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Dear SWAT-KATS Fans, join us and be part in the Revolution to bring back the Radical Squadron.
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Hi Fans, 

As per our last update, we mentioned that we had a Major Hollywood Studios ( we can say now: Warner Bros.) that had interest in bringing back Swat-Kats on Boomerang Chanel / Cartoon Network, It took a while to get answers, but unfortunately Warner Animation was unable to convince the parent network to commit for a new series, and thus passed on the project. 

It is a major disappointment, but not a defeat. We are working with investors now about doing episodes independently that will available online for streaming. We are also talking to VOD. We are looking at all the possibilities. We understand it takes more time little more time on the business side to accomplish the goal of producing new episode, and we are as eager to make announcement for you all. We thanks again for all the support and we will keep you updated.


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    1. Steven Brown on

      To the TREMBLAT BROS: TRY NETFLIX. if MARVEL can do it YOU CAN please try NETFLIX

    2. Steven Brown on

      Don't you dare give up keep going I want to see this Swat Kats Revolution take flight so don't you dare quit take on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime something whatever you gotta do to do it

    3. Amy Jo Roth-McWilliams on

      T.V. ...hell I'd read a COMIC BOOK

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher Williams on

      Another reason to consider Netflix: They just released an entire season of a Danger Mouse reboot! For those who don't know, Danger Mouse was a very obscure British cartoon in the 80's that gained some popularity in the US. The only reason I even know about it is because I vaguely remember watching it as a kid. If Netflix is interested in reviving such an obscure show, then surely they will be interested in Swat Kats.

    5. Missing avatar

      RC on

      Oh, also agree about going the Netflix route. Seems like the best option.

    6. Missing avatar

      RC on

      Was wondering when we'd hear back, well, not the best news to hear. But, I do agree that I'm not hurt on Cartoon Network passing, I know for you guys it's not good. I still think a better network will pick it up and totally let you guys do what you want to do with the Swat Kats. Don't give up!

    7. Missing avatar

      Patrick Tilley - Ashmore on

      Have you guys talked to the folks at roosterteeth? They specialize in online media and have two or more very popular online series going.

    8. Missing avatar

      Curtis W. Milam on

      Shray, did you not read this?:
      "As per our last update, we mentioned that we had a Major Hollywood Studios ( we can say now: Warner Bros.) that had interest in bringing back Swat-Kats on Boomerang Chanel / Cartoon Network, It took a while to get answers, but unfortunately Warner Animation was unable to convince the parent network to commit for a new series, and thus passed on the project."
      That means Boomerang won't host the series, and neither will Cartoon Network. Besides, Cartoon Network don't care about cartoons anymore just like MTV don't care about music anymore. That is a point I made in the last comment I made here.

    9. Missing avatar

      R.D. Carantes on

      I believe in the revival of this cartoon, and I'll continue sharing/ supporting it. All my power to you guys to make this happen! :D

    10. Shray on

      it is an unfortunate setback, but glad to see that you guys have not given up and are looking at all avenues. Netflix is definitely an outlet to look for, or if possible, where it all began, with cartoon network... always rooting for you guys and all the very best!

    11. Lauren Miller on

      I also recommend trying Netflix or Hulu. They already have a lot of original shows like Care Bears, Voltron(which is coming out soon) Popples, just to name a few. They are new original shows and are pretty popular now. So yes they are your best bet now. And I think it will be good for the new series.

    12. Andrew Hsieh on

      Really sorry to hear that Warner Animation couldn't bring it forward. I guess Netflix is a good choice for consideration, which means they could order a significant number of episodes.

    13. Vanessa C. on

      I agree with people suggesting Netflix.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christopher Tenney on

      I would say that Netflix and/or Amazon are your best bets, "SWAT Kats" has a better chance there than it did on Cartoon Network.

    15. Richard Haslam on

      Well we did try to tell you about Cartoon Network, they only care about money more than cartoons. Try Amazon or Netflix next time, don't give up.

    16. YiYi on

      I prefer steam online since I don't have access to CN LOL As others say CN it not great as they use to be. Ain't giving on ya!

    17. jo holloway

      I'm not that hurt by cartoon network( my bad, last i checked they DEMAND they only be referred to as CN! instead.) has passed on this. past experience has shown what would have happened either:
      1. they take total control and turn it into yet another piece of trash "kids show" that treat's it's viewer like retards that can only be intertained by farts and random flashing colors.
      2. it instantly becomes more popular than whatever other show in it's programing block they want on top, so they cancel SKR.(i may still be bitter over thunder cats)
      they can suck our jet exhaust. this will take time, but THE CAT'S WILL FLY AGAIN!

