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Dazzling brightness. Small size, lightness. Most powerful compact programmable flashlight. Your personal sun.

Dazzling brightness. Small size, lightness. Most powerful compact programmable flashlight. Your personal sun. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 21, 2013.

About this project

Hello Kickstarter. My name is Alex Krivolutskij. My friends and I want to present you a project of a programmable compact flashlight-Helioslight. Lack of light often occurs in nowadays. There is unsurprisingly for night take a half of our lives. Even in illuminated cities, there is plenty places where absolutely dark. Even more, the light is vital necessity during camping.

The problem is we can’t carry a full-size flashlight because it takes too much space in a pocket. On another hand, all modern keychain flashlight s have insufficient brightness. Another problem is you can’t program flashlight brightness. Why do you have to be confined by the settings that have been set by manufacturer if there don’t fit you?

That’s why we have decided to create such flashlight that able to fit on your keychain, produce immense light and give a choice of programming in any condition.

Helioslight brightness is 1000 lumen. This light is enough to brighten everything around yourself. Even minimum brightness is enough to brighten in front of yourself and runtime of use is 8 hours.

How Helioslight were created?

I like flashlights long time, but there were always some inconvenience. First of all, flashlights with sufficient brightness usually stayed at home, because it is bulky and you never know would you need them. I carried compact flashlights on a daily basis, but constantly their light were never enough. Secondly, the flashlights that I had couldn’t be set up as I wanted. Some flashlights had less modes I wanted, another ones had so many modes that they were absolutely inconvenient (just image toggle off all modes one by one, turning on stroboscope at maximum brightness, when you need only moonlight), another flashlights had pre-set modes that was not exactly that I needed. I wanted take all best from them and have only one that will work for me.

Lack of such flashlight had three reasons. The first problem was lack of electronic modules that is able to be compact and produce a lot of light. It’s problem was solved by a company Lux-RC (precisely this modules are used in the movie Oblivion). Second problem was regular lithium-ion battery didn’t have enough power. Now we can buy lithium-manganese dioxide battery. For example AW 18350 IMR is able to produce electric current by 2-3 times better than regular lithium-ion ones. The third problem is cooling down flashlights, that’s why Hellioslight has irregular shape of body.

I decided to combine all at one, so my friends and I ordered necessary parts, made the drawing of future prototype and ordered body. First tests showed importance of high-quality thermal interface between the body and module. Now we use silver-based thermal interface. We tried to decrease size of the flashlights, but at the same time we had to decrease thread. Unfortunatly it decreased its reliability. So we stick with the first prototype which was improved after tests on solidity, durability, waterproofness, shockproofness. We spent a lot of time to find reliable and cheap sources of components.The mass production of hellioslight is ready, problems are solved and we hope to find the people that want to support us.

Helioslight has advanced technologies(most efficient light-emitting diodes, best optic system, solid and reliable design). At the same time it has minimum size and weight.

How does Helioslight beam?

Do you want to see how helioslight beams? Watch a movie Oblivion  (trailer) in april. The flashlight in Tom Cruise gun has the same electronic module as in Helioslight. Also you can visit our web site to see images from the movie and another pictures that would help you to realize Helioslight brightness.

Why do I need Helioslight?

You can look under the bed or in closet at home, brighten cellar or patio which ones always have dark places.

Helioslight is a must on camping, either you go to forest or beach.You will always have your personal light.

Helioslight helps you to make your pictures and videos better, because built-in flash in phone often isn’t enough. DSLR Camera flash doesn’t work for recording videos.

Fast helioslight to your bike and you will get perfect light.

Don’t want to turn on light at night and wake up your family and friends, use Helioslight in the minimal mode, also you can use it as night-lamp.

Power Outages and Bad Weather.

Looking Under the Hood of Your Car.

Helioslight has thousands usages, be creative.


We offer two different flashlights SUN and QUASAR. Both versions use modules made by Lux-RC. They have the same size, and the difference is in the different brightness, and materials. Maximum brightness of SUN is 700 lumen, carbon button, highly transparent glass and a stainless steel chain. Maximum brightness of QUASAR is 1000 lumen, a carbon-Kevlar button, UCL lens, and a titanium chain.

The body is made of highly durable aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and capable to survive running over by a car and falls. Flashlight has ultrastrong Neodymium magnet in the back, with that you can fix the flashlight on any steel surfaces. The flashlights has TIR optic because which has better qualities compare to reflector.

Helioslight has IPX8 waterproof. It allow you to use the flashlight under water. You can don’t worry about rains, you can drop the flashlights in water, can plunge under the water. However don’t go too deep under water, flashlights isn’t made for that.

