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"Tango is a conversation. If it’s a good conversation, it will continue...
If it’s a really good conversation,you can talk all night."
"Tango is a conversation. If it’s a good conversation, it will continue... If it’s a really good conversation,you can talk all night."
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    1. Adrian Roup Creator on October 25, 2012

      GREAT NEWS!! Our first festival acceptances! :)

      Update #13 · Oct. 24, 2012 · comment

      Dear backers, supporters and friends of Tango Changes Everything,

      GREAT NEWS!! So far our short film has been accepted to the LA Comedy Film Festival AND the Monaco International Film Festival. This is a great honor and hopefully a wonderful opportunity to open doors for the film makers and collaborators involved in the project.

      Our film will be screening at the Los Feliz 3 Cinemas next Saturday (Nov 3rd) during the 6pm slot. If anyone would like to attend, tickets are available at

      Please keep in touch with us and follow all of our updates by liking our FB page for "Tango Changes Everything"

      In addition for anyone who is in Los Angeles the LA Comedy Festival is having a kick off party on Thursday Nov 1st at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood. RSVP here if you would like to join and meet some of the film makers pls RSVP here

      Lastly an apology to those still eagerly anticipating their copies of the film and other incentive awards for pledging support. They are on the way! Please understand that our primary focus so far has been in getting our applications out to a wide selection of film festivals and securing our position in these important festivals. Please watch this space for more!

      We hope to see you at the LA Comedy Festival!

      Kind regards,

      Adrian Roup

      Writer, Producer, Director, Editor - Tango Changes Everything

    2. Adrian Roup Creator on January 25, 2012

      Dear Backers,
      It's an exciting night! We start shooting our film tomorrow! Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement. Preparations for filming have been a challenging but rewarding experience and we look forward to making this film happen. Due to the complexity of making this shoot happen we have been forced to make some casting changes, schedule changes and changes in our team. Our original Cinematographer Harold Skinner was offered a wonderful opportunity that he could not turn down and so he was no longer available for our film. We were very fortunate in being introduced to another world class Italian Cinematographer, a member of the Association of Italian Cinematographers. His charm, skill and eye for beauty will be a tremendous asset. Aaron Kuban who was set to play Andy, also had similar opportunities that were too good for him to turn down and he had to leave the project. The role of Andy will now be played by Ryan Gaynor who was set to play opposite Andy in the role of Brad. I discovered Ryan through the Tango community and a very prestigious acting school. He is tremendously talented and we have every confidence that his commitment, dedication and passion for the project will be a wonderful contribution. We wish Harold and Aaron well and are confident they will find the success they have earned. Despite these changes and adaptations we are making big positive strides forwards and we look forward to making this film. Should anyone have any questions or feel that this changes their willingness to support the project, please don't hesitate to write to me directly and request a refund.
      Adrian Roup and the team from TRMCD

    3. Adrian Roup Creator on January 6, 2012

      A final word of thanks:

      Dear backers and supporters of "The Real Men Can Dance"! The cast and crew of The Real Men Can dance thank you sincerely for your enthusiasm, support and financial pledges to help us make this film. We hope to create something special and this is only possible because of your support!

      As a closing thought on why we have come together to make this film, here is a wonderful article from on how "dancing makes you smarter". Enjoy! Keep the passion alive and above all... dance!


      Adrian and the team from TRMCD

    4. Missing avatar

      James on January 6, 2012

      Congratulations Adrian - as I also review films and cultural events for the LA Beat I would love to do an interview and write a preview piece on your film for the Beat's audience. I think LA film fans and supporter of all types of art would be interested in both the creatie and technical process of getting your project made - and also the financing experience. You can find me via Facebook or through Alison. Again, congratulations and best wishes, James

    5. Sonya Micheals on January 5, 2012

      We did it!!! Woot woot!!!! This is going to such a great film!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Laurie March on January 3, 2012

      Woo hoo!

      I promise to trade in my work boots for something cute when you take me out dancing... :)

      Best of luck, I know you can do it! If nothing else, I'm curious to see if real men can actually dance. I'll stay tuned.


