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An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
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Final Video + Alternate Dice Pack

Posted by Arthur Petersen (Collaborator)



Alternate Dice Pack


This is NOT a new product, but an alternate version. When you add-on the Dice Pack in the Pledge Manager (after the campaign), you'll have the choice of the original blue "hero" colors, or the new red "demon" colors. If you buy two sets, you can get both colors, of course. Since the dice pack is already a good price, and this is an option, not a new product, this alternate version is NOT automatically included in the Hellhound or Lord pledge levels. Just one set of dice is. If you want the other color, you'd have to add it as an add-on.

Help us get Cthulhu and...something else...

The Hellhound is already an EXTREME discount - we are offering you EVERYTHING in the product line up for Planet Apocalypse at a more than 50% discount off of MSRP. That's the price we offer it to retailers (which is why, by the way WE ARE NOT offering anything on this Kickstarter directly to retailers. They will be able to pre-order it, but only by going through our normal channels of contacting James, our sales manager (at James at petersengames dot com) and making a normal preorder at the normal retailer prices of around 50% off.

So, know that you're getting AN AMAZING deal with the Hellhound! 

 - Arthur

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    1. T.R. on

      Great price indeed, but I really would prefer a higher price and more original dice. Either way, is there a point to the different colours except to not mix the different type of dice?

    2. Philip Alexander Dale on

      @Colin Berney
      You get to pick which colour you want to get for Hellhound. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Colin Berney

      I'm confused. Blue dice come with core game. Can we pick the dice colour of the set we get for the hellhound pledge level? Or are we getting two blue sets and need the add on to get the red? (60 dice seems like more than enough.)

    4. Danny Shafer

      @Foxwhisperer - Starship Troopers reference?

    5. Foxwhisperer on

      Alt dice set added. I'm doing my part!
      Are you doing yours?
      Do you want to know more?

    6. Ray Petersen on

      And something else? Can you give us a hint???

    7. Brandon Stoltz on

      I think I will get a set of those extra dice too. What's another 9 when I'm already at Hellhound level?

    8. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      I doubt it. While it's true the colors match, the numbers also match, and you'll get used to them pretty quick, which is which, by the shape (and any role-players on here won't need any colors to help at all!).
      Also, the idea would be that you use the blue dice (and their token counterparts) for the heroes, and the red dice for the demons

    9. Missing avatar


      Won't the alternate set be hard to use since the die upgrade tokens won't match the color anymore?

    10. Philip Alexander Dale on

      Just added more dice! <3