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Erin L. Albert's latest book is a fictional story about 20 princesses who must save Planet STEM from ignorance.
Erin L. Albert's latest book is a fictional story about 20 princesses who must save Planet STEM from ignorance.
Erin L. Albert's latest book is a fictional story about 20 princesses who must save Planet STEM from ignorance.
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The #STEMPrincess Saga Continues Onward!

The STEM Princess Trilogy
The STEM Princess Trilogy

Hello original awesome backers of the STEM Princess Project & Interested Parties!

It has been CRAZY around here, now that we have a trilogy of books, but here's where we are with the STEM Princess project, to give you all an update:

1. The 3 #STEMPrincess book trilogy: the 3-book trilogy is sold at two outlets: 1. my first alma mater's bookstore at Butler University, and 2. my company's online store:  Book 1 is the original story. Book 2 is a hands-on activity book. Book 3? The Coloring Book (which has been as popular with the big kids as the little ones!)

2. Trying to get the #STEMPrincess project on HSN's American Dreams Show: We made it to round 2 of questions for this new show: Hopefully, we can get the #STEMPrincesses more Earth exposure and we make it over to HSN! We'll keep you posted.

3. The STEMPrincesses at SXSW17: We could really, REALLY use your help in trying to get the #STEMPrincesses over to SXSW17! Panel Picker opens for SXSW17 next week 8/8-9/2/16. We'll need to get everyone out there who believes in this project to VOTE for the STEM Princess panel picker, which I submitted back in June! For details on how to help, see the blog post here: (And I'll straight up apologize in advance for the begging I'm about to do. SORRY!)

4. The STEM Princess Advisory Board: I'm a little shiny/sparkle/distracted with the millions of directions we could go in for the #STEMPrincess franchise, so I've got a GREAT cadre of STEM superstars together to help me untangle the sparkle, beginning this week in Indianapolis and online. Here's the list of the board members:

That's all I have for now! As always, I wish to THANK ALL OF YOU for your time, money, support and cheerleading as we engage even more girls (and boys) in science, tech, engineering and math moving forward! When we achieve gender parity in STEM, I'll shut up. But until then...I'll stay on this bandwagon with my megaphone...!

Yours in all STEMness in the Universe,


My Labor of Love this Labor Day: The #STEMPrincess2X Campaign is here!

Friends and Backers of the FIRST #STEMPrincess Project:

#STEMPrincess2 Book Cover
#STEMPrincess2 Book Cover

First, I have to say thanks.  Y-O-U are the "but for" that drives me to do what I'm doing around the #STEMPrincess franchise.   Without your original backing of my first project, none of this would have happened - I appreciate you!

Second, we're not done with getting girls and boys involved in STEM.  Just recently, for example, the national media stated that SAT scores are at a 10-year low in the U.S. That's unacceptable! 

So, I'm doing what I can to help.  I'm almost done cooking #STEMPrincess2.  It's the second book in the series.  This second book focuses on getting girls (and boys) a little more hands on with STEM learning activities in the book, rather than just reading.  After speaking to a lot of educators in STEM Ed, they've shared with me we have to get the girls and boys hands on with STEM out of the gate, so I've listened and I'm working on it!

Third, I only have one request from you, and I PROMISE that I will only ask the backers once, and this is it: I'm trying to pre-sell #500 copies of this book, in order to print #1000 copies by 10/15/15.  If you pre-order copies of #STEMPrincess2, and I make the deadline of #500 copies pre-sold by 10/15/15, EVERYONE who pre-ordered gets DOUBLE the number of books they ordered in advance!  I call this the #STEMPrincess2X Campaign - check it out: .

Why am I not doing a crowd funding campaign again?  Well, simply put, it is this: the crowd funding platforms, taxes, and Amazon take half the money you have raised.  Friends, rather than making them richer, I'd rather focus on the book getting into girls' hands, rather than making more $$$ and pouring it into already wealthy tech companies.

This is my Labor Day pitch to you all.  Please help me keep costs low and the #STEMPrincess project moving forward.  Here's how:

  • If you can buy, great!  THANKS!  
  • If you pre-bought and want double the copies, please help spread the word so we can reach our goal.  
  • Like our Facebook page.
  • If you can't buy, you can still help by tweeting/posting/and spreading the word through your social networks, both online (social media) and offline (share it with your friends live).  Use the hashtag #STEMPrincess2X to spread the love!

Anything you can do would be appreciated--both I and the NEXT generation of STEM Professionals in the US THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Ready to buy? Here's the presale link to the square store

THANK YOU AGAIN - you are the reason my labor is going into this project, as you started it all!  Let's do it again, and get US girls and boys back on track! Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!!


-The Original STEM Princess


Hello, initial STEM supporters!

If you supported the #STEMprincess2 project to keep our book series moving forward for the next generation of STEM superstars, thanks!

If not, we are at T minus 5 hours on the new campaign. It would be fantastic if you can support, but if not, no worries. Either way, we will move forward!

I'm off to Washington DC this weekend to help my first STEM profession improve pharmacy education. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I'll always ponder the next fun way we can engage our girls and boys in Indiana and everywhere in STEM, and I'm grateful all of you share this vision with me.

Cheers and have a great weekend,


B is for Bioinformatics!

Here we are again, moving on to the letter B, which stands for Princess Bella, our Bioinformaticist!

What is Bioinformatics, you may ask? Check it out here below, check out the #STEMPrincess2 campaign when you can to continue this franchise for girls - and happy weekend!

Bella and Bioinformatics
Bella and Bioinformatics