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      Christian Berger on

      Can someone record this as this is at a time I cannot watch because of timezones?

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      Mirjam St. on

      cool - perhaps I can catch it in spite of 7hrs time difference (+7 hrs in Austria :) )
      have fun at Anime Matsuri!

    3. James Pearl on

      too bad you guys can't come out to SDCCI or Comikaze here in SoCal

    4. YiYi on

      Cool mine should start in 1 hour and 15 min :)

    5. Vas on

      I don't have a smart phone and the periscope app I downloaded doesn't seem to do anything at all on chrome. Where else do I go to watch this?

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      Liz Heller on

      Wish I could see it! Periscope has some issues with Androids and PCs, tried 3-4 hours to get it to work an alternate routes, no dice. Would help if you guys had a corresponding Twitter account for the Periscope stream--most people do, and that access point is more accessible for people struggling with the generic app.

      Hope the stream video gets uploaded and posted online, at least. Periscope will delete it after a 24 hour period.

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      James on

      If anyone needs the link. Here it is: https://periscope.tv/swatkats2016

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      Liz Heller on

      Scratch that--

      GUYS! If you can't get the Periscope app, you can watch the stream here https://periscope.tv/SWATKATS2016

    9. Mitch Self II on

      Liz and James, Y'all beat me to it. Thanks a bunch as I know a whole lot of people will appreciate the link!

    10. Mitch Self II on

      Also, We'll try to keep everyone posted here once it goes live. Still waiting but as many know, that have con exp, takes a bit of time to get things set up

    11. Missing avatar

      Liz Heller on

      @Mitch LOL, yep, cons are notorious for having late starts... just hope this one doesn't result in a cancellation. And if it does, hopefully Saturday night is still on.

    12. Mitch Self II on

      @Liz Oh yes, I know very much how Cons can be, specially with wifi and overall data coverage. Not always the best sad to say. Heres to hoping and know that worse case that the con doesn't work out *for whatever reason* that there are more broadcasts to be had. So no worries guys. One way or another, itll be good!

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      Liz Heller on

      @Mitch Right, I was kind of surprised that they were going to use Periscope at the con, because of bad wifi/coverage history at cons, but hope that they're at least recording the event--that's not hard to do with just a cell phone, at least, and will upload the video later. A lot of people are excited about this panel, Periscope or not :)

    14. Mitch Self II on

      Hey everyone. Its LIVE!

    15. Missing avatar

      James on

      It's now live.

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      Liz Heller on

      "Is Mayor Manx Scottish?"

      LOL. I'm stoked there's no interest in having SK crossovers for the series, and keeping it its own self contained universe. Anyone got a download link for the video now that the Periscope's over?

    17. Mitch Self II on

      Alright everyone. Hopefully get a few more viewers and the like but something I want to see what we can do here y'all. Spread the word out so we can get as many viewers as possible BUT something I have been thinking. I would like to try to find a way to get contact with the guys. Like, get the ones that aren't there a way to send questions from us to be answered. What would you all think?

    18. Mitch Self II on

      Also, not sure if anyone has looked but the time is a bit different. The con site is saying their panel is at 3pm local time rather than 5pm.

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      Liz Heller on

      Watching the second Periscope... thought that we were going to actually see the panel where they talk about SWAT Kats Revolution. They went ahead and had it earlier today, and didn't broadcast it for SWAT Kats Revolution Kickstarter backers to see. Instead we're just watching a feed of them selling merchandise at a table. And yesterday, saw a periscope where they held off talking about the new series.

    20. Missing avatar

      Liz Heller on

      I'm honestly pretty surprised, but looking back, I guess we didn't really have any solid confirmation that they'd reveal anything about the series continuation to us backers in their Periscope session in the first place.

    21. Missing avatar

      Liz Heller on

      Thankfully, it seems that a fan filmed the Revolution panel though, and will upload it online later :)

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      RC on

      Makes sense cause they want us to watch the show lol.

    23. Walter Heil on

      There is another Periscope available now for about the next 24 hours (Signature Session with the Tremblays and Lance Falk)
      https://www.periscope.tv/w/aaJHJjFXZ0tn ... InkiorD77P

    24. Walter Heil on

      Second try: https://t.co/pEfGUQPUBK

      Used a long link that was cut off, sorry.

    25. MoDaD on

      In case anyone missed it, there's ongoing Anime Matsuri features (including the complete and un-aired Saturday panel) at the swatkats.info YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXNOMLwHr0ncR6fYzPW8dAg