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Fantasy role-playing module for 1st or 2nd Ed AD&D, BECMI D&D, OSRIC, DCC, Pathfinder, Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, or other OSR.
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Physical Copies Have Finally Arrived

Posted by R. Nelson Bailey (Creator)

Hi Backers,

Well, after waiting what seemed an eternity, the physical copies have arrived from the printer. I must say, they look really good! They did an excellent job. The quality is superb, especially with the three panel gate-fold cover. 

I will start mailing out the print copies later this week. Keep checking your mail box - your copy should be arriving soon.


Box one of seven.
Box one of seven.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jubal Gordon on

      The eternity to me is knowing that this is in the mail and has yet to clear customs and arrive. It seems to be travelling such a short distance, but I know customs always slows the items coming across the strait.

    2. Missing avatar

      LORD2080 on

      Looks Great! Been out of gaming for WAY TO LONG, but still cannot wait to have it in hand! I just wish I had not waited from when I first considered backing this project at around #20 until I finally did at #248.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan Shoemaker on

      It's beautiful, Ray! Your eternities are really short! That's an amazingly short turnaround time.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chad George on

      I cant wait! Awesome job RAY!!

    5. Allan Grohe on

      Looking forward to receiving the final book, Ray!

    6. Missing avatar

      Byron Henderson

      Very nice! I'm looking forward to looking through both modules!

    7. Darcy Perry on

      Looking sharp Ray!