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Neuron Kits starting from $39. Discover our easy-to-use tools for STEM Education.
Neuron Kits starting from $39. Discover our easy-to-use tools for STEM Education.
1,464 backers pledged $367,129 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      GRIGORIY NECHAEV about 14 hours ago

      Hi! I'm backer 848. 18 september you promised to send Makeblock Neuron out and update the tracking numbers to you within the next 2 weeks. Today 21 november.Where tracking number? Where my Makeblock Neuron?

    2. Makeblock 6-time creator 1 day ago

      @Andy Arendt The official website of the Neuron is operating normally, please contact us if you have any further questions. ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Andy Arendt 6 days ago

      Hi, when will the website be ready? I m totally lost on how to use and programm the blocks. The few examples given in the book are no problem.
      I really hope I haven‘t wasted that much money. I am really disappointed at the moment.

    4. Makeblock 6-time creator on November 10

      @Frédéric Heurtaux Hello, Thank you for your message. Could you please email for further assistance? Thank you very much!

    5. Missing avatar

      Frédéric Heurtaux on November 4

      I confirm some problems encountered by others. The exorbitant customs clearance fee from DHL while shipping costs had already been paid to the kickstarter order.

      More than anything, I can not operate the wifi module: the hotspot is invisible on my PC and tablet. With mblock 4.0.4 I can connect to the module with USB, but I can not activate modules with blocks.

      I tried a module reset without success. Besides how to do a reset without doc of the module.

      I really like makeblock products, but I am disappointed by neuron which I expected a lot.

    6. Makeblock 6-time creator on November 3

      @Senthil Hello, hope you enjoy the kit. Thanks.

    7. Makeblock 6-time creator on November 3

      @Stancu Florin Thank you for updating us with the missing delivery information. Your delivery will be arranged soon. Thanks for your patience.

    8. Missing avatar

      Senthil on November 1

      Received the package...Thanks Team...hope to see you in CES again

    9. Missing avatar

      Stancu Florin on November 1

      I am Florin Stancu from Romania ,ilfov , str fizicienilor nr14 bl m4 , tel : +40745026924 and i pay on 24 .04 .2017 for neuron kits and i still waiting to
      recevie my kits. bakers number is 1421 ( pledge number) when i recive my kits or my money

    10. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 27

      @Joris Braakman Hi Joris, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Tarriff issue has been notified at the start of the campaign please refer to the FAQ sector for further details. Thanks for understandings.

    11. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 27

      @Andris Akmentins Hi, please email for further assistance. Thanks

    12. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 27

      @David Kempton Hi David, thank you for your valuable feedbacks. Our aftersales support team has contacted you via email already regarding your concerns. Thanks.

    13. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 27

      @Jason Bittner Hi Jason, it has been delivered to you already. We hope you enjoy the kit!

    14. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 27

      @Senthil Hi, we actually have emailed you a couple times for your missing information for shipment, but we haven't heard from you. Please reply to us with the required information at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

    15. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 27

      @Charles Goddard Sorry for the situation. Could you please email for further assistance. Thanks.

    16. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 27

      @邱信仁 Hunter Chiou Thank you for reaching out. You have been contacted by email already. Anything please let us know.

    17. 邱信仁 Hunter Chiou on October 25

      My Backer Number is 229, I am still waiting for your email.


      Hunter Chiou

    18. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 23

      @Mark Taylo Hi Mark, glad to hear that you enjoy the kit! We are sorry for the tarriff, further details please see the FAQ sector for further details.

    19. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 23

      @Christian Suarez Hi, we have sent you the required documents via email. We also submitted the required materials to our shipping agent for custom clearance. Hope you will receive the kit soon!

    20. Sean Hunter on October 18

      I received mine, it actually came without any notification so I was surprised by the "missed delivery" notice on my door. I haven't opened It up yet since it is a gift for my daughter. Some of the comments below make me think I should.

    21. Charles Goddard
      on October 17

      @Creator, I received my kit, and am a disappointed by the packaging. The box is beautiful, and also meant to be utilitarian, with the magnetic lid. However, the packaging was taped to the box, and caused tearing of the box. That is poor quality control. Please see my DM for resolution.

