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Dear SWAT-KATS Fans, join us and be part in the Revolution to bring back the Radical Squadron.
2,014 backers pledged $141,500 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Andrew Hsieh on

      Any possibilities for backers to read the script(s)?

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Tenney on

      Would Adult Swim and/or FX be good channels for the new "SWAT Kats", or no?

    3. Carter Gonzalez on

      I am super excited!!! Plus I am going to meet the Tremblay Bros and Glenn Leopold. ���

    4. Missing avatar

      RC on

      Yeeeeeeeeeesss! So stoked you guys are moving along so well with this! Can't wait to see what you guys will bring to the table, especially since cartoons have been able to take steps forward as a whole recently, especially since the early 90s.

      Good luck with the process as it unfolds guys! We'll be keeping an eye on it of course.

    5. Kristoffer Brandberg on

      I noticed people mentioning seeing Mack in the concept sketches, but all I see is Dark Kat without the hood.

    6. Chris (NekoStar) Flemming on

      Woo! Mack and molly look great!

    7. Missing avatar

      Liz Heller on

      So someone broke into their hangar, huh? Hope it turns out to be a new villain :)

      Congrats on your good luck so far, guys! Thanks for sharing the good news with us

    8. Michael Hirtes on

      Please let it be Titmouse... Please let it be Titmouse... Please let it be Titmouse... Please let it be Titmouse...

    9. Missing avatar

      R.D. Carantes on

      Will support till the end. :D. Good luck!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mirjam St. on

      Now that's cool (y) Crossing my fingers for you that it'll work out eventually with The Big Studio! :)
      Love the teaser and hope that Swat Kats will also be available outside the US for the European fans :)

    11. Kenneth Callaway II on

      oops, I can't add to my previous comments... Here's what I meant to add:

      The great part is Who knows where things will go, lets hope up and up...

      AND Food for thought: If Swat Kats had continued for a few more seasons and our Swat Kats needs were better-sated back in the 1990's, perhaps we wouldn't have people fighting so hard for it's revival...

      This is like that group of friends that just didn't visit us enough, now looking at moving back to town. What stories will they have for us now and imagine how it'll be for those that will get to meet them for the first time!?

      The longing and anticipation combined with this timing and tech of kickstarter. Bing able to personally-speak AND personally-invest directly with it's creators is truely EPIC!

      New life to old friends...
      Excitement of new adventure...
      Anticipation of sharing with a new generation...

      How far and where we can go together!?

      Not long ago, fresh Swat Kat images alone was "pie-in-the-sky."
      6 months ago, the idea of even an animated was optimistic!
      NOW, even a an entire series is plausable!!!

      *This the sound of a jet engine winding up guys and gals!*

      I know I'm the only person thinking about where this could go... e.g., multi-series or even feature length; And anything from cell-shading to full-cgi! Swat Kats powered by the software that made TMNT or Avatar with the minds and hands that created our Megakat City!

      My imagination runs free to feast on Top Gun establighing shots + Guardians of the Galaxy craziness + a shot of Tango and Cash high-fives with a dash of Twilight Zone loving baddies...

    12. Kevin &Suzanne Lowe on

      Go forward follow your dreams

    13. Kenneth Callaway II on

      I'll share the fantastic news!

      Just to progress this far has made my year!! Very excited to see where it goes!

    14. Michael-Vincent Robinson on

      Sweet, I hope it goes well! =D

    15. Missing avatar

      Rowan on

      Wow, I never thought I'd see the day. This has gone from a distant wish to a real possibility! Fantastic news, can't wait to hear more!

    16. Richard Haslam on

      That is great news. Hope it goes well. Though word of advice, stay clear of Cartoon network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, as they are only interested on shows with boring plots that are only there to make them more money, such as Disney's live action sitcoms, nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants, and now Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go.

      Also, love the new designs for Mac and Molly Mange, a.k.a. The Metellikats

    17. Kristoffer Brandberg on

      That's some radical news right there! Carry on with the good work!

    18. Shere Khan on

      Awesome news! Good luck, guys! Keeping my claws crossed!

    19. jo holloway

      yes! yes! yes! yes! *shake's with anticipation*