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Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
Glorantha: The Gods War board game combines asymmetric strategy with fantastic plastic figures.
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    1. Arthur Collaborator 3 days ago

      Possibly - but this is one of those parts of the timeline where speculation leads to bad things. I'd rather say "we're still shooting for that, and it's possible," rather than "yes, August for sure!" if you get my meaning. We have failed too many times to deliver on time for me to be over-confident (which is my natural demeanor).

    2. Cédric
      4 days ago

      Still in shape for August 2017?

    3. Missing avatar

      Pekka Salmela 5 days ago

      That's great to hear! Can't wait!

    4. Arthur Collaborator 5 days ago

      I'll be posting an update relatively soon.

      Actually, in the next few weeks there should be several really great updates about sculpts; printed components, etc.

    5. Aerouge
      on April 13

      The updated models look great. I especially like that the Mage is now longer throwing a hotdog around but changed his projectile to a squid. Squids are much nastier to be hit by then hotdogs.

      On the other hand I´ve watched enough Hentai to know how this ends ...

    6. Rob F. on April 11

      Wondering if there would be any chance to get a smaller version (at lower price) ?
      The game is great but can't really take it on vacation and it's starting to be a storing issue for me ;)

    7. Wyvernsrose
      on April 7

      its ok arthur its only 2017 your daughters haven't rebelled and taken over the government yet....that's still to come :p

    8. Cédric
      on April 6

      Muuuch better especially the trolls now looking as orcs but at least not as gorillas!

    9. Arthur Collaborator on April 6

      I never said which Year!

      OOOOOH NOOOO! I took too many drops! WHICH YEAR IS IT?

    10. Ruinaes on April 6

      Oh Geez. Arthur typed the letters "S-E-P-T" so I'm already preparing for the complaints from everyone who doesn't have the game out of the box and on the table by 12:00am 9-1-17.


    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Perkins on April 6

      The new models look really good, I may just have to up my pledge a bit. Any firm dates yet for when the pledge manager closes?

    12. Hellikin on April 6

      Great news Arthur!

      The new models look great (I especially like the Troll and the Juggernaut sculpts). Petersen Games pays close attention to every detail (I'm looking at you, anatomically-correct flying bull!). :P

    13. Arthur Collaborator on April 6

      Update up!

      My estimate remains Sept./Oct. ish. We'll see. I cannot see the future.

      That said, we are further along the timeline at this point relative to the KS, than any other KS project we have EVER done. Period! And that's exciting for me.

    14. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on April 1

      I was thinking Thanksgiving so that looks about right to me too.

    15. Sargoth on April 1

      Just found it:

      Pitpipo Collaborator Superbacker on January 5
      @Andrew: our target is a September/October shot

    16. Sargoth on April 1

      There was an announcement made saying games shipping October/November, but I don't remember where from: creator/collaborator comments or one of the updates.

    17. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on March 31

      I would say we will see this game 3-4 months after we see everything finished tooling and all molds fully approved.

    18. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews on March 31

      @Greyskull -
      While I doubt we will see a 1 year delay for The Gods War, I am pretty sure the earliest we will see this is around Thanksgiving time. I know Arthur and Sandy both said in a recent Ask Sandy that The Gods War is on time (link, I just can't see it arriving in August if they are still tooling molds. It just seems like a time schedule that cannot be kept.

    19. Greyskull
      on March 31

      Expect at least 1 year delay. They have never been on time with any of their KS. Their games are great though: but do not trust their deadlines.

    20. Aerouge
      on March 31

      @Patrick thanks for the compilation.

      Quite frustrating to be left in the dark. Especially for gods that are so easily reproducable.

      Well let's hope that the final product will compensate us for this non-communication.

    21. Patrick Swinkels on March 31

      I'm also very interested in the PDF documents.

      But so far, this is what we have (a short chronological overview):

      John Sizemore on October 16
      Checking in on the PDFs again. Sandy said they'd be coming "swiftly" after the KS funds were transferred, but that was four weeks ago with no updates since. Any ETA on this yet? Thanks!

      Steve Hammatt on October 17
      Over on, Lincoln Petersen has said that the PDFs will be released when the pledge manager is closed. Since pledge manager hasn't even opened yet, we'll have to wait for a bit. See

      Patrick Swinkels on October 18
      If they keep the PM open as long as in their Cthulhu O2 kickstarter, then we may not get these pdfs till a month or two before shipping...

      Sandy Petersen on November 19
      @Melhilion - we are not sure how long the PM will be open yet. I am sure it will be open until the end of the year. It will NOT be open for as long as we tended to leave our previous campaigns, because we have gotten our act together re: production times.

      James Frashure Collaborator on February 2
      PDF Downloads normally come when we release the game or closer to the game release.

      Status update on this topic as well please...

    22. Aerouge
      on March 30

      @David: dont get me wrong. I fully expect and accept delays in Kickstarters.

      Still, I expect the creators to announce and communicate them. So I was wondering if PG dropped the ball here, or if I missed it in one of the announcements.

      Oh and as one of the backers in a pledgelevel to receive the pdfs I find the "we wont close the pm, so you wont get the pdfs" solution somewhat shitty.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jaussaud David on March 30

      Cthlhu Wars onslaught 2 is just about to be delivered. I thnik PG will have more time for Glorantha now. But I just expect this project to be late (just like nearly every other kickstarter project, in fact :))

    24. Aerouge
      on March 29

      Did I miss the announcement, that this project will be massively delayed?

      Delivery date Aug 17 ... thats in 4 months. Still we only get to see digital renders of components, where other projects showed masters, finished products or already tackled logistics (container shippments from China take a few weeks).

      So, did I miss it? Or will PG drop the news later?