    22. Missing avatar

      Senthil on October 17

      I've met your team in CES2017 and was impressed by mackblock robot and backed thie Nuron project with confidence...but I have to be honest here that I've been disappointed till date...there is no communication yet on the shipping or any update on what is going on with this product although there is a claim that shipments are completed!!!....Team please remember "Reputation" is greater than innovation when you set your brand equity
      Hoping to hear back soon

    23. Jason Bittner on October 16

      I just saw the announcement that Neuron has completed shipping. I have not yet received my kit. (backer#1508). Can you please advise me here? Thank-you.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Kempton on October 16

      The product is very well packaged and looks very nice. However I have a number of disappointments which I seem to share with many of the other people on here:
      1. I had to pay DHL £39 to cover UK import duty. This was totally unexpected!
      2. I have had a lot of problems connecting with the WiFi. Very poor instructions
      3. Is there a Windows version of the software? My Android phone is too small to be suitable for programming.
      4. The ultrasonic block makes an unpleasant high pitched noise
      5. The voice recognition block does not work. This is VERY disappointing
      6. The examples on your website are not actually there.
      7. Your on-line support and instructions for this kit are almost non-existant.
      8. Your website needs updating to support Neuron properly

      Apologies for being so critical but after spending so much money on this product and having waited for so long for it I am really disappointed and expected much more from such a good company as Makeblock.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andris Akmentins on October 16

      received makeblock explorer & science kit, for explorer kit, one block is broken. WIFI block when connected is stangely buzzing and no light. in other kit all seems to be ok.

    26. Missing avatar

      Joris Braakman on October 16

      I finally got the All in one kit" and it got a lot more expensive. I had to pay 112 euro to DHL to receive the package, 90 euro for BTW (taxes) Why is this not mentioned before you purchase it?
      The product looks nice though. I only opened the box.

    27. Adrien Marsaud on October 16

      Backer 1462. Sent you 4 emails without any feedback. Need a refund (parcel shipped back to you 2 weeks ago). Thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      PAIN FREDERIC on October 15

      Dear Makeblock team, I have collected my kits ( 2 individual parcels sent through DHL) , unfortunately instead of 1 explorer and 1 science lab kit I have received 2 explorer kits.. Could you propsoe something to fix that ?
      Fred Pain contrib #644

    29. Missing avatar

      Mark Taylor on October 13

      Can't work out how to edit comments.

      @Andy and @G.V I've now realised by ultrasonic sensor does actually make a geiger counter style noise.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark Taylor on October 13

      @Andy and @G.V my ultrasound sensor does not make any audible sound and works as expected. I suspect your units are either poorly tuned, or you have bat ears :) WRT voice recognition, I found that shouting in a very authoritative voice worked... sometimes. I don't think this particular block is fit for purpose in its current state.

      @MakeBlock any chance you can improve this with a firmware upgrade in future?

    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Taylor on October 13

      Hi MakeBlock,

      I have +ive and -ive feedback. First let's get the -ve out of the way.

      I'm quite annoyed that I had to pay 140€ in tax and admin fees when you could have imported these into Europe as educational equipment at near 0% tax and shipped from a warehouse here. This was an unwelcome and expensive surprise for me.

      Now the +ve.

      This kit is so cool. And I haven't even got the iPad involved yet to program anything. Just snapping the blocks together in their default config is already masses of fun and lets you create some great inventions. I'm really looking forward to showing my son and getting some projects going.


    32. Missing avatar

      Elaine Chua on October 12

      Received my All-in-one kit. Packaging looks great. Components design looks great too. Can't wait to try them out.

    33. Christian Suarez on October 11


      I am a backer of neuron , I have a problem in the customs because I can't prove that I made the payment with Makeblock, only wihth kickstarter, in order to release this item I need a price list of the neuron items that I bought or a probe that you receive the payment. Could you please help me with this documents in order to release my items off the customs.

      Best Regards
      Christian Suarez

    34. Missing avatar

      YaquiKnow on October 11

      Received the All In One Kit and love it. Tested each component and works great! Awesome product.

    35. Andreas Rehm on October 11

      I LOVE IT !!

      Please also make IT available on Amazon. I need to bis morgen components

    36. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 8

      Hi Friends,

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, we are off until Oct8th due to Chinese National Day. For technical issues, please email for further assistance. We will be very happy to answer any enquiries you may have. Please kindly note that our website for neuron is currently under construction. We are enriching as much contents as we can to satisfy the needs of users, but it is nearly finished and will soon be launched. Thank you for your supports and patience.

      Kind regards,

      Makeblock Team

    37. Makeblock 6-time creator on October 8

      @david-olivier tarac, Hello, you have been contacted by email already. Please contact with your local DHL ASAP, as they tried to deliver it to you, but you were not home. Thanks for cooperation.

    38. Missing avatar

      G.V on October 8


      I also can not get the voice recognition to work with specified commandos and, as previously commented, the ultrasound sensor sounds strange.

    39. Missing avatar

      david-olivier tarac on October 7

      Dear Makeblock Team
      Message #2 as my first message remains without answer
      In your last update (18/9), it looks like I have been shipped my reward (#252). However, the reward has not been delivered nor was I communicated any tracking number. Can you please sent me the details to check the status of my delivery.
      I guess it should not be so long to provide tracking numbers
      A bit disappointed by the way you take care of logistics. A least answering emails and comments in a transparent manner would help to be patient

    40. Missing avatar

      Andy Arendt on October 6

      Got mine today. Question to the other backers: Does your Voice recognition work? If I say(like stated in the description) „Hello makeblock“ or „smile“ etc NOTHING happens. Furthermore my Ultrasonic Sensor makes a lot of noise. Is that normal? I don‘t think so.
      Thanks for your answers guys

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrejs on October 5


      I backed All-in-One kit, but according to invoice from carrier it's Light Wizard Kit.
      Is it a mistake?
      Tax is quite disappointing, but (just like Nuria) I hope it's worth it...

    42. Ryan Iler
      on October 4

      I second the comment about the website with some practical instructions for the app.

    43. Missing avatar

      Nuria Robles on October 4

      140€ tax for a 226$ reward? It is very very expensive! Hope it worths... /probably next time I'll wait for a final product in My country instead a crowdfunding campaign..

    44. Missing avatar

      Carlos Chavez on October 3

      Recibido ayer gracias!

    45. Missing avatar

      globetrotter on October 1

      Received my All-in-One kit yesterday, its an amazing product. The kids love it, and the app is really easy to use on my daughters iPad. We built an RC race car in no time using theintegration with our Legos, but I think there is a bug in the DC Motor Controller: you can only get reliable input from the joystick on one axis at a time. Anyway, I'd love to see the website up and running along with the ability to export/import our creations.

    46. Missing avatar

      James Parratt on September 30

      I received my Science and Explorer kits yesterday. They have been everything I had hoped they would be. My daughter loves them, but it would be nice if your website was working for the examples as other people have said.

    47. Jay Pober on September 30

      Got my neurons, great packaging but app is almost unusable and I have no idea how to connect WiFi mod up because it requires a password (which is unknown....). Also there are no working websites that could provide help. I’m getting error pages on the website. Please help !

    48. Adrien Marsaud on September 29

      Backer 1462
      Ok for a 15euros tax, but I´m certainly not paying 65 euros for shipping and tax for a 95 euros purchase. I will not accept the delivery, please refund.
      Totally absurd, very disappointing company (next time, learn how to ship a product correctly).

    49. Makeblock 6-time creator on September 28

      Dear Backers,

      Regarding the recent comments received, we would like to make the following clarifications:

      1. Why do we need to pay custom fees?
      Tariff issue has been notified at the start of the campaign in FAQ sector. As you may know, all export products should be strictly followed the rules of the designated country, so custom fees may be generated depending on your local custom. Likewise, we also pay for the import taxes. We apologize for the inconvenience brought to you, however, we sincerely hope that you understand that this is a situation we are unable to manage. For more details, please visit

      2. Why are we listed “Delivered” but not received the package yet?
      Those who have been listed “Delivered” but have not received the package or tracking number, please don’t worry. We can confirm that your order has already been submitted to our shipping agent, but it may take days for them to feedback us with your tracking number, as we deliver packages batch by batch and with Chinese National Day Holiday is approaching, the number of shipment request for shipping companies have increased, therefore please do expect some slight delay in getting back to you.

      3.Why isn't my backer number on the list?
      For those who cannot find their backer number on the list, plase kindly note that your shipment has been arranged. As we shipped our products batch by batch, please expect some interval between each batch. We thank you for your patience.

      Thank you for your understandings and we hope you will receive your package soon!

      Kind regards,

      Makeblock Team

    50. Missing avatar

      Chris Meyer on September 27

      Got all-in-one today (via FedEx). Looks and feels great.

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