Control and Programming.

Helioslight is a programming flashlight. You can change its brightness at any time from 1 to 100 per cent. The flashlight has a favorite mode, and several extra features.

SOS mode – the flashlight can send a SOS signal during a long time. Beacon mode – the flashlight make a flash every 30 seconds. “Mental” strobe – the flashlight flickers with 7 hertz frequency. Tactical mode – instant on when button is pressed and off – if released, so you can send alphabet Morse signals.

Helioslight has red light indicator that flickers once in 5 seconds that helps don’t lose the flashlight with keys in dark. The flashlight has electronic reverse polarity protection, critical overheating cut-off (full off at 120°C) and low voltage cutoff at 2.2V. In any configuration you can use "long" click (0.5 sec) to switch the light to the minimal mode (about 1%).

Battery Stretch Function. The output is reduced to 10% at 10% of the battery. So it lets the remaining 10% of battery to last 10 times longer. This mode change is not compulsory, in other words it's still possible to return to full mode when it's required by the situation. If favorite mode is programmed at less than 10%, the engine uses the user favorite instead of the 10% default.

Button Security Lock. Four fast clicks in any mode lock the momentary button preventing occasional switching on. The button is unlocked by four-clicks aswell.

You can find more information about module at Lux-RC web site.

Why do we need your help?

It is well known unique production is expensive. Only mass production allows to decrease a price for the flashlights. We need to order body flashlight on CNC machines, and buy necessary parts . We hope you help us with your donation, and we can provide you with our high quality flashlights in a short time. And you will be the first who obtain the unique flashlight. With the funds raised through Kickstarter, Helioslight will become available to everyone.

Thank you!


What is waterproof of the flashlight?

It has been tested at the depth of 3 meters. It is minimum depth that we can.

How to fasten Helioslight to a bike.

You can use any universal 1 inch attachment.

What battery besides AW 18350 IMR can be used?

We recommend this battery because they are famous for its quality. You can try to use another similar batteries, but if their have lower quality than the flashlight running time will be worst.

What is the power of magnet? Can it hold a bag?

We have selected magnet that the flashlight securely fixed on the steel surface, but it wouldn’t hard to take it off, there by the flashlight unlikely can hold a bag.

Why isn’t the flashlight entirely done with titanium?

When the flashlight is on it heats up. The Thermal conduction of titanium is ten times worse than aluminum, so we use aluminum for better thermal conduction. The flashlight will survive running over by a car, do you need anything better?

Will Light-emitting diode burn out?

No. Light-emitting diodes in the flashlight work from the 1 Amper each. It is enough for the regular work.

How much useful the red light-emitting diode, if you lost your flashlight?

Once during a test we threw our flashlight so far in dense bushes, so we thought we are going to look for it forever, however we got it in couple minutes.

What is TIR optic?

Total Internal Reflection is a combination of reflector and lens. TIR optic allow to collect the all light and focus it to one direction.

When is it going to be ready?

First flashlights will be done in 5-7 weeks after we collect necessary money.

Risks and challenges

Manufacturing and Ship Time.

We spent a lot of time to make connections with reliable partners to exclude any possible problems. We have made several flashlight prototypes, that were successfully tested, and allowed us to evaluate and solve most problems.

The flashlight will be made in the USA from parts made in USA and Russia. Our suppliers have long time history and have good reputation. Some of them are famous all around the world. With the rest, we worked before. They are capable to provide us with any amount of parts.

Electronic module are made by Lux-RC, the company are well-known in its field for its cutting-edge technology and impressive reliability of its goods. The company is in Russia and we worked before with it.

We were choosing for making body between companies from China and Russia. Chinese company offered a little bit better price, but required longer time of production than Russian company. Lux-RC is from Russia too so we decided to choose Russian company. Therefore module and body will come in USA at about the same time. And we can be sure at suppliers because we worked with them before. The company has already our sketch, they made a prototype. It accelerates work and excludes any problem.

We make carbon and carbon-kevlar buttons from carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber and epoxy resin.

The rest parts (TIR optic, UCL lens, Titanium and stainless steel chain, neodymium magnet, O-ring, micro push button, spring, thermal interface etc), we will buy in the USA.

Schedule of flashlight production:

Making electronic modul, making body, buttons and ordering other parts, delivering is at the middle of June.

Flashlight assembling, setting up module in the body with the rest parts is at the end of June.

Testing of flashlights is at the beginning of July.

Sending to the bakers is at beginning of July.

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