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$304,741 pledged of $395,000 goal
By iNK Stories
$304,741 pledged of $395,000 goal

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365 Days Later!


Can I get a MUSTACHE!


Hello Everyone:

So, we caught up on our sleep, launched 1979REVOLUTIONGAME.com (worked out a few kinks) and today we are the cover story on FASTCOMPANY.  

We want to hear from you.  Tell us what you liked about the game/campaign and what you would change?  Tell us about rewards you want to see and things you thought didn't work.  Email me directly at navid@inkstories.com

So, the one thing that became viral was the image of our revolutionary with the handle bar mustache - everybody thought he looked like Paul Rudd from Anchorman or Jason Schwartzman.

So in honor of this famous facial hair we bring you the 1979 REVOLUTION Mustache Mural.

Download Stacheify , it's free on the APP store.  Take a photo of yourself within the app - email it to us at Vassiliki@inkstories.com by Monday December 23rd. 

We will make a mural and get it back to you.  Our small way of showing you how much we appreciate your support.

Finally, please go to our site and renew your commitment to this project.  We came so close and if we can continue with this momentum we should be financed by the end of January.

Help us hit our milestones and start on production! Go to 1979revolutiongame.com where you will find new prices, new rewards and equity opportunities!!

Navid, Bessie, Adam & Andres

33 days + 1650 backers + $304,500 raised = AMAZING!


Dear Backers: 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Thirty-three days ago when I embarked on this journey of raising $395k I had no idea what I was getting myself, or my team, into. During this time 1979 REVOLUTION has been covered in the press by over 50 outlets including The Guardian, NPR, The New Yorker, Bloomberg TV, Voice of America, BBC, CNN, Mashable and Kotaku – without a PR company. In this short time I got to know you - a growing community of 1600+ people that have rallied behind 1979 allowing us to raise over $300k. This is staggering. 

 It’s time to exhale and take this all in. (Only for about a minute). 

 I am truly moved and humbled by how many people have become not only supporters of this game but advocates who want to see this game made. YOU are the visionaries. Anyone that knows me, understands that I’ve got the energy and the determination to make this game – and fulfill the great potential of this new direction. It is with renewed enthusiasm that we are launching our own crowd funding campaign on our official website, 1979revolutiongame.com. There we can offer new rewards with lower prices – due to lower fees and more options. If you’ve followed us this far – you can go all the way. Please click the website address and match your pledge here 1979revolutiongame.com 

 The Revolution will continue and we won’t stop until we have achieved our goal. This week already – we are being featured in Fast Company, Mental Floss (Print) and Kotaku.

Thanks for keeping the dream alive,

Navid, Bessie, Adam, Andres & Catalina

Can You Dig IT!


In the last 24 hours we have raised $75k and have 400 new members joining the REVOLUTION! 


Less than 16 hours to go and we need to raise $140k...can we do it?  I'm not sure. 

When we started this KICKSTARTER a number of people told me that the amount we were going for was too ambitious and that we should try for a smaller goal.  We went for the goal we did because I needed to be truthful about the money required to make this project come to fruition.

I'm not in this to just have a successful KICKSTARTER.  Hell I'm 35% off my target  as I write this.  

What I am asking for are funds so that we can make a ground breaking video game that will engage the masses and elevate the medium.  That is far more ambitious than any financial goals we have set for ourselves and I promise you all that we will deliver.

The team and I are working feverishly to exhaust any and all possibilities of how to optimize this situation. 

In the meantime continue your recruiting - the bigger our community the stronger we stand.

Navid, Bessie, Adam, Andres & Catalina

....into the Long Dark!


Well... the clock is ticking and we are just 35 hours away from our KICKSTARTER coming to an end.

As I sit here surrounded by welcomed and unwelcomed thoughts, I am overwhelmed by the cascade of new backer alerts that have been lighting up my phone all day long.  I can't escape the unavoidable hours that will melt away and yet I am in awe of the momentum that this game has taken in these last hours.  

I appreciate all the emails, tweets and messages of support.  I am truly humbled and in awe of how giving you have all been.

This game, this movement must continue.  Just one act can leave an impression for a lifetime.  This is our chance to do just that.  Keep it up my friends.  I guarantee you that we will prevail.


Tank Man - Tiananmen Square 1989
Tank Man - Tiananmen Square 1989