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An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
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Dragon Back Map + Full Playthrough

Posted by Arthur Petersen (Collaborator)

The Hell Dragon's Back Map

From the moon, our heroes can look back at earth, and see, to their horror, a huge monster crawling along the surface, leaving a miles-wide swatch of destruction.

In the middle of the Thing’s back is a structure, like a giant temple of evil. The heroes leap into the moonbase’s railgun and fire themselves off to attack the Thing – which is of course the Hell Dragon. When the heroes occupy the Cathedral on its back, the demons react and send forces to re-conquer it.

Watch the Full Playthrough:


How This Map Works

Of course the map is the dragon’s back. In the middle of it is the Cathedral, and there are two enemy Lords – one is at the Head, the other at the end of the Tail. The Lord at the Tail is a “Lesser Lord”, and as such has only 1/3 as many hit points (round fractions up). You’ll see Lesser Lords on some other, later, maps, too.

On the Dragon Back, the lesser lord emits invasion tokens, but these only resolve into larvae (limbo minions). Thus, if you roll the despair dice, and score what would normally be, say 2 Grylluses, a Fiend, and 3 Larvae, you only get the 3 Larvae. So it’s a much weaker invasion token than those coming from the Head (which are full-strength, along with that lord).

On this map, demons don’t exit. Instead when they get to the Cathedral, they just stop moving and sit there. They also score doom each Enemy phase, which is of course bad. (Doom is scored just before the demons move.) So since the demons accumulate, and can keep scoring turn after turn you cannot ignore them at all, and have to keep trimming them back.

The other challenge on this map is that AFTER you kill the Lesser Lord (nearly always better to get that one first), you still have to reverse directions and head back to the Great Lord. Meanwhile you’re down at the tip of the tail failing to stop the greater Lord’s minions from pouring into your Cathedral.


How to Defeat the Dragon Back

Put a really strong ambush in the Cathedral, and maybe in the next area towards the great Lord. Work up to try to kill the Lesser Lord (most of the time – occasionally it’s better to set up ambushes vs. the lesser lord & go after the greater). Once he’s dead, your back is protected and you can march your way to the great Lord, as though it was simply a slightly-accelerated Invasion Map.

 - Sandy

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    1. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      They are on mounted greyboard. Most of the maps come in two parts, and each part is additionally folded, whether quarter cut or sixth cut or whatever. Each one is unique in how it is made, actually.

    2. Chase Creation on

      Danny my guess is that they come in two pieces, and also fold along each white dividing line. So two pieces with two folds each. I am interested to know for sure though!

    3. Danny Shafer

      These maps look huge. Are they going to be in sections and mounted on cardboard or neoprene or what? Just curious.