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Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dearlove 1 minute ago

      Matthew. Your description of the map is at odds with reality. How do I know that? I've got PDFs of the maps open in front of me. The oceans are not dark featureless blue, I can see texture all over, and the land is very highly detailed: I can see rivers and lakes and forests and mountain ranges, and not as simple areas of colour either. (No, I don't believe the PDFs are publicly available, but I'm also posting as someone independent of Petersen Games who would just like this distraction over with and the Petersens left to complete and deliver.)

    2. Mathew Hill
      about 3 hours ago

      But other games will. I've yet to find the game so good that my life would feel empty without it. Look I'm not asking for much. Just that when people say "THIS is what we'd like you and others to finance", that that is pretty damn close to what is actually produced. Not an ocean of dark featureless blue. And if you're going to change anything, you do it BEFORE the campaign ends and you COMMUNICATE that change to your backers. And not as a 'but there was a video with the rulebook that you could catch a quick glimpse of the map in ... if you were at all interested in the layout of the rulebook.' So that backers still feel like they have some sort of choice in the matter.
      Frankly I'd like to see 3d renders of minis come under some sort of scrutiny because we accept that the quality is not going to be that high in what comes out the other end, but we have no idea just where on the scale it's going to fall. And I'm not saying PG isn't going to produce good minis. I just mean until a company establishes some sort of reputation for delivering a given level of quality, you have little or no idea as to what you're actually backing. The purpose of KS is to take most of the risk in production and spread it out amongst hundreds, if not thousands, of people. So that individual risk is small. In exchange for taking that risk away from the producer, I would like to see them repay that by giving backers a clearer idea of what they're getting for their money.
      A lot of people have rained poo on me from a great height in other campaigns for daring to complain about art. There's a lot of people out there who claim that the art is of zero consequence. "You can still play the game!" they cry. Well for me the game has to look reasonably attractive as well.
      You look at the two maps side by side. The new one has plain featureless ocean. Plain almost featureless land. Arthur waxing lyrical over the new one is something that baffles me. Place the two side by side and the new one looks like something out of a 1980's D&D module.

    3. Mark Mohrfield about 16 hours ago

      @Mathew Hill Those must be some pretty talented 9-year olds. And without Kickstarter or something like it, games like Gods War would never see print.

    4. Mathew Hill
      3 days ago

      Really starting to hate Kickstarter. If you just buy something, you can see what you're going to get. On KS you back something based on what's on the campaign page and then the bait and switch begins. New map looks like my daughters class of 9-year-olds are responsible. Why do people always have to mess with things?

    5. jt 4 days ago

      >>>>>>>>jt on September 12, 2017
      >>>>>>>>My crystal ball says we will have delivery in June 2018.

      Crystal ball failure. New Crytstal Ball Prediction -- I get my game delivered to Pennsylvania, United States on October 13, 2018.

    6. Erik on June 7

      I put a poll on BGG regarding people's preference on the original vs new map art for those that are interested.

    7. Zokoï on June 4

      @Decarcassor : I see the mistress on the table too... she's really off center :(

    8. Julap on June 3

      (In response to comments in Update 93. I also produce it here)

      @ Golbata, Andres Santiago Perez-Bergquist and the others who don’t like the new map, I understand your disappointment. I was feeling the same when some pictures of the new map where shown in the preview of the rulebook, last October (so, there was no “true” update about the map change, but an update about the new rulebook with pictures of a new map in it). Two or three others backers and I made comments and asked some questions at the time. I know that some comments were posted on BGG on the same question. Maybe if we were more at the time, PG could have give answers and made different choice about the map (and logo)
      Golbata, I agree with a lot of your comments about the old map (more gradients in the water, bigger symbols and more unique areas, watermark like texture, etc.), it is why I still like more the PnP version of the map. I am now less disappointed about the general realistic (textbook like) look of the new map. Some comments made me realise that it’s coherent with common and past representations of Glorantha map (ex : in the Guide to Gloratha), and, as a long time Gloranthan fan, I agree about that. The close-up in the video showed a lot of texture and details that satisfy me in the general quality of the map. But I think, it was possible to include some qualities of the old map that you mentioned in the new one (ex: gradients in water, watermark like texture, etc.).
      Golbata, I am also glad that you talked about the logo, a point less talked than the map. This is really a change I don’t understand. The old one was just better and had a unique look. Why choose a more generic one ? Still a mystery for me.
      All that being said, I am globally very satisfied with the game and choices made (miniatures are fantastic ! Some printed elements like the player boards are really beautiful too) and am very excited to get my hands on it ! Perhaps, I had time to “make peace” with the map change since my disappointment date back to last October (I understand that it’s not the case for those who discover the change now). Perhaps also, am I overindulgent about some changes because I am so much a Gloranthan fan and so excited to get an epic game in this setting. But, wathever map the game got, the most important to me remain the gameplay, and for my experience with the PnP version, the game is truly fantastic, epic, strategic and deeply entertaining !
      Even if the game will be great, I hope for all the backers that PG will give more answers about all these comments and questions concerning the maps, the logo and some miniatures. The last updates were really nice and bring a lot of comments that must be answered, I think.

