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$25,099 pledged of $300,000 goal
$25,099 pledged of $300,000 goal

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Cthulhu Boardgame Coming!

Thank you so much to all of our backers for supporting our Kick starter. Even though we fell short of our goal, this wasn't a failure.
After hearing the abundance of feedback from our backers and fans, we learned that an IOS game isn't the way to go.
We still very much want to create a great game for the fans...
So we are introducing a new Kick starter in the near future for an all-new original Cthulhu board game!

We want to keep the core idea of Cthulhu World Combat, but translate it into a strategic board game.
The game is themed on the topic of the Great Old Ones warring over Earth.
The map is of Earth, divided into regions (kind of like Risk, except with larger zones - Africa is only 2 areas, for instance).
Right now there are four factions - Cthulhu, the Yellow Sign, the Crawling Chaos, and the Black Goat.
Each faction has around 20 little plastic figures, in 5 different shapes. For instance, the Black Goat faction has cultists, ghouls, fungi from Yuggoth, dark young, and Shub-Niggurath for its units.

We're currently working on the art, going through more vigorous play testing, and are getting close to a final prototype.
We have big plans for this game and really want to make something the fans of H.P Lovecraft, and strategy games are going to be excited about.

We hope to see your support again for the board game.
Follow us at CthulhuWorldCombat.com for upