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An Occupy Wall Street-inspired comics anthology, created by pros contributing their pay to support the occupiers through winter.
Created by

Matt Pizzolo

715 backers pledged $28,640 to help bring this project to life.

On shoving 10 pounds of Kickstarter in a 5-pound Post Office...


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Dude this book looks awesome


I just got the paperback OCCUPY COMICS books back from the printer and they look sweeeeet.

"Paperback?!!" you say.

Yes. Apparently it takes like an extra month for the printer to make the hardcover version. Why? I don't know. But it's the case.

So. Here's what we're gonna do for our intrepid (and patient) Kickstarter backers.

If you pledged an amount that entitles you to the hardcover book, we are going to send you a paperback copy FIRST, so you still get your mitts on it before anybody else (godspeed USPS).

THEN when we finally receive the hardcovers, you'll ALSO receive the hardcover.

So you can read the paperback and keep the hardcover locked away in a hermetically sealed container, never touched by human hands, for the meeeeeellions of pesos it will be worth someday.

Or when you receive your hardcover you can donate the paperback to your local library, school, anarchist bookstore, weed dispensary, what-have-you.

As I type this, Kickstarter's pigeons are delivering a survey to you requesting your home address (and what time you go to work, if you're planning any vacations, do you have a dog that bites?, where do you hide your housekeys?). The sooner you reply the sooner you can get that bubble bath going to kick back and read the comic stylings of our illustrious team.

As always, thank you for supporting this project. We are so excited to finally be sending it on its way to you.

Homestretch for the Occupy Comics collected book!


It's been about 20 years coming and I've grown a long gray beard since this Kickstarter began, but we're finally finishing the Occupy Comics collected book. And it even has some brand new stuff in it that hasn't been previously released in any of the monthly issues... so that's pretty shweet.

With even the US President and the Catholic Pope talking about income inequality these days, it would seem like this book isn't even necessary... but, of course, we all know it IS necessary since, despite the rhetoric, nothing is actually changing. As the LA Times pointed out just a couple of weeks ago, 95% of the wealth created since the Financial Crisis in 2009 has gone directly to the US' richest 1% while the "bottom 90%" (that's a big bottom) has gotten poorer.,0,7080817.story#axzz2sNV4AGy4

So the stories, themes, and ideas in Occupy Comics are as vital and relevant today as they were 100,000 years ago when we began this project.

Now... to my point... we want to THANK YOU, and not just with a pat on the back... but with the actual black & white credit in the book that was promised to you.

Kickstarter, however, doesn't always give us your full name (or your preferred name).

So I'm posting the Thank You list and this is your LAST chance to tell us how you want your name to look in the credits.

The book is going to the printer THIS WEEK, so you have until sundown tomorrow (just to be extra dramatic) to send us any revisions.

A PDF of the Thank You pages is posted here. Speak now or forever send me angry tweets:

And, once again, thank you all for supporting this project. I hope you're all happy with the final book.

Occupy Comics: LCS Edition #3 Digital Download Links!


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Occupy Comics: LCS Edition #2 Digital Download Links!


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