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Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
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    1. Missing avatar

      John 1 day ago

      The FAQ section of the rules talks about gifts and abilities of some of the Elder races. I can find a couple of descriptions in some of the updates. Is there a good source somewhere to get all the updates on the Elder races?

    2. Greyskull
      5 days ago

      No more KS from PG. they need first to deliver on this.

    3. Cédric
      6 days ago

      Funny I intervened on a French website where their French rep is active and... suddenly an updatethe next day. Not really my humble influence but the potential bad impact on their new game success Evil priest coincidentally coming at the same time. If true it's really sad to see how they are incentived... wait and see.

    4. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on November 15


      Ya, as I said I commented on all this ages ago and was frowned upon heavily. So anyways still think them making monthly updates would be nice, after all there has to be SOME progress each month, right? Ya that's what I want to read about.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bill on November 14

      @Off The Shelf, your assumption is confirmed in the new update from Sandy, he said that due to to cost overruns some funds were diverted from OS3 to Gods War. He also says that while they want to do a second print run with the expansions, it will depend on how well the game is received. So to start the ball rolling I will now go on the record and say that The Gods War is the greatest game I ever played, and my only regret was not pledging for multiple copies. The previous statement is brought to you by the August 2018 me.

    6. Missing avatar

      John on November 14

      @Off the Shelf
      A monthly update would be nice. What would you want in the update besides “nothing new to report this month“?

      From updates, we have in-game stats/abilities of the monsters and the Vadeli from the Elder Races expansion. Updates for the rest of the races would be cool. The Gloranthan source PDFs were great, but they didn’t provide much background information on the Sky Terror, Boggles, Leviathan, or the Giants. If asked, I bet some of the Gloranthan sages out there would be more than happy to provide some write ups for updates if PG asked.

    7. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on November 14

      I mentioned that quite a bit and got some bad flack from a lot of people. It was a really poor decision to run this Kickstarter while Onslaught 2 was still open. People had 2 choices back an entirely new (but mildly similar) game or get more stuff for a game they already had, looking at the numbers we know what people picked.

      Looking at the rules update we know the rules themselves have stayed fairly stagnant (which in hindsight shows a positive) for about 6 months now.

      My assumption is the retooling tossed them over budget badly so now they are possibly subsidizing funds from other much more profitable Kickstarters to finish this one out. Again not a bad thing if you are looking from the standpoint of PG trying to be an honest company delivering on all promises.

      It would be nice if they would just set a minimal monthly update schedule.....

    8. Willy on November 14

      Yeah this got an update just so that we would not flock on evil High priest asking for news.
      Seems it's the unloved child of PG.

      Imo this did poorly because OS2 was very late and SP was already talking about an OS3.

    9. Greyskull
      on November 13

      Well it will be for summer 2018... a year late...

    10. thinkbeyond
      on November 12

      when I see Evil High Priest campaign, I suddenly remember that I backed this one.. jumped to the updates and comment to see the progress.. but..

    11. Missing avatar

      Bill on November 12

      @Erik, with four comments and one update in two months I am thinking you are not alone in your muted anticipation for the game. While I am still very excited, seeing the lack of responses to those that took the time to read the rules and ask questions is a bit disheartening. I just hope I am not asked to consider Gods War for most anticipated game of 2019.

    12. Erik on November 11

      I seem to recall voting for it as 2017 most anticipated, not feeling compelled to do the same for 2018.

    13. Rick on November 11

      Glorantha: The God's War is nominated for the 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2018.

      You can second the nomination here:

      Also, feel free to leave a comment as to why you're excited about the game, and feel free to add any additional nominations to the list.

      The top 50 nominees make it through to the vote for the Top 20 in January 2018.

    14. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on November 9

      OUCH Super Dungeon Explore is a special kind of pain for its backers. You have my sympathy, this from someone who has all 1st and 2nd edition/Forgotten King stuff. Love the idea but Soda Pop dreams pretty big some times. Love their ideas but the execution isn't always great.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bill on November 9

      @Erik, I see that after 2 months we are still the red headed step child, or have we graduated to red headed Harry Potter at this point? I agree with you on 7th continent, the money I planned on using for a complete Cthulhu Wars package is now going to pay for that and Tokaido, with the remainder helping fund the War Room.
      @Off the Shelf, you are correct, they don't want to talk to us, but they will send someone out once in a while to see if we are still here :) I still hope there is at least one expansion to this game so it can be the game it was intended to be, but I'm thinking you may be right about one and done. Well I'm off to see when I won't be getting Super Dungeon Legends now, see you all later.