    25. Wyvernsrose
      on March 22

      *tentacle hugs* the fellas love encouragement and support

    26. Yerfdog on March 21

      @Sargoth +1, minus the doubts

    27. Sargoth on March 21

      Thanks for that update. Not only did you increase my excitement for the game, you also alleviated some doubts I was beginning to have and restored my faith in Petersen Games. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.

    28. Judgement Dave
      on March 13

      @Hellikin - I'm pretty sure they've said a few times that the PDFs will be soon after the PM closes (and they haven't announced it closing yet)

    29. diversionArchitect on March 13

      Sweeeeet. Just saw your comment Arthur. Cannot wait :)

    30. Hellikin on March 8

      @Arthur - forgive me if this has already been answered, it's been a while - when will we be receiving the PDFs as part of the Hero pledge?

    31. Arthur Collaborator on March 8

      We are doing plastic spawn tokens.

      Probably in about a month or so there will be a VERY cool update on this project. Arthur guarantees you will like it.

    32. diversionArchitect on March 4

      I'll hope for an opportunity to get plastic tokens in a future KS maybe. I'm still really happy with what is coming. I hope the next campaign doesn't utilize time based SGs. The "gaming it" of surges followed by drops just soured the whole idea of it.

    33. Luke Murthwaite (Ginger Bear) on March 3

      See that's were we have a bit of an issue; I don't think we should hold PG to this (even though I really would like all tokens to be plastic) when we only met the goal in the last few minutes because of a few backers being arseholes. Very soon after the we passed it comments the total dropped back below and now one from PG confirmed if we hit it or missed it. I imagine they were absolutely gutted that people were taking the piss out of their gesture; I know I was.

    34. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on March 3

      @James: From this update:

      "If we can unlock Leviathan by 8 AM CST (Texas Time - or more accurately, Sandy Time) Monday morning, we'll not only add Leviathan to Monsters, but we'll also add plastic Mother of Monsters Spawn tokens as well."

      The stretch goals later updated to reflect the goal being hit. There was also comments from around that time:

      "and with 10 minutes to spare too. :)"

      "Looks like the race was won with less than 5 minutes to spare."

      Though of course, the Heroquests were less than stellar, due to people temporarily bumping up pledges to hit the target, then reducing them again afterwards. If the tokens need to be die-cut because of costs, it's disappointing, but understandable. But it was plastic tokens that were added to the stretch goal as incentive.

    35. Sargoth on March 1

      No, I'm not going to try to go back through almost 8 thousand comments to find the specific moment we crossed the threshold, but it was a work day for me, and we went over before I left the house.

    36. Luke Murthwaite (Ginger Bear) on March 1

      @Shaun yep that's where the question lies, no doubt that the goal was hit, but the question is before or after 8. Looking back at the comments there is some confusion as we may have passed 5-10 minutes before 8, but through idiots artificially inflating their pledge and then reducing it straight after; the total fell again very soon after...

    37. Missing avatar

      Shawn Kehoe on March 1

      Adding the math up again, it looks like it hit $505k on September 13th. Please disregard the last comment. :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Shawn Kehoe on March 1

      Update #38 (September 11th) listed plastic spawn tokens as a timed stretch goal along with Leviathan if $505,000 was hit by 8 AM CST on September 12th. Based on Kicktraq, it looks like the project did indeed pass $505k on September 12th, but I can't tell from that resolution whether it was before 8 AM CST.

    39. Luke Murthwaite (Ginger Bear) on February 28

      @Oracle, not really because they were originally card tokens and that is how they looked in the graphic... the timed stretch was for plastic versions, which wasn't actually confirmed anywhere ;) Anyway James has the definitive answer below...

    40. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on February 27

      Ok so I have this straight now we hit the Leviathan and Mother of Monster spawn tokens. These tokens will be a die cut. The was talk about a plastic token for the Mother of Monster Spawn tokens but that would have been another stretch goal and we did not make that. I hope this helps.

    41. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on February 27

      Hey guys I will get this cleared up I see what you mean under stretch goals it list Leviathan and mother of Monster Spawn Tokens.

    42. Oracle on February 27

      @Luke Murthwaite: If you look at the Campaign description and scroll down far enough, then you will find a list of the (unlocked) Stretch Goals. The fourth last reads:

      Add Leviathan and
      Mother of Monsters Spawn Tokens UNLOCKED

      So that's an obvious: we did it.

    43. Luke Murthwaite (Ginger Bear) on February 27

      @Micheal can you point to exactly where it was announced please? I spent an hour looking through the comments and updates and don't find any confirmation that we hit the goal, only other backers pointing out that we had hit it with 10 minutes to go...

    44. Sargoth on February 26

      Oh we hit it. It was announced. Starting to get frustrated. First bonus stretch goal at the end of the campaign was mostly a smoke and mirrors job. Then delivery estimate got pushed from August to October/November. Now we're being told we didn't hit another bonus goal that we were previously told we did.

    45. Luke Murthwaite (Ginger Bear) on February 25

      Looking back at the comments everyone at the time seemed to think we hit the goal with 5-10 minutes to go, but nothing was ever confirmed. However pledges did start to drop again soon after :(

    46. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on February 25

      @James: We did. They're in the unlocked stretch goals alongside Leviathan (the corresponding update mentioned they were plastic).

    47. Luke Murthwaite (Ginger Bear) on February 25

      I thought we did hit the mother of monsters plastic tokens, but I also seem to remember it being because if arseholes artificially inflating their pledges and then dropping them down afterwards... as was the issue with a lot of the stretch goals in this campaign... which is a real pity :(

    48. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on February 24

      1 I check with Arthur and He said he did not believe we hit the Mother of monster plastic tokens.
      2 PDFs are included and will be added just as if you where a KS backer
      3 If you meet the requirements for the Arachne Solara they will be added on all at one time at the end of the PM.

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