    9. Missing avatar

      Johnathon on June 3

      @cedric Update 82 said they'll begin shipping out in early june (guessing the 2nd week at latest), and then delivered in august-October. and that they would have copies for those who signed up for them for gencon (August).

      we were said to still be on track so should still be accurrate.

    10. Decarcassor on June 3

      @Zokoï. If you look closely at the video in update 93, you can see the Mistress in a corner of the table. She looks a bit bent and strangely off-center on her base, but she has thicker legs in relation to her body than Arachne Solara. But I wouldn't mind a closer look at it too.

    11. Zokoï on June 1

      could we have a visual of Craigspider (For Darkness)... like Arachne Solara it's a spider body so we can also be a little disappointed of the result?

    12. Decarcassor on June 1

      The old PnP map was in the style of Cthulhu Wars. I don't mind the new one, it help differenciate the games. TGW should have it's own style, not just be a mod of CW.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dearlove on May 31

      I like the look of the map. (Without the white strip down it of course, but that will just be the printing.) Some of the earlier maps with some fairly glaring orange-like colours were too much. I like the detail, and the style is familiar from the Guide to Glorantha. As long as boundaries are clear and there aren't any "does this meet that here?" questions - I've no reason to assume there will be - then great.

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on May 31

      @Luke: Yeah, there's actually quite a lot of detail, but the colours are quite saturated, so it's not too visible on lower qualities. Cthulhu Wars has a similar thing going on with its maps; I assume it's for legibility reasons. Function over form!

    15. Luke Murthwaite on May 31

      I just watched the map video on my TV so that I could see it in HD and I’m absolutely loving the detail on the map.

    16. Ruinaes on May 31

      I'm re-posting this from the last update because it's really bugging me. The mini's look fantastic but...

      Wait...that's the real print file for the map? That looks very different from everything else we've seen so far and I really don't like it. The color palette and texture styles are completely different.

      It doesn't look like a fantasy map anymore, it looks like a textbook map which is just gross. Please tell me this hasn't gone to print.

    17. Missing avatar

      Pylosx on May 31

      I am am confused as well.
      When do you start to send the game?

    18. Cédric
      on May 30

      ok I am lost. We were supposed to receive the game in August 207. What is the new deadline/ ETA? Thaks for your help.

    19. beefarm on May 18

      Regarding the Arachne Solara mini the thing I find most disturbing is the mickey mouse hands. The whole models seems to lack details and at this point I'm pretty sure it's too late to change anything on it. Personally I'm not too upset about it because it was a freebie but if I had paid $25 for I'd be pretty upset and would expect to be able to cancel that part of my order. It totally doesn't seem to be up to the standard that PG has set previously.

    20. Julap on May 18

      The last two updates showed a lot of gorgeous pictures of miniatures. First, I really want to say “bravo” for the beautiful work ! Like some people said, I’m so glad to have backed this project (my first kickstarter experience – since that, I backed a lot (too many for my budget ?) games, including CW OS3 and PA from PG). As a Gloranthan fan since my childhood, a former player of Runequest and Heroquest, I am particularly excited and eager to get the game and was able to wait, without frustration, the long delays (delays that risk to be a bit longer for me and others backers since I chose the VF version). Even if I really appreciate the work done, I have two comments and a request /question.
      My first comment is about the Arachne Solara miniature. It seems that the miniature is less detailed than the others shown in the last updates, even if it must be a “big” mini in comparison to assassin, dragonewt or Thed minis, for exemples. I’m not the only one to have see it (some backers made similar comments). But, I also noticed that the plastic mini of Arachne Solara was different to the model shown during the campaign (position of the arms and hands, some “mountains like” things on the base to support the legs (I guess), a very less detailed face and hair). I suppose that some of these changes come from tooling process, but I can’t remember that changes to this mini where mentionned in a past update. I have selected 2 minis of Arachne Solara as add-ons in the pledge manager (1 to offer to a friend who is a Gloranthan fan) and I would be disappointed if this miniature should really be less detailed and gorgeous than the others.
      Second comment and my request/question : a couple months ago after the first draft of the rulebook was released (October update, I think), some backers and I made comments and ask questions about the new look of the maps and some changes in rules (40 to 35 VP game end). I would really appreciate if Petersen Games could answer (in this forum or a next update) to these comments and questions about the Arachne Solara mini, the choices made for some printed materials (ex : the maps) and give explanations about the rules changes (I assume that these choices where made for good gaming reasons after feedbacks from the playtesters. Since I played the PnP version with the 40VP rules, I just want to understand the final creative choices you made). Is it possible to give us some explanations and details ?
      I know that your time and manpower are limited, but I hope you would be able to give some answers on these matters. It’s the kind of details, I think, backers really appreciate because it gives insight on the creative process. It makes the difference between backing a game in kickstarter and buying one.
      I am really confident you will produce a legendary game! Continue the good work!