    16. Cédric
      on November 9

      Very disappointing. I still believedin PG for CW3 but I think this will be my last PGgame too. I am from the old school, I like to think I am respected... at least pretend and communicate!

    17. Erik on November 9

      @Judgement Dave: Ya originally PA was supposed to be before EHP sometime in the fall, but sounds like it won't even go to KS until January or later. I put in a dollar on 7th continent, it's mighty tempting to allocate my funds over there for a fun coop game.

    18. Judgement Dave
      on November 9

      @Erik "I've been setting some money aside for Planet Apocalypse, but given the delays and quiet here as well as the delay to getting PA to kickstarter I am thinking I should maybe put my money elsewhere, especially with the holidays coming up."
      You may as well as, iirc, Evil High Priest and the space game are on KS before Planet Apocalypse.

    19. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on November 9

      It is really unfortunate, when you have companies like NSKN who posts updates full of apologies when they are 2 weeks late. Gloomhaven a $4 million dollar project with 40 thousand backers was 2 months late and getting bi weekly updates even when there was nothing to really say. Then there is The Gods War and Petersen Games. The really frustrating part is they are sending out multiple emails about Evil High Priests, Updates on Onslaught 3, yet they are ignoring The Gods War. Its not that they don't have time, they are simply not taking the time.

      I was interested in Evil High Priests and that Space Game but I no longer feel comfortable backing until they start showing they are making changes with how they work. They keep saying they are changing but I have yet to see it actually happening.

    20. Greyskull
      on November 9

      The problem with PG is that they are so naturally always late that they not even try to see that there is something wrong in the management of their projects. Theythink that we backers are so used to it that they do not even bother justifying themselves anymore. Onslaught 3 will be late even if they put up that BS video saying that they are china ready.. all this reminds me of Orcs must die.

    21. Bruce Mason on November 9

      This is from the viewpoint of a critical friend but PG really aren't helping themselves when it comes to communication. This is a premium board game that is being delivered late. Now I tend to think that 3-6 months late for a board game on KS is pretty much par for the course and provided I'm kept up to date I don't have a problem with it. Backing a KS is by definition paying money for something that isn't yet ready to sell.

      PG does have a track record of delivery albeit usually significantly late so I do expect this game to be delivered in roughly the form promised. But, I made a late decision to scale back my plegde for this game because I didn't want what is roughly my annual board games budget twisting in the wind with no word from the creators.

      At this point, a routinely scheduled monthly update is the absolute *least* I would expect with ad hoc updates where relevant. Below James says that they're waiting for word from the factory before the next update. That is a "dog ate my homework line." If you're waiting for a word then the update should read in part:

      "...currently we're waiting for a reply from the factory about progress but rather than delaying the update we'll press on and I'll let you know more when we do. Last thing we heard, October 15th, was that there had been good progress on X and Y but Z is not as far along as we hoped. Here's a little background about Z. ... Don't have any new models to show you but here's a photo of... Thanks to everyone who has taken a look at the rulebook. We're collating feedback at the moment. Couple of quick clarifications though..."

      That kind of thing. Someone needs to be tasked for 4 hours work a month to put together an update. And if PG staff are all working 60 hour weeks (quite likely I suspect) then it needs to be outsourced.

      I did not spend the money I originally intended to on this KS for a mixture of reasons. One of the most significant was the inability to communicate in a timely manner. The continuation of this on this KS means I am absolutely not backing further PG kickstarters for anything other than small change because I

    22. Bene on November 9

      im really disappointed by PG. really the worst Communication to backers ive seen on ks. well they had os 3 and essen fair. but still no Update. this Game should have been delivered 2 months ago and we still dont have a delivery Date and dont know what is happening in production/ testing Front. i wont back EHP or any other PG ks again.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on November 8

      Anthony Rudder - I'm sorry for the lack of updates I'm pushing for more we are waiting on some information from the factory before we put up an update we should have this info shortly.

    24. Missing avatar

      Anthony Rudder on November 8

      Not backing any more from PG due to slowness / lack of updates of God's War. Other huge mini KS campaigns have been run really well post funding and I cannot wait for those to arrive. This one has soured for me.

    25. Erik on November 8

      I've been setting some money aside for Planet Apocalypse, but given the delays and quiet here as well as the delay to getting PA to kickstarter I am thinking I should maybe put my money elsewhere, especially with the holidays coming up.

    26. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on November 8

      I am probably going to duck out of Evil High Priests until we learn more about The Gods War. Just not feeling comfortable having 3 Kickstarters unfulfilled from same company if they are being too quite.

