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    1. James Pearl on

      any chance of the art books you gave out a while back as incentives ever becoming available to purchase?

    2. Missing avatar

      RC on

      Alright, cool to check in and find an update!

      I look forward to checking out the podcasts and hope we do indeed get another update before the year's up!

      Keep doin' what yer doin' and more good news will come, hopefully!

    3. Gopo™ on

      Great news! Keep up the good work guys and I'm sure everything will fall into place soon.

    4. Andres T. Montoya on

      This update is nearly a year old. Did everyone just forget about this?

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher Tenney on

      I certainly hope not Andres, I'd like to think that it isn't the case, but I can see why someone would think that,

    6. Richard Haslam on

      It's now been about a year since the last update, I hope we get news soon.