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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, January 13 2016 6:04 PM UTC +00:00
Thomas KadlecBy Thomas Kadlec
First created
Thomas KadlecBy Thomas Kadlec
First created
pledged of $18,500 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, January 13 2016 6:04 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Vincent Elder

      I wonder if any of us would be interested in this Kickstarter for Pinbox 3000?

    2. Missing avatar

      Klaus on

      Ah, such a pity! As a owner of a real Flight 2000 I was sooo looking forward to it.

      I could imagine the recent price announcemtn for the Oculus played some part. Alas, that's the way it is.

      Thank You for that project, anyway. If there is a relaunch, you can count me in at any time!

    3. Space Monkey on

      It's a pity to see the campaign fail so close to the required amount. This should encourage you to try again later, and I'd suggest coming back with a plan to post very regular updates so that there's always new content for the media to report on.

    4. Derek Lipkin on

      Aw, man! This failed? I thought it was a sure bet! Will you relist the project soon?

    5. Missing avatar

      Danny Schmid on

      I had an early bird pledge and just up it to the wizard level or $45.

      Even at $45 this is a bargain.

    6. Martin Antholzner on

      if every current backer upped their pledge by 24$ we can still make it :-)
      I just upped mine by 30 :-)

    7. jayrtfm on

      While I really like this project, I think that you should pull it for a month or two, and relaunch it with a better publicity campaign. I would be happy to do what I can to help out.
      One feature I think would give you a lot of leverage is a mode that lets you create a table that can be shared or sold,that basically wraps it up into an un-editable stand alone game.

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      Virtual Cab on

      Superb project.
      Someone uploaded the Demo running in a virtual pinball cabinetcabinet!


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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    10. Thomas Kadlec Creator on

      Reddit is one of the best places to post but requires the posts to come organically from individuals who have posted quality content to each subreddit in question. Otherwise they will flag and remove an posts as being too self-promoting.

    11. Michael Banks on

      Requires a lot more posts on VR forums, redit etc...

    12. Missing avatar

      poposchmatzer on

      And one post on Steam, it's incomprehensible...

    13. Martin Antholzner on

      This needs more publicity... I've seen posts about it on pinballarcadefans and vpforums... one should think that alone should be enough to make this happen...

    14. Joshua Hintze on

      I just came across this with only a few days to go. I really hope it gets funded. I see this as the filler for the hole that is left by the developer of future pinball disappearing. I just posted this on the threads that I follow on pinside. I did find your thread but it got lost to me with all the other noise.

      Backed on highest level!!!

    15. Michael Banks on

      Just backed it... Would love to see a couple of CG avatars spectating.. Perhaps standing beside the machine watching as you hit multi-ball!!!

    16. Thomas Kadlec Creator on

      Hi @James Surine, I'm pretty certain it won't work with 0.5. I know it will work with 0.7 and up and I think it works with 0.6 as well.

      If you want you can disable the Oculus Runtime and just run the demo in non-VR mode just to check it out until you are able to upgrade the runtime.

    17. Missing avatar

      James Surine

      What version of oculus SDK do I need to have installed? Still on 0.5 for Elite.

    18. Thomas Kadlec Creator on

      Hi Matthew, controller support is already built in (works with the demo). That's the way I prefer to play as well, using the shoulder buttons on my Xbox controller.

    19. Matthew

      I'm excited about "Stereoscopic support for 3D TVs and monitors"
      ...and be sure to allow for partial XBox 360 support during the actual game. The editor doesn't need support, but a controller should be usable for the table/gameplay.

    20. toyotaboy on

      Let's get this funded, this is too good to not finish!

    21. Ryan Thompson on

      This looks like the virtual pinball editor I've been waiting for! I'm enthusiastically backing this project!

    22. Missing avatar

      James M Harris on

      Incredibly excited for this project! Good luck Tom