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Help me create a limited run of Octo, a hand cast and hand painted designer toy, with your choice of colorway!
Help me create a limited run of Octo, a hand cast and hand painted designer toy, with your choice of colorway!
106 backers pledged $4,055 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Rangun on

      Yesterday had been a great day... I received my pearlized green Octo and it looks awesome! Big thanks! :-)

    2. rarity_pony on

      Aww I wanna get a little fish companion for my octo if you start selling accessories for him I'll definitely buy em!

    3. KristieChi on

      Very excited for your project, just added my pledge and 5$ for international shipping to Canada. :D Congratulations :)

    4. Laura Stabler on

      Strike that. $100 level + solid color + fade color. (Third child came home and demanded an Octo as well.)

    5. Laura Stabler on

      Pledged for the $100 level + another solid color Octo. SO. CUTE. <3

    6. Missing avatar

      Emanuel Padilla on

      Wow a fedora would be great

    7. etc. (Barry) 2-time creator on

      Thanks Emanuel! I have a few sculpts done for some other characters found in Octo's world and a few more ideas for Octo as well. I don't want to get to far ahead of myself, but I have a lot of ideas I want to explore with Octo.....As far as accessories, I have a bunch of different little items for Octo that will be randomly inserted. So far a fedora hat, a little fish companion, a little crab buddy, and even a baby Octo have been created with more items in the works. We'll see what makes the cut though....

    8. Missing avatar

      Emanuel Padilla on

      Just pledged to get a two tone and a blank. I saw your goods on Tomopop, totally caught my eye. Hope you end with another figure within the same universe as Octo. Such a cute and simple design. What do you mean by accessory in the pledge?

    9. etc. (Barry) 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the support LeeK!

    10. Missing avatar

      LeeK on

      Hi Barry, thanks. That should be done. The figures might look strange, but I have gone for 30+35 plus Intl. shipping on both of them. Good luck with this!

    11. etc. (Barry) 2-time creator on

      Thanks so much Lew! I'm stoked for it!

    12. Missing avatar

      Lew A on

      Hi Barry, this art project looks so cool. I'm happy to pledge my support!

    13. etc. (Barry) 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the support LeeK! There is a way to pledge for another, if you sign in and go to "Manage your pledge" you can add to your pledge amount for the total amount of the Octos you want (example: if you want a $25.00 solid color and a $15.00 blank DIY, pledge for $40) and when I send out the color request form when the funding is done, simply note the colors/style you would like. I have a few funders doing this and have been keeping track when they pledge. Thanks Again for helping to create Octo!

    14. Missing avatar

      LeeK on

      This looks great. I have a question though, I pledged one amount, but is there a way to make another pledge for another Octo. I want a different type as well?

    15. etc. (Barry) 2-time creator on

      Thanks Barbara! I'm working on it! I will have a new blog up to showcase Octo and all my other art soon! I will keep you posted!

    16. Barbara on

      do you have a website or something where we could see your other art? it all looked so cool!

    17. etc. (Barry) 2-time creator on

      Thanks Russell, I am stoked as well!

    18. etc. (Barry) 2-time creator on

      I will, Roderick! Once the project has begun, I will be documenting the entire process with both pictures and videos and sharing them with all the funders as I get through each step!

    19. Roderick Taylor on

      Sweet i'm in! are you gonna post any more vids of your painting/molding/casting process?

    20. Missing avatar

      Russell on

      Can't freakin wait!