    27. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dearlove on November 8

      Q1 2018 is optimistic based on what I heard at Spiel. Q2 sounded more likely.

      Personally I would have really liked it before the end of February (for a specific reason I won't bore you with).

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hope on November 8

      Whoops to clarify--I'm not worried that there WILL be quality/error issues, I just want Petersen Games to take their time and make sure those are minimized.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hope on November 8

      I also would like an official update. I don't really mind the timetable (my main concern is the game's ultimate quality and a lack of production/rules errors), but I'd just like to be more informed.

    30. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on November 7

      How about an official update? You have been hitting onslaught 3 pretty hard and now you have evil high priests hitting Kickstarter in 6 days sure would be nice if this spot stopped being so bare.

      I don't know about the others but I have the feeling that this game is one and done, pretty sad really because I like it better than Cthulhu Wars. I hope they have extra expansions at retail, I tried to add them late pledge but was turned down...

    31. Vendetta on November 7

      Is anyone else having trouble downloading the digital rewards? I sent an email to the crowdox email address provided in the rewards email, but I never got a response.

    32. Cédric
      on November 5

      Q1 2018? Not even sure about it? Well, thos is very disappointing. August to December ok, I can still play duringX-mas but after that? I know CW3 took your time but I still think we deserve more focus...

    33. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on November 5

      Hello everyone this is James from Petersen Games. I will push Arthur for an official update with the latest eta for shipping. The last I heard it was suppose to start shipping to our Warehouse In the 1st Qtr of 2018. I don't know the month for sure so I do not want to give you any wrong info but I will ask Arthur to address this in an update.

    34. Kurtis Rose on November 5

      @Sargoth I don't think you'll get a hasty answer from Petersen Games, but I'd point out that as of their October 6th update the game was still in the tooling process -which I believe means that they're still finalizing the molds for at least some of the plastic components. If that is the case, that means that they still had yet to create/assemble those plastic pieces, and the games would still have yet to be assembled into their various boxes after quality control. I doubt they're close to that phase in just about a month, but don't take it from me -I'm not an industry insider, I've just backed a few other projects that have involved miniatures/games.

    35. Sargoth
      on November 4

      Delivery estimate aside, is it at least on the boat yet?

    36. Cédric
      on November 2

      James any news for delivery date... for Canada?

    37. Sarcasmorator on October 30

      *characters, pfeh. I meant players.

    38. Sarcasmorator on October 30

      Also curious about the map colors in the manual. Seems like a rough time for colorblind characters with all the green.

    39. Andreas Kotschote on October 29

      @James have you tried already?

    40. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on October 29

      Is the rulebook's map an earlier prototype? It looks less detailed than the one on the campaign page, and the colours are... not good.

    41. Missing avatar

      Darren Semmen on October 24

      By the way, I hope my comments weren't construed as criticizing the work of Michael Schemaille and Adam Gelin. Considering the length of the document, it is surprisingly free of errors.

      One other thing: the PnP rulebook promised a foreword by Greg Stafford. Is this still in the works for the official rulebook? If he's played the game, I wonder what he thinks of it.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on October 23

      Andreas Kotschote - Can you at least give us an estimate shipping date like between December 17 and March 18 or something like that??

      Answer - I will try to get a better delivery date for you.

    43. Andreas Kotschote on October 23

      Can you at least give us an estimate shipping date like between December 17 and March 18 or something like that??

    44. Missing avatar

      Darren Semmen on October 20

      I want to just say I agree with everything Julien Lapan wrote. In particular, the figures and empire sheets look awesome but the maps (including Sky/Hell) shown in the rulebook do look inferior to the PnP. Also, it would be really great to have an update explaining why the game-end VP trigger was lowered to 35, why the Great Compromise judgment VP allocation was changed, and how well these have been play-tested.

    45. Missing avatar

      Darren Semmen on October 20

      I've now read up through the Empires playing tips chapter and accumulated more notes; I'll need to reread the Empires chapter because I'm not so familiar with those factions. I'm crossposting these notes to, the Comments under the WIP rulebook update, and the general Comments.

      In general, what is the difference between Kill and Elimination? If none, only use Kill. If there is a difference, please define it.

      After chapter X, the Roman numerals go awry (e.g., Player Tips on page 53 is labelled there as chapter V) and the order of the chapters differs from what's listed in the Table of Contents.

      Why include rules and notes for the expansions in the core book? While it's nice to have everything in one place, a post-publication change to an expansion means having to change the core book. Or will the expansions come with nothing besides figures, empire sheets, additional tokens/cards, etc.?

