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Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
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    1. Andrea Repele 4 days ago

      Chase Norton created a thread for his WarSponge in The Gods War bag page

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      James Frashure Collaborator 5 days ago

      bryan barrera 39 minutes ago Backer info
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      Did anyone else never receive working links for the pdf rewards? I still haven't received mine.

      Response: Email me at I can have crowdox re email you the link.

    3. Missing avatar

      bryan barrera 5 days ago

      Did anyone else never receive working links for the pdf rewards? I still haven't received mine.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator 5 days ago

      daniel labardee 7 minutes ago Backer info
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      Need to change shipping address and can't seem to find the survey... or did one not go out yet? I forget either way...

      Response: Hi Daniel, email me at include your email address used to create the pledge your old and new shipping address and I will update your address.

    5. Missing avatar

      daniel labardee 5 days ago

      Need to change shipping address and can't seem to find the survey... or did one not go out yet? I forget either way...

    6. Missing avatar

      Samuel Kerekes
      on February 10

      Meh.. don't mind the delay. So far everything looks pretty good.

    7. godgorF
      on February 9

      The delay has been long noted - that doesn't make it go away, but its not surprising

    8. Bene
      on February 9

      Wow... 1 Year delay...

    9. Cédric
      on February 9

      Being there Petersen guys, don’t ship for reception in July-August Where packages could not be delivered and bounce back or worse stay on My front until someone steal it!

    10. AgntOrenge
      on February 8

      @Petersen Games any after China updates.

    11. Andrea Repele on February 7

      You might wanna take a look at this thread.
      Chase Norton is looking to know how many people will be interested in having a custom foam organizer for The Gods War.
      He created the Cthulhu WarSponge and it's really good.
      I'm hoping that he will have have enough feedback for TGW as well.

    12. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on February 7

      Johan Lundström said:

      Is there any kind of estimated delivery date? Will it even be out in 2018 in the first place?

      Response: Yes there is, Arthur will be able to give us a better time line when he returns from China.

    13. Missing avatar

      Johan Lundström on February 7

      Is there any kind of estimated delivery date? Will it even be out in 2018 in the first place?

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard Perry on January 24

      The UK Glorantha\Chaosium convention Continuum is 20-23 July. I hope we get the game in time for that so I can take it and play it there. Possibly even get it signed by some of the big names in the hobby.

    15. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on January 24

      @jt: Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

    16. jt on January 24

      Please no more updates.

    17. Yerfdog on January 24

      I too await this game, i always enjoy periods of deliberation in my games. So i anticipate that when the God's War is finally released it shall be a welcome addition to every collection. So, obviously i am not happy about these delays but i understand we live in an unperfect world and i realize whining at Petersen Games won't resolve any issues.

    18. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on January 20

      There's precious few Kickstarter projects that do maintain hype all throughout production. Even Kickstarters that manage to avoid delays tend to have lulls. It comes and goes as new information surfaces.

      I, for one, am as hyped about Gods War as I was when I backed. (That is, confident it'll be a favourite game, if not usurping Cthulhu Wars for my #1 spot.)

    19. Wyvernsrose
      on January 20

      Is patient..... Pg always comes through Cthulhu Wars the first time round had its own challenges point is the guys find solutions

    20. Erik on January 19

      Hopefully the hype will pick back up a bit after PG makes the factory visit. There's sure to be some cool pics to come out of it and hopefully some details on progress. I'm still eager to play.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lynn Oddy on January 19

      I've not bothered to post in the past because there didn't seem any point. Yes I'm disappointed by the delays and the lack of communication about them.

      I'm not seeing a lack of interest - talking recently about it with some gamer friends they want to play so I'll be organising a game in the summer. If it has to be the P&P version so be it but I'd really like the full game.

    22. Greyskull
      on January 19

      @Erik. Correct. But maybe people have lost interest?? one year of delay.... and the momentum is lost. That happens. Sometimes silence is even louder than words. The fact that there are very few comments says it a long way on the interest....

    23. Erik on January 18

      Considering there have been 5 comments in the past month and only 2 of them are complaining in any way I'd say there's hardly enough of a chorus of complaints to be considered tedious. Seems like folks are being quite reasonable and patient. I will echo the sentiment that PG is sure to give us a great product at the end though.

    24. Missing avatar

      jon biscoe
      on January 18

      Eden, well said, & I totally agree! The chorus of complaints becomes tedious when you’ve heard variations of it over & over again. Kickstarter requires patience, yes, but in my experience that patience is rewarded, particularly when PG are involved.

    25. Eden
      on January 18

      CW OS 1-3 backer and GW backer here. Just want to say thank you to the whole PG team for creating such amazing products.

      Yes, there have been delays, but I backed these projects on KS to help the games get made, see the production process, and save money over retail. I understood that the trade-off included the possibility of schedule slips.

      PG hasn't let me down on delivering or on product quality, so I'm not that concerned if they sometimes fall off on the communication end of things or if the schedule slips. It would be a totally different story if I had doubts about their ability to deliver!

