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Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
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    1. Arthur Collaborator about 20 hours ago


      I will try to find it for you and post in the next update.

    2. Alex Johnson 1 day ago

      @James Frashure - I'm on the fence about adding Elder Races to my pledge. The tipping point would be if someone had the Cthulhu Wars crossover rules for them. Do you happen to have access to them?

    3. Sean C. J. Bourke 2 days ago

      James Frashure:
      Found the old Crowdox survey and just upgraded to the Hero level... now just wondering if I am still elligible for the pdfs.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator 2 days ago

      Sean C. J. Bourke - email me at I need the email address and name you used to set up you pledge with then I can resend the Invite to you pledge manager.

      You will then be able to upgrade your pledge level and or add and extras you want.

    5. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator 3 days ago

      Sean C. J. Bourke - about a month.

    6. Daniel Adam 3 days ago

      Really looking forward to this, my partner enjoys the mechanics of CW but not the aesthetic but she loves the Greco-Roman Aesthetic of God's War.

      Hopefully PG can share some new info on MFG and expected shipping dates soon!

    7. Robert Mills
      4 days ago

      Having recently got my CW onslaught 2 I'm looking forward to getting the Gods War, I am however afraid that my house may collapse from to much awesome. Hope some of the nice updates to CW have been used to inform the production of GW

    8. Sean C. J. Bourke 4 days ago

      How much longer will Crowdox stay open? Thanks to the Cthulhu Wars facebook page someone reminded me I could still pledge there. Also any vague idea if this might ship this year or next?

    9. Golbata 6 days ago

      Ah, ignore my Spiel Essen comment. I jumbled up the release dates. So of course I hope that it's delivered prior Spiel. But if it's not, seeing it as the Spiel would be nice.

    10. Alex Johnson 6 days ago

      The pdf for using Gods War Elder Races in Cthulhu Wars appears to no longer exist. Anyone have access to it?
      Also, looking for the pdf on using Gods War Gods as Neutral GOOs, that one I haven't seen anything on.
      As for the Monsters one, it can be found here:
      The Monsters one has some language in it that leans towards Gods War, along with a few typos. But overall, it's pretty usable.

    11. Erik 7 days ago

      @Andreas: Actually I would say the monsters are a bit more unique from the neutrals/iGOOs in CW. They are hostile to all the players and provide rewards for defeating them. Here's the rundown on monsters from the campaign:

    12. Erik 7 days ago

      @Andreas: I anticipate the Monsters and Elder Races will be very similar to Neutrals and independent great old ones in Cthulhu wars. They really add a lot of diversity to Cthulhu Wars and complexity too when your group is ready for it. I originally didn't have them on the list but after playing more CW and getting comfortable with the extra stuff there I just couldn't resist.

    13. Sean C. J. Bourke 7 days ago

      Ok found my original survey, went ahead for the Heroes level some battle dice and the races expansion! Looking forward to another great game, I bet this will be collectable

    14. Sean C. J. Bourke 7 days ago

      Ok I'm finally ready to go in for the $240 level I think but I orignally pledged a dollar just to save a spot, is there any way I can do this without having to create a new account on Crowdox?

    15. Andreas Kotschote on June 14

      Can I still Add the Monsters and Elder Races Tom y Pledge? If so why should I do so? What do they add? Are the similar gameplay wise like Old Ones in CW?

    16. Golbata on June 14

      Can we see Gods of War at Essen this year? :)

    17. Melhilion
      on June 13

      i was latebacker - so i ask here. sry

    18. Melhilion
      on June 13

      Hiho, can plz give me an email adress from Arthur (i think he handles replacements) - i got my parcels from Cthulhu Wars OS2 and there is a missing items.

      Thx, Mel

    19. Alex Johnson on June 13

      The pdf for using Gods War Elder Races in Cthulhu Wars appears to no longer exist. Anyone have access to it?
      Also, looking for the pdf on using Gods War Gods as Neutral GOOs, that one I haven't seen anything on.
      As for the Monsters one, it can be found here:

    20. Arthur Collaborator on June 12

      Hey guys,
      Sorry for the lack of updates recently (especially after a bunch of them right in a row). I will try to get you an update soon.

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on June 6

      @Maguila: They won't be out 'til the late pledges close at least. Bit disappointing, but 'dems the breaks.

    22. Maguila Gorila on June 1

      I upgraded my pledge but I still got no pdfs. Waiting for them.

    23. Missing avatar

      Pekka Salmela on May 30

      Any new updates maybe yes please?

    24. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on May 24

      Yves are asking about the latest CW rules? TGW hasn't been out in Print and play for a year yet. For CW go to our website under downloads.

