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Help me create a limited run of Octo, a hand cast and hand painted designer toy, with your choice of colorway!
106 backers pledged $4,055 to help bring this project to life.

To all of you from all of me, Thank You.

Posted by etc. (Barry) (Creator)

Hello Everyone! I'm jet lagged and crazy tired from a cross country flight from beautiful Vancouver, B.C. and thought it would be a great time for an update! Thank you everyone for the positive feedback throughout the week! I'm stoked the Octos are showing up to their new homes safe and sound. It's extremely rewarding knowing that you the backers are happy with the end results of the project that you helped create. This was a true collaboration between the artist and supporter, I made the canvas and you chose the colors and over all feeling of each unique piece. I was truly surprised at the creative combination of chosen colors and patterns and I am looking forward to seeing what all you DIY people have in mind for Octo (please email any Octo pics you want to me!). Everywhere I took Octo over the month, he turned heads and gained interest from various people (the Post Office and Lego Store were especially fun) and you the supporters should be proud as well at your co-creations. This was by no means an easy project. I learned a TON of new skills that I never expected to learn with this experience. There was plenty of stress and hang ups on the way and nothing ever really unfolds exactly how one envisions it will, but you just gotta roll with the punches and go with the flow. I have grown immensely as an artist and a person with this opportunity and I thank you all for the chance to realize a dream. 

So what's next? I plan to keep the ball rolling with Octo by opening an online shop featuring Octo and my other creations and custom art, toys and characters some time this week. I will have a selected amount of color ways and themes for Octo available (including the very awesome clear Octo Ghosts that were seen in the pics). I'm working on some accessories for Octo (hats, a baby Octo and such), a possible Glow in the Dark release, and some new patterns. The possibilities are endless and I'm just one person so we will see what makes the cut. I'm always available for commissions as well. I will keep all of you posted with the progress. If you want all the latest and greatest info, I recommend following my Twitter and Instagram feeds, they tend to feature lots of great pics and info on all kinds of things I'm up too. A blog is on the way too. Info will be out soon. 

Twitter: @Ghostglitch    Instagram: Ghostscan     Email:  

And now, some pics!

Edit: A special shout out to Sabrina for all the love, patience, and artistic help. You are wonderful.

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    1. Irwin Wong-Sing on

      I just got my octo safe and sound up here in the city where you were visiting. :)

      It turned out better than I expected and I look forward to other projects you do in the future.