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There's nowhere to run in space. A sci-fi thriller short film exploring the consequences of our choices. Read more

San Diego, CA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on August 18, 2012.

There's nowhere to run in space. A sci-fi thriller short film exploring the consequences of our choices.

San Diego, CA Shorts
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Hello! I'm Paul Duda, the producer and director of Project Callisto. I am extremely excited to let you know about the project and to work on it! I can't get this done without your help, so here, have some information about the project and the team!


Project Callisto started as a simple idea that I wrote down in a notebook one day. After toying with it a bit I got some of my classmates and friends together and we decided to go ahead and write the script, and try and get it made.

Callisto went from being something we would do in our spare time, to a full on course in filmmaking and my senior project (that's right folks, my education is riding on this kickstarter campaign, no pressure).

Since then we've done a great deal of design work, brainstorming, and team building to make sure this project happens... then we said "we should probably get some money, right?"


Project Callisto focuses on a young scientist and explorer who finds some horrific stowaways on her ship. Will her previous actions and attitude prevent her from tragedy? Or lead to her demise?

The short explores the consequences of our actions and attitude, and the popular and detrimental mentality of complete independence as the ideal way to live.


Like I've said, we cannot do this without your help. We're building the inside of our hero's spacecraft, and that's not a particularly cheap task. With just costumes, materials, and set dressings, the budget comes in at about $3,000. The other $2,000 goes to production equipment, actors, and food for production days (I'd rather not let my crew starve... but if they have to...)

$5,000 is the minimum we need to make this film. Exceeding that, we can do even more in terms of equipment, production days, film festival entries, and further distribution.

Since we would like to offer you something as well, you can see the different rewards and perks that come with each donation amount. However, we welcome any and every donation amount. Thank you for your support!!


I enjoy making fun and fulfilling films. I want to create stories that are entertaining to watch, but also worth watching. Project Callisto will be a film that is not only entertaining, but really leaves the audience contemplating and reflecting on their own lives and decisions.

Besides making this great and meaningful film, my team and I want to make more films like this. Through film festivals and recognition we hope to be able to gain the support and ability to work on even bigger projects, with the same ultimate goal.


I've managed to swindle an extremely talented and excited crew into working on this project with me.

Ethan Snell is one of the most talented visual effects artists of his age, you can see some of his incredible work in short films such as Scratch, Moment, and The Destroyers. Watch these and his other great shorts on his YouTube Channel. Ethan also has credit for working on the feature film, Red Line. He's excited and motivated to be our Cinematographer and Visual Effects Supervisor on this project.

Colleen Monroe has multiple credits doing Costume Design for many short films, and for the feature film Red Line. She's excited for the challenge of designing Project Callisto's futuristic costumes.

Jamie Brock has credits on IMDB for the films Red Line and a short film Mr. Swan. You can see some of her sketches as Art Director in our campaign video.

I, myself have credits as 2nd AD on Red Line and a producing credit for the short Revelations.

The rest of our crew is excited to learn, and with mentors and supporters like Rob Kirbyson, Nathan Scoggins, Chris Riley, and Dominic Iocco, we are 100% confident in our ability to make a quality film.


To find out more about my team and I, or to see non-exclusive updates on the production, you can visit one of the links below. You can also feel free to E-mail me with questions at, or you can ask a question through our Kickstarter page!





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