    25. Yves BUTTARD on May 24

      Where can i find the latest version of the rules ? On BGG all the files are two years old :(

    26. AStarks on May 23

      Many of us get our discussion kicks out on BGG, where the threads are easier to follow. Alas, since it's been many months since we've gotten any new info, and will be a few more until anyone has their copies, we're in the doldrums.

    27. Missing avatar

      John on May 21

      I imagine PG will be busy over the next week or two fulfilling the shipments & back orders for CW. Afterwards I hope to see more finished miniatures and game components after proofing and finalization.
      In the meantime, I have been following the 5-player "play-by-forum" game on: ; they are playing Earth, Sea, Chaos, Storm & IG. It is interesting seeing how the different faction mix really alters gameplay. I think the inclusion/exclusion of Chaos has the biggest effect.

    28. Cédric
      on May 20

      Question: why is this KS discussion so dead for a game that seems so excellent and probably one of the best asymetric games ever made?

    29. Cédric
      on April 30

      Thanks for explanations and honesty.
      My kids are coming back and staying for long nger periods of time every summer and for Christmas so Christmas would be cool:-)!!!

    30. Mark Mohrfield on April 28

      Anybody remember that MASH episode in which Hawkeye and BJ played a game called "Double Cranko" that combined chess, checkers and card games? It occurs to me that Gods War has all those elements plus dice rolling. We've topped fiction!

    31. James Boyd on April 28

      Please consider the color blind folks when selecting.

    32. Brad Keusch on April 27

      Also curious about the .pdfs, do these come with a late pledge on crowdox or no?

    33. Missing avatar

      Charles Muck on April 27

      Was there a post on the delivery of the $150 worth of .pdfs of amazing Glorantha background documents: Guide to Glorantha (2 vol encyclopedia over 800 pages long).

      It would be really great to have some summer reading while we wait patiently for delivery.

    34. Jérome Bianquis on April 26

      October/November time frame : a little more late and we will hit the dreaded Chinese New Year !

    35. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on April 25

      Just going by typical numbers here for anything related to kickstarter that includes plastic. The miniatures are being finalized which means we are still at least 4 months out for this game. Factor in 6 weeks for shipping and about 2 weeks for packing and shipping to backers I would wager earliest we will see the game is October/November time frame.

    36. Arthur Collaborator on April 21

      Possibly - but this is one of those parts of the timeline where speculation leads to bad things. I'd rather say "we're still shooting for that, and it's possible," rather than "yes, August for sure!" if you get my meaning. We have failed too many times to deliver on time for me to be over-confident (which is my natural demeanor).

    37. Cédric
      on April 20

      Still in shape for August 2017?

    38. Missing avatar

      Pekka Salmela on April 20

      That's great to hear! Can't wait!

    39. Arthur Collaborator on April 19

      I'll be posting an update relatively soon.

      Actually, in the next few weeks there should be several really great updates about sculpts; printed components, etc.

    40. Aerouge
      on April 13

      The updated models look great. I especially like that the Mage is now longer throwing a hotdog around but changed his projectile to a squid. Squids are much nastier to be hit by then hotdogs.

      On the other hand I´ve watched enough Hentai to know how this ends ...

    41. Phylo on April 11

      Wondering if there would be any chance to get a smaller version (at lower price) ?
      The game is great but can't really take it on vacation and it's starting to be a storing issue for me ;)

    42. Wyvernsrose
      on April 7

      its ok arthur its only 2017 your daughters haven't rebelled and taken over the government yet....that's still to come :p

    43. Cédric
      on April 6

      Muuuch better especially the trolls now looking as orcs but at least not as gorillas!

    44. Arthur Collaborator on April 6

      I never said which Year!

      OOOOOH NOOOO! I took too many drops! WHICH YEAR IS IT?

    45. Ruinaes on April 6

      Oh Geez. Arthur typed the letters "S-E-P-T" so I'm already preparing for the complaints from everyone who doesn't have the game out of the box and on the table by 12:00am 9-1-17.


    46. Missing avatar

      Brian Perkins on April 6

      The new models look really good, I may just have to up my pledge a bit. Any firm dates yet for when the pledge manager closes?

    47. Hellikin on April 6

      Great news Arthur!

      The new models look great (I especially like the Troll and the Juggernaut sculpts). Petersen Games pays close attention to every detail (I'm looking at you, anatomically-correct flying bull!). :P

    48. Arthur Collaborator on April 6

      Update up!

      My estimate remains Sept./Oct. ish. We'll see. I cannot see the future.

      That said, we are further along the timeline at this point relative to the KS, than any other KS project we have EVER done. Period! And that's exciting for me.

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