    7. Adrian Roup Creator on December 29, 2011

      Dear Backers,
      5 days to go! We've reached 66% of our fundraising target and are getting ever closer to the goal. It's been great to see the word getting out through the social network and the groundswell of support starting to build. Thank you for doing your part in building our base of support. We have only 5 days in which to try raise a little over $6,000. Do you know anyone who would be interested in taking dance classes in the new year? Or perhaps someone who might be interested in an "Associate Producer" "Co-Executive Producer" or "Executive Producer" credit on our film. Please see our list of pledge incentives for more details and reach out to any friends who you think might be interested in supporting us.
      Many thanks for all your support and encouragement so far!
      Adrian and Team TRMCD

    8. Adrian Roup Creator on December 28, 2011

      Dear Backers,
      6 days to go!! The end is nigh! :)
      This morning I woke up, logged in and saw our funding rate jump from 54% to 65% which is thrilling. Thanks to a new Co-Executive producer on the project we are now within sniffing distance of reaching our target by next Wed. I have every confidence that we can achieve this - but this still means an average of $1000 per day in pledges. Now more than ever we need your help in reaching out to friends and fellow enthusiasts who are in a position to back us or get the word out as far and wide as possible about our project. Ladies, if you need a new pair of Tango shoes - pledge $200 or more and they are yours! You pay the same price and you get to back our project at the same time. Perhaps you have a friend who is interested in learning Tango in the new year? We have lessons up for grabs by Makela Tango, Tina Mayer and Ilona Glinarsky. Smaller pledges of support also get the jump on everyone else by getting either a digital download or a DVD depending on whether they pledge $25 or $50. We thank you for everything you've done to support us and we thank you in advance for everything you're about to do!
      Warm wishes and many thanks!
      Adrian & Team TRMCD

    9. Adrian Roup Creator on December 27, 2011

      Dear Backers,
      7 days to go!!
      I was thrilled to wake up this morning and log in to see that we have not only crossed the psychological 50% barrier but are now sitting at 52% of our target. This is really encouraging but we still have a long way to go and the last week of our campaign will be crucial to our fund raising efforts. If you have already reached out to friends who you think would support us, we thank you sincerely. If not please let your friends know that we have only 7 days left and we can use all the support we can get in generating pledges and spreading the word. Many thanks for your continued support!
      Adrian & Team TRMCD

    10. Adrian Roup Creator on December 26, 2011

      Let's make that 50%!! Welcome on board and thank you to all new backers... It's great to see this moving forward!

    11. Adrian Roup Creator on December 26, 2011


      Only 8 days to go as of 1:21pm today!!

      That's not much time at all... We are at 49% which is a nice increase in the last few days but we still hope to increase our number of backers and pledges.

      Please shout from the roof tops and contact specific individuals who you think would make pledges of support. There are many great incentives still available!

      Many thanks, Merry Christmas & Wishing you all good things in 2012!

      Adrian and Team TRMCD

    12. Adrian Roup Creator on December 25, 2011

      Dear Backers of TRMCD! :)

      Greetings! We have only 9 days to go before the conclusion of the campaign and we're at 42%. Please help spread the word and appeal for small donations from large numbers of people who believe in supporting us.

      Still up for grabs are: digital downloads of the film when it's complete, DVD's, dance lessons, womens Tango shoes (1 pair left), autographed copies of the script, among other things.

      A warm seasons greetings and I hope everyone is surrounded by the warmth of good company and wonderful Christmas food. I know I have been very lucky this year to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. I can't wait to kick off the new year with our short film.

      Many thanks, Merry Christmas and Wishing you all good things in 2012!


      Adrian and the Team from TRMCD!

    13. Adrian Roup Creator on December 24, 2011

      Dear Backers and fans of TRMCD!

      Merry Christmas and all good wishes for 2012!!We've got 10 days left of our fund raising campaign - so let this official countdown begin... :)

      We're already at over 41% which is not bad. What we need now is MOMENTUM AND VIRAL SPREAD!! :) So I'm planning on sending out a daily countdown during these last 10 days to try rally for as much support as we can get.

      Besides feeling good about supporting up and coming film makers in their pursuit to create something original, there are plenty of great incentives on offer depending on the amount you pledge in support. e.g.: - (a) Pledge $25 or more and you get a credit on our website, a digital download of the film.- (b) Pledge $50 or more and you get the above + a DVD of the film when it's ready. If you pledge $150 or more and you get (a) + (b) + A private dance lesson with who plays Gizelle in the film (only one remaining)- Plenty more incentives on offer on the site :)

      It is interesting to note that almost 25% of all revenues for creative projects on are generated by pledges of $25 or less. This means a large number of people have to pledge their support of a creative endeavor in order for in to succeed. So far we have had a response rate of approximately 10% - that is for around 500 "Likes" on FaceBook - we have 50 pledges. It seems that virtually everyone who is exposed to what we are doing and watches the promo does like what we are about - it is now just a matter of reaching out to more people.

      While a pledge of monetary support is graciously welcomed - it also costs nothing to send out a few emails, post a note on FaceBook and reach out to a few specific individuals who you feel might be interested in supporting us.