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dearlove on January 11

      As the time stamps appear here, the comment about a month without an update arrived three minutes before the update. And it will have taken more than three minutes to write.

    27. Greyskull
      on January 11

      This project is a disappointment after disappointment... We will be lucky if we get in december of this year... it reminds me of SDE:L...

    28. jt on January 11

      Wow, a month without a comment. Gone but not forgotten.

    29. Shawn Garbett on December 13

      @Bruce you're in good company. We're all waiting. Read the updates, there were tooling issues due to the complexity of the miniatures.

    30. Bruce Gray
      on December 13


      Although I was a late pledge, I'm still waiting for mine...

      Bruce Gray (Backer # 1199)

    31. Missing avatar

      Jaussaud David on December 12

      I hope it will be earlier than august ... waiting for the next update !

    32. Missing avatar

      Samuel Kerekes
      on December 11

      I rather wait and get a great game. If it takes till June it's a bonus, if it takes till August 2018 I don't care as long as it's spot on.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley
      on December 10

      See my post a whole two earlier

    34. Bruce Gray
      on December 8

      OK - it's now the beginning of December - what about our pledges?


    35. Shawn Garbett on December 7

      @Peter so that month between updates is some quiet time to sharpen pitchforks? /sarcasm

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley
      on December 7

      AFAIK, production has started and they are hoping to ship earlier rather than later (i.e. a fair bit earlier than July 2018). Of course this can always change, and only PG can give definitive statements on this.

    37. Missing avatar

      John on December 6

      An update doesn’t have to contain production or shipping information. Update #49 contained game information on the Vadeli. Update #51 game info on dragons, Update #61 two faction sheets and Earth Queen card. All these were great updates. I’m not expecting anything until after EHP has finished. Still really excited about this game!

    38. Erik on December 6

      Hopefully there is an update in a week or so with something resembling a schedule.

    39. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hope on December 6

      I think it's basically impossible to provide an update that doesn't provide new information. If they said a month ago, "July 2018 is the most likely shipping date" that date could have changed by now. If they release an update that says basically nothing ("We are working with our manufacturer and expect to begin printing components after Chinese New Year"), that lets us know or at least presume that they STILL think July 2018 is the most likely shipping date.

      And that's information--it may not be NEWS (they thought it would be July before, they still do), but the reality is that KS backers often get updated about delays and other issues in the KS process long after the company itself became aware of them. And because of that delay, knowing month-to-month what they think about timing is comforting (or not, depending on what that timing is, but at least you know you're getting the best information there is).

      For myself, I just like hearing about the nitty gritty of the tooling and everything else that goes into making the game.

    40. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on December 6

      An update with no new information is literally not an update.

      It's been less than a month since the last update. Current estimated shipping date is early-mid next year. It's KS; patience is mandatory.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jaussaud David on December 5

      I agree that we need regular updates, even for saying that there is no news. Personnaly I expect the game between april and may (or june at worst).

    42. Andreas Kotschote on December 4

      I just backed out from High Evil Priest, the kind of neglecting us in this KS is not OK!

    43. Cédric
      on November 26

      +1 Greyskull. High evil priest ? No way, respect your customers first.

    44. Missing avatar

      John on November 21

      The FAQ section of the rules talks about gifts and abilities of some of the Elder races. I can find a couple of descriptions in some of the updates. Is there a good source somewhere to get all the updates on the Elder races?

    45. Greyskull
      on November 18

      No more KS from PG. they need first to deliver on this.

    46. Cédric
      on November 16

      Funny I intervened on a French website where their French rep is active and... suddenly an updatethe next day. Not really my humble influence but the potential bad impact on their new game success Evil priest coincidentally coming at the same time. If true it's really sad to see how they are incentived... wait and see.

    47. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on November 15


      Ya, as I said I commented on all this ages ago and was frowned upon heavily. So anyways still think them making monthly updates would be nice, after all there has to be SOME progress each month, right? Ya that's what I want to read about.

    48. Missing avatar

      Bill on November 14

      @Off The Shelf, your assumption is confirmed in the new update from Sandy, he said that due to to cost overruns some funds were diverted from OS3 to Gods War. He also says that while they want to do a second print run with the expansions, it will depend on how well the game is received. So to start the ball rolling I will now go on the record and say that The Gods War is the greatest game I ever played, and my only regret was not pledging for multiple copies. The previous statement is brought to you by the August 2018 me.

    49. Missing avatar

      John on November 14

      @Off the Shelf
      A monthly update would be nice. What would you want in the update besides “nothing new to report this month“?

      From updates, we have in-game stats/abilities of the monsters and the Vadeli from the Elder Races expansion. Updates for the rest of the races would be cool. The Gloranthan source PDFs were great, but they didn’t provide much background information on the Sky Terror, Boggles, Leviathan, or the Giants. If asked, I bet some of the Gloranthan sages out there would be more than happy to provide some write ups for updates if PG asked.

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