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An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
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Purgatory Map

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

The Story So Far...

Well, links to it. Click the links below to see the story/maps in order so far in case you missed any:








Now that the heroes have thwarted the demons at almost every point, hell, undefeated, and undeterred, makes the climb to assault heaven. (The second time, for those who accept Christian eschatology.)


How This Map Works

This is a lord fest. The map has six sections. One is Earth, and the demons don’t go there at all. They are bypassing Earth on their way to the sky. The other part of the map has paradise, three tiers of purgatory, and then hell itself. Each level, except purgatory and Earth, has a Lord. This is a lesser Lord for all tiers except Hell. As you may recall, Lesser Lords have 1/3 normal hit points, but otherwise are fully-functional. The invasion tokens are spawned in hell, and march upwards through the tiers till they reach purgatory. When they exit purgatory, doom is scored. (Presumably they are attacking heaven’s gates, but who knows really?)

You can move from Earth to any of the levels (except Hell – you can only attack Hell once all the lesser lords are killed). Thus, you can bounce around between levels, going to Hell Time after Hell time. One interesting feature of this map is that at game start, the demons are ONLY in Hell Time areas. You have to attack a Lord if you attack at all. Of course once demons have moved into Paradise, or you’ve killed a Lord or two some non-Hell Time spaces open up for you to score courage. But it is quite an experience.

How to Defeat the Purgatory map

It’s pretty straightforward. Figure out which of the lesser Lords you want to take on first, then hit it again and again till it’s dead. Meanwhile, don’t let the demons get away from Paradise.

Eventually you will have cleared out the three lesser Lords and, as with the Vatican map, you have to take on the final Lord in the late game. But it’s pretty cool to actually be in an area officially labeled “Hell”.

 - Sandy

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    1. Philip Alexander Dale on

      Also also, what in Limbo is that "thing" coming up from Hell? Is that supposed to be Satan?!?O_o

    2. Philip Alexander Dale on

      Also, Lords don't move on this map, right? Just the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Circle Demons?

    3. Philip Alexander Dale on

      @Lilin Yeah, the cosmology of the Divine Comedy is etched into my brain. l.o.l.
      But then again, I look up a ton of stuff on theology on Wikipedia in my spare time. :P

      @Bryan Yeah, I agree that maybe it makes sense to have Earth border all the regions, but it shouldn't border Hell in my opinion, since the players should work to reach the big Lord. (Also, in Dante's scheme, souls from Earth must pass through Limbo to reach Hell.)

    4. Philip Alexander Dale on

      Well, you'll need to look at Dante's Purgatory too! ;)

    5. Lawrence on

      Thanks for the clarification, it's been too long since I read Dante's Inferno.
      I'll take a look in the book. :)

    6. Lilin

      @Bryan Good point!

      @Philip Agree with the interpretation, the position of the various purgatory/limbo/hell areas makes sense that way

      @Danny Lol :D

    7. Missing avatar


      I have a suggestion:
      In all the other maps, movement is to adjacent areas. In the Purgatory map, you can move from Earth to any level (Hell being off-limits until the other Lords are gone), but in the map Earth is not shown as being adjacent to Limbo or Hell. This makes the map slightly counter-intuitive and potentially confusing.

      So I suggest we stretch the oval for Earth so it juts down into Limbo, and touches Hell as well.

      Ideally, the green terrain could be added over the larger oval, but even without that it would be better to show adjacency where movement is possible, as in the other maps.

    8. Philip Alexander Dale on

      Tl;dr: Hell < Limbo < Purgatory < Heaven, in Dante's view, which is why the placement of the zones are the way they are in the map.

    9. Philip Alexander Dale on

      @Lawrence You'd think so, but Dante actually has Limbo as being closer to Hell. The Venial sins and Mortal sins regions of Purgatory are not actually bad places to be; it's just that those are the areas of Purgatory in which people work on becoming purified of those sins; PetersenGames's placement of them on the map makes sense when considering Dante's perspective.

    10. Philip Alexander Dale on

      @Danny Shafer
      I'm not Catholic, but this is DEFINITELY not the place for a religious debate. (Not to mention atheists would make the argument about heaven and hell are "inventions" too. :p )

      For the sake of clarification, there ARE analogues to Purgatory in other Abrahamic faiths, but it is not called "Purgatory" in those religions, which makes sense; even the words "Heaven" and "Hell" are from the English language; in Latin the analogous words are "Paradīsus" (Paradise) and "Infernus" (Inferno), and the words for them in Semitic are different still.

    11. Danny Shafer

      Purgatory is a Catholic invention. There is no such place.

    12. Lawrence on

      I still was not awake enough... :D
      Limbo should imho be next to paradise, then venial sins, then mortal sins.
      I mistook paradise and hell... Easy mistake to make, right? :)

    13. Missing avatar


      Sleet's point is that the whole map is Purgatory, and each part of the map gets a Lord, except Paradise and Earth, but the text above mistakenly says "except purgatory and Earth".

    14. Philip Alexander Dale on

      @Lawrence No, because Venial sins are less severe than Mortal sins. So people dealing with Venial sins are closer to the Purgatory Paradise area.

      F.y.i., Heaven is represented too. It's where the Demons are headed once they leave the map, which is why the players should try to hold the line at Purgatory.

    15. Lawrence on

      I was not really awake, this morning.
      What I meant was: shouldn't venial and mortal sins be swapped around on the board?

    16. Lawrence on

      I think purgatory should be above the two sin zones. Seems more logical.

    17. Philip Alexander Dale on

      @Sleet The top level of Purgatory (or lower Heaven according to some Jews and Muslims) according to some Christians is an earthly paradise and sometimes equated with the garden of Eden. This is the case in 'Dante's Purgatorio', for example. So top level of Purgatory, while not as good as Heaven, is pretty sweet and what Earth could be if it were all good.

    18. Missing avatar


      "Each level, except purgatory and Earth, has a Lord." I'm guessing you meant Paradise and Earth?