    21. Kevin Berry
      on May 17

      Turning to the comments after a few failed emails.
      I am fully aware I'm a total slacker and waited til the last minute on the pledge manager.
      Did have an issue getting into the PM on the last day though and couldn't finalize my upgrade and shipping payment.
      Just need to know how I should now proceed with getting the remaining amount paid since the PM is completely locked up.

    22. beefarm on May 17

      So when do we get another play-through video with the figures?

      Did you get any of building to photo?

    23. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on May 14

      Cheshiremonkey said:
      Is this lockdown for adding items or finishing payment?

      Response: I know it is for the Product but we need the payment as soon as possible.

    24. Cheshiremonkey on May 11

      Is this lockdown for adding items or finishing payment?

    25. Missing avatar

      Paul P on May 10

      A 10% GST is going to be applicable to Internet ordered goods as of 1st July this year in Australia. It'll be interesting to see how this shakes down.

    26. Shawn Garbett on May 9

      If I take "Flaming Meteor" as delivery method can I still complain about box damage?

    27. Aerouge
      on May 8

      Well since manufacturing (making the minis) is ongoing, there still is assembly, transport (via sea), customs and delivery (by post / parcel service).

      Since we got no news on the assembly starting, and sea freight alone taking 2-3 months on the Asia to Europe / US routes the only way this game is delivered before GenCon is if they switch delivery methods to "Flaming Meteors" or have backers living next door to the factory.

    28. Missing avatar

      Johan Lundström on May 8

      I'm reading 'cautiously optimistic about GenCon' as 'oh God, I hope we manage to get it out in 2018!'

    29. Aerouge
      on May 6

      We might even bee in the "not going" get delivered in 2018 phase! Soooo psyched!

      Great communication by PG all the way! I just hope it ships before Chinese New Year 2019 :-/

    30. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hope on May 4

      I'm getting psyched! We might be in the "last 100 days" countdown to this game, and all the minis/rules look awesome and the gameplay sounds fabulous. Fingers crossed that there are no hiccups and we get a game in time for Labor Day!

    31. Cédric
      on May 2

      So, we will receive GW AFTER Chtulu Wars ???

    32. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hope on April 16

      A little worried about the long silence, but looks like PG is up to a lot of other stuff at the moment that may keep their folks busy (without impacting timing of this project).

    33. jt on April 9

      Let's just hope it makes it in 2018.

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul P on April 7

      Ah. Update #82 (Feb 10). Shipping should commence early July and we should have it somewhere around August-October.

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul P on April 7

      Not yet. Expected shipping date is somewhere around August I think. Someone correct me if I'm way out.

    36. Missing avatar

      Gil Cruz
      on April 6

      Hi Folks, i havent been keeping track of my kickstarters. Did this ship yet?

    37. Zokoï on March 29

      same error on the preview rubebook :
      The starting location isn't good for Kylerela in the example on page 50. This contradicts what is noted on page 34.

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Affection on March 19

      I retried Support and and this time a kind gentleman by the name of James reopened my pledge :) Thank You.

    39. Mark Mohrfield on March 18

      @Robert Affection Try emailing

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert Affection on March 16

      Hi Mark Mohrfield, sorry for the delay in answering - I'm not sure now I have tried a couple of different ways including contacting CrowdOx direct. Can I ask what email address you used and I'll try that again?

    41. Mark Mohrfield on March 13

      @Robert Affection Did you send the message via the webpage pop-up or by e-mail? My attempt via the pop-up didn't work, but e-mail got an almost immediate response.

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Affection on March 12

      I've sent a message to Support but had no reply!

    43. Danny on March 12

      I had the same trouble, thanks to Support for getting it fixed for me. I added the buildings, which I couldn't quite afford last time around.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hobbs on March 9

      All taken care of. Big Thank You to Petersen support!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hobbs on March 9

      I can't get into Crowdox to add anything.
      I sent an email to Petersen games support are there any other options?

    46. Dave Mendiola on March 7 can open your pledge if it isn't open.

    47. Sargoth
      on March 4

      Sent a message to PG support. They opened a ticket with crowdox. Might need to make an update to let people know they are aware of the problem. Anybody else should also send a message to support at petersengames dot com so they know it's not an isolated incident.

    48. Mark Mohrfield on March 3

      I have the same problem, and I attempted to contact PG through the e-mail address given in the pledge manager e-mail letter to no avail. Pehaps they're busy wrapping up the Planet Apocalypse Kickstarter. Does anyone know of any other way to contact them?

    49. Missing avatar

      Samuel David on March 3

      Same thing happened to me too, I can only update my address.

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