luck with your efforts to overcome those challenges you've mentioned!

    6. Adam Evans

      Thank you for the update! We're all still in your corner rooting for your success!

    7. MoDaD on

      This should be a clickable link to the giveaway drawing:

    8. Kristoffer Brandberg on

      Thank you for the update! I wish you guys a radical progress with SKR! We all are rooting for you!

    9. KatneySK on

      Yay, an update and hopes for limited edition stuff! I can't wait to see what happens next.

      I've done my own tribute for the 25th anniversary, about four months in the making. I'm a weirdo. ^^

    10. Missing avatar

      Melinda Brown on

      Thank you for the update and all the great stuff! Glad you still think of your fans! I miss SWAT Kats!