    18. Shere Khan on

      Don't give up, Razor and T-Bone would never do! Sorry that Warner Animations didn't manage to launch the new series, but good luck with the investors! If I were to put my 2 cents in, I'd actually like it more to stream it, since CN is not what it used to be by all means, it's an empty, empty shell of its former self...

    19. David Wagaman

      Good luck! The fans believe in ya.

    20. ZekeStaright on

      It's too bad that Cartoon Network is gonna miss out on this great opportunity

    21. Walter Heil on

      Thanks for keeping us updated on your negotiation efforts.

      Too bad that it didn't work out with WB. This might have made some things easier for you. (Don't they still have certain rights on SK like developing new video games for example?)

      But I also agree with you and the other fans here that alternatives like online streaming / video on demand might be a better option. I guess it's easier to publish a show as an independent studio today than it was twenty years ago, thanks to the new possibilities these services have to offer.

      I'll continue keeping my fingers crossed and hope that you'll find another possibility that works for you and allows to watch the show no matter in what countries the fans live.
      And please don't let this setback discourage you.

    22. Karthikeyan Sreenivasan on

      Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or Youtube Red. Personally I would prefer Netflix / Hulu, also Hulu has a couple of self produced animation shows, Awesomes & Mother Up!

    23. Kevin Jerez on

      Considering how badly CN handled the new Powerpuff Girls, this turn of events is a blessing. And I'd like to throw in my support with everyone else here and say that, yes, Netflix is the best way to go. I mean, just look at Daredevil and you can see just successful going down that route will be.

    24. Mitchell Street on

      Nerflix would be a great option! It has so many original shows, and I'm sure they would love to add you on their list.

    25. Dreadjaws on

      Yeah, I agree with the general consensus here, Netflix (or other streaming service) is the way to go. Frankly, Cartoon Network is lost. It's useless at this point for anyone in search of quality content.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Hixson on

      Hopefully you guys can get something like Netflex or Amazon or Hulu.

    27. Kristoffer Brandberg on

      To be honest, I'm glad you got turned down. Only because you won't be working with Cartoon Network which has, in my opinion, been handling their shows in a very unjust manner and promoting shows that lacks appeal whatsoever like Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go and the Powerpuff Girls-reboot. I'm sad to say this but you're better off without involving yourself with anything related to CN.

      I agree with Kenneth, streaming content sounds like a lot more appealing choice. And working independently means nothing will restrict you from going radical! =D

      If you decide to go for Netflix, then please release the SK-content in Europe as well. We have too few of good things over here...

    28. Dana Uehara on

      "There's enough military salvage to build our own jet... get back in the air and get back at Dark Kat, and all the other criminal scum who rear their ugly faces in Megakat City! Only this time we do it our way." -- Jake Clawson, "The Wrath of Dark Kat"

      Somehow that quote seems relevant now, too.

    29. Missing avatar

      Curtis W. Milam on

      Apparently, Cartoon Network aren't interested in cartoons (especially older cartoons) anymore, just like MTV aren't interested in music anymore. They both have stunk since they abandoned their roots, and it would be better if they had millstones tied around their necks and that they get punched in the grundle just like what happened to those idiots who decided to replace the first three notes in "Stairway to Heaven" with a generic-sounding guitar riff in home-video releases of Wayne's World. -_-"

    30. Kyle Langs on

      I further suggest netflix

    31. Missing avatar

      Christopher Williams on

      I'm sure you guys probably know about this, but have you considered Netflix or Hulu? Netflix in particular have done an excellent job translating comic book source material into TV (Daredevil, Jessica Jones,etc.)

    32. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      This is quite sad but I will support you through thick and thin. The CN we grew up with is not the same. From a time where JQ and SKats were the go to shows it seems they are more interested in tamer shows seeing how PPG reboot and TTG are their main stick of bread and butter.

    33. Ultra Magnus

      What a Katastrophe I hope you guys are able to get things settled and can start the animation since you mentioned streaming online platforms I assume your looking at streaming services like Netflix Hulu Amazon ect only issue I see with this approach is the subscription fee required to view the content however if you put it on a sight like YouTube with its algorithm animation doesn't make nearly enough return to justify putting it on the platform would love to hear more on your plans when available long live swat Kats

    34. Kenneth Callaway II on

      If traditional channels aren't up for it, that just means better things for us overseas fans! :)

      Mathis Allen shares my sentiments, streaming content has revitalized the music industry and has (in the news only last week here in Ireland, the music industry FOR THE first time in about 20 years has reported an increase in sales and revenue!) And it's because of places like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc!

      I've been looking to rejoin one, I'll now wait to see which one fires up the engines on the Turbo Kat!