      Can I ask you to post this to your FaceBook wall? Reach out to at least 5 specific individuals who might support us?

      Many thanks for the wonderful support, encouragement and pledges of financial support that I have already received! Warm regards and a Merry Christmas!!

      Adrian & the team from TRMCD!

    14. Adrian Roup Creator on December 22, 2011

      Dear Backers of TRMCD,
      Yikes!! Only 12 days left of the fund raising campaign!! You've been amazing so far, helping us raise just over 40% of our target. But we still have a LONG way to go and we could really use your help! It's very encouraging to see that we have over 483 "Likes" on FaceBook, and plenty of excellent feedback about the project. WHAT WE REALLY NEED is to dramatically increase our number of backers. Consider this: If each of the 483 people who "liked" us on FaceBook pledged only $10 and got one of their friends to do the same...Bam! Target Reached! Thank you for your pledges so far! Can we now ask you to take a minute to reach out to a handful of specific friends ask them directly to make a small pledge that will help us reach our goal. There are a lot of great incentives available! For $25, they get their name on our website and a digital download of the film; for $50 they get the above + a DVD; there are also women's Tango shoes, dance classes, dinners, autographed scripts and many other incentives. Please identify a handful of friends and ask them to support us! We're very grateful for your support so far! Many thanks and Happy Holidays!
      Adrian & the TRMCD Team!

    15. Adrian Roup Creator on December 12, 2011

      Dear Backers of TRMCD!
      Well this is really exciting! It's only the start of our second week of the fund raising campaign and we're already close to 40% of our target. Thanks to your generous support and belief in this project things are looking great! What would be great is to see is an increase in our number of backers. While we've had very generous pledges and donations from fans, family and friends - we are also very mindful of the fact that most of the successful campaigns on reach their goal because they have viral spread and backers numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. If you haven't already done so, can we ask you to reach out to 5 friends this week and ask if they will support our project? Perhaps they also have a few friends they can reach? Many thanks for your belief in us and for bringing us this far! It will be exciting to see how the campaign unfolds from here. :)
      The cast & cew of TRMCD

    16. Adrian Roup Creator on December 8, 2011

      Dear Backers of TRMCD,

      Thank you so much for your overwhelming support and encouragement! We are all so excited to see the fund raising campaign moving forward! In week one (of four) we are very close to realizing 10% of our fund raising target. This is a nice little start to the snowball effect - but we still have a long way to go! We can use all the help we can get!

      On Wednesday night I was joined by my principle cast at a wonderful tango event in Los Angeles called Milonga El Floridita where we announced the launch of our fundraising campaign! El Floridita ( is a wonderful restaurant, with great food and atmosphere! On a Wednesday night it is one of my personal favorite places to dance Tango in Los Angeles. Be sure to stay till the very last song and you'll be treated to the spectacle of award winning dancers, choreographers and performers all rocking out in an alternative / freestyle Tango. This "Milonga" as we call it in the Tango community is definitely one not to miss! We enjoyed a stunning Tango and Milonga performance by a wonderful couple Orlando Farias and Natalia Lind. If you missed it - I shot the performance and you can view it here……

      We're all really excited about getting together to make this short film happen! We believe in the message behind it and in the potential for this to really make a difference in all of our careers.

      We also believe in the power of social networking to make this dream a reality! Please consider that if each of our 29 backers reaches out to 5 individuals per week and asks them to pledge $25, this will bring us within 75% of our target. The difference will hopefully be made up by bigger pledges from friends and family of the cast and crew.

      We have an ambitious target! Please show your continued support by reaching out to 5 specific individuals in your network and asking them to back us. With a $25 pledge they will get their name listed on our website and a digital download of the film when it's complete. For $50 they get an official DVD! Many other fantastic incentives are on offer - including dance classes in LA, Tango Shoes, and more!

      Many thanks for your encouragement and support! Please help us spread the word and build our support base!


      The cast & crew of TRMCD

    17. Adrian Roup Creator on December 5, 2011

      Wow! I'm absolutely blown away by the response on the first day! Thank you so much to everyone who's already pledged / donated! $830 (and counting) on the first day of the campaign. This is so exciting! If we can average that for the month we're in line to exceed our target! Thank you so much for your encouragement, support and for spreading the word! Please don't forget to tell your friends about us!

    18. Missing avatar

      Aaron Kuban on December 5, 2011

      Honored to be a part of this. The script is great and the director can make this a beautiful film. Happy Holidays!!

    19. Shelley Delayne on December 5, 2011

      This looks like it will be an absolutely charming film! Can't wait to see it! Good luck on the journey…