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Dear SWAT-KATS Fans, join us and be part in the Revolution to bring back the Radical Squadron.
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Hello, SWAT Kats fans!

It’s been a little while since our last update in April, so our apologies in advance for that! My brother Yvon and I have been traveling extensively, meeting with several potential financial backers in New York City, Las Vegas, and Montreal, among other places. We still have several more meetings in the upcoming weeks, and we feel confident in the latest round of discussions, that we hope to have some announcement in the near future, maybe before the end of 2017.

I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for more news and specifics, and I can understand the frustration, if any,  you may have, we certainly feel that way at times, but we must keep moving forward until we succeed. Also, in our experience developing animated programs, and entertainment projects in general, it’s important to keep certain revelations under wraps until everything is set in stone, contracts signed, or at least until we know the basis of any news is solid.

In the meanwhile, I did get a chance and privilege to talk to THE MEGA SWAT KAST (, who was kind enough to make a podcast recording. I was in the field, so I had to call via cell phone, but they were kind enough to clean it up as best as they could and share it with all of you. I also talk about where we’re at in the process of getting SWAT Kats Revolution off of the ground, and also the steps involved with putting together a series. 

 ALSO, last week was the 24th anniversary of The Giant Bacteria debuting on TBS back in 1993! WOW! 



 Time really flies!  If you listen to that podcast, you can hear me talk about some of the work Yvon and I did in preparation for that, and learn where some of the locale/setting inspirations in the show came from.

Next week we’ll be traveling to France again to take part in a TV-industry convention, where we’ll be meeting with some industry professionals, financiers, distributors, etc.. I’ve attended this event numerous times, a must for TV producers.

Also, around November, our friends at will be visiting our upcoming new production's office location in Hollywood. We recently unboxed a bunch of SWAT Kats production archives with all kinds of unique and exclusive materials. They’ll be helping Yvon and me digitize them so that we can share all of them for you to see!  

AND, IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, our friends at visited us this past March to do a live stream event AND an exclusive interview with myself, Yvon and Television’s Lance Falk. 


These interviews are all done and you can view them here:   and here:

Thank you again for all of your patience and steadfastness! We know that bringing back Swat Kats ran into delays and proved more difficult than expected, but I can reassure you that we are committed to SWAT Kats Revolution, and when we committed as we are on projects, these get produced.

Thanks for being behind us.



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    1. Richard Haslam on

      It's now been about a year since the last update, I hope we get news soon.

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Tenney on

      I certainly hope not Andres, I'd like to think that it isn't the case, but I can see why someone would think that,

    3. Andres T. Montoya on

      This update is nearly a year old. Did everyone just forget about this?

    4. Gopo™ on

      Great news! Keep up the good work guys and I'm sure everything will fall into place soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      RC on

      Alright, cool to check in and find an update!

      I look forward to checking out the podcasts and hope we do indeed get another update before the year's up!

      Keep doin' what yer doin' and more good news will come, hopefully!

    6. James Pearl on

      any chance of the art books you gave out a while back as incentives ever becoming available to purchase?