      By page number:

      2 - The page numbers listed in the Table of Contents are incorrect.

      2 - The section numbers in the Table of Contents are only correct through Section X.

      17 - Is voluntarily reducing your Power to zero an action? This matters because a Rune can only be revealed after an action: if it's not an action a player could voluntarily reduce their Power to zero to prevent the revelation of Runes.

      19 - The following is a comment from Brendan Boesen: I recommend rewording "Any of your units may be summoned into an area containing one of your buildings" with: "Your units must be summoned into an area containing one of your buildings"? (I suspect the initial wording is something to do with one of the FAQ entries but it reads oddly.)

      35 - Move the last paragraph of Section 5 either to a sidebar or before Section 1 on page 33. It doesn't make sense where it is, under Minimum Power Rule.

      39 - The following is a comment from Brendan Boesen: Under point 4 - I suggest "If multiple players tie for the least then they each lose 1 VP." rather than "Any players involved in a tie lose 1 VP each" (which, being pedantic, is not the same). (I do note that the example does make the intention clear however.)

      39 - Keep only "All players reveal their dice simultaneously" in 3. Swap the rest of 3 with 4. Then change the reference in 5 from 3 to 4.

      47 - Remove "and Gifts" from the Title of this chapter. That would be more accurate and would be consistent with the Table of Contents. (Why isn't the Table of Contents auto-generated?)

      47 - When Runes can be revealed needs to be a lot more clear. Perhaps it could say, just before the Example, "Except at game end or the Rune states otherwise, a Rune may be revealed only during the Action phase and upon completion of any player's action. A Rune may be revealed even if it is not your turn or you have zero Power.". This makes the first sentence of Section 2 redundant and I would delete it.

      48 - In similar fashion, I would slightly rewrite the first two sentences of the first paragraph: "A few Runes describe themselves as 'battle Runes'. These can be revealed during any battle, even those in which you are not involved and even if your Power is zero."

      49 - Has "Knocked Out of the Game" been play-tested? Has this situation ever come up during play-testing? This rule seems conducive to kingmaking and the situation seems rare enough to not need any rule. (Let the poor fool suffer...)

      49 - Can an Empire whose player has left the game still win? Seems rare but possible. If this is regarded as legal, it should be noted.

      51 - The last two paragraphs are redundant; I would recommend removing them.

      54-55 - I'm surprised that Festering is not mentioned considering the emphasis on Chaos nest exceptionalism in the rules and that Sandy mentioned it (not by name) in the Design Corner that forms the basis for this section.

      59 - Under "Call To Justice", it should be " players' " instead of " player's ".

      64 - There is a gratuitous empty bullet.

      A final note: in the future, you might consider coding the rules in a high-level programming language like Haskell or OCaml. It wouldn't take much more work than writing in English but would force precision and raise questions that might not otherwise have been considered.


    46. Zokoï on October 18

      From Julien Lapan : "Another comment : some changes in the rules are not minor (35VP rule for exemple). I think backers would really appreciate, if possible, an update with some explanations about the choices you made."
      --> A big +1 !!

    47. AStarks on October 12

      Middle Air for the Skydome and Gray Zone (Grey Zone?) for Hell

    48. Mark Mohrfield on October 12

      I notice that the rules preview states that in 6-8 player games the Sky Dome and Hell are divided into three areas rather than the usual two. What are these areas named?

    49. Missing avatar

      Julien Lapan on October 11

      First, I want to congratulate you about the game in production : the Gloranthan setup, the figures, the concept, everything looks great. I’m really excited about this game and I appreciate the recent updates that help me to wait longer. It’s the same thing with the rulebook of the last update that looks really good.
      I just want to make some comments about the way some elements look. Like Zokoï, I think that the map used in the rulebook (including hell and skydome) is not the best. The one used in the PnP and in the campaign is truly better. No doubt about it to me. There is also the “logo” of the game in the Rulebook (the way “Gods war” is written) that is not the same (and less good) than the one used in the campaign. I know the rulebook is not final and hope that elements like maps ans “logo” used are not final too. In comparison, the look of the other components, like the empire sheets (p. 14), is great.
      Another comment : some changes in the rules are not minor (35VP rule for exemple). I think backers would really appreciate, if possible, an update with some explanations about the choices you made.
      I’m confident that Petersen Games will make the best choices for the game in the next steps of production to come. I hope you will take the comments of backers in consideration in this process. Continue the good work !

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