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    1. Shere Khan on

      Cheers! Keep on fightin'! =^..^=

    2. Aron Marczylo on

      Considering what Netflix is willing to pick up I can imagine they'd be more than happy to host or even partially finance this.

    3. MoDaD on

      Thanks for the shout-out! And, a big thanks to Television's Lance Falk for spending the day with us - you're a true professional, Lance, and everyone really enjoyed your live commentary. We'll have to do it again, sometime.

      And, a big thanks to Di for making the trip across the country and for being in front of the camera for the majority of the segments we shot together.

      And, of course, a BIG THANKS to Charlie Adler for making the time to stop by. Charlie's schedule was fully booked, but he braved the harsh traffic of downtown LA and navigated the maze of Park La Brea so he could still be involved for the fans by doing the drawing. Thanks Charlie!

      And, a BIG THANKS to Sylvie Brousseau at Park La Brea for providing us with the theater and adjacent facilities. Sylvie was a tremendous behind-the-scenes help, a great point of contact leading up to the event and throughout the day, helping keep tabs on equipment, schedules and even arranging meals that evening.

      And, a BIG THANKS to my friends at Ranger Industries http://rangercoin.com for making those awesome SWAT Kats Challenge Coins for Tremblay Bros. Studios - everyone that's received one so far has really liked them. I've already mailed 29 of them so far to the drawing winners - the rest should be out by the end of the week. In total, 53 people in the drawing received one. If you didn't get one, keep an eye on @TheSWATKats on Twitter - there may be other contests in the upcoming months where you might have the opportunity to win one.

      And, of course, a big thanks to all SWAT Kats fans! I've had the privilege to call many of you my friends going on almost two decades now. For those that saw the live stream, thanks for watching and participating in the live chat! (And, my apologies for the quality issues). For those that haven't, keep an eye on that YouTube page for the archived version (coming soon).

      Videos for the event and the live stream archive will be posted at the swatkats.info YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXNOMLwHr0ncR6fYzPW8dAg Just need to clean up the audio a bit and edit it into watchable portions - should have that soon.

    4. Adam Buccilli on

      I never heard about a live stream :( could have gone for one of those coins, fudge.

    5. Missing avatar

      matherite on

      Those coins are awesome! Any opportunity for backers who couldn't attend the event to get one?

    6. WiredRM on

      Good luck guys, I'm rootin' for ya!

    7. Saul Frausto on

      Dang, I wish I'd know about this Livestreaming event. Those coins looks amazing, I'm so jealous. Looks like it was a "radical" time!

    8. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      Will the show be darker than what we had as kids? Sort of like what samurai jack is doing. I am not talking about having to kill anyone or anything but just a more mature Swat Kats or will it be about the same. Regardless I cant wait to see some of the screenshots eventually when things get worked out.

    9. MoDaD on

      For anyone who missed it, re-uploading the Live Stream to this playlist: https://youtu.be/CQ-cQwW5Sa4…

    10. Shray on

      excited to see all these updates! I sure hope the new series comes to fruition soon!

    11. MoDaD on

      Thank you to everyone who subscribed to our YouTube Channel and put us past the 1000 subscriber mark! Check to see if you were one of the lucky ten recipients here: https://youtu.be/8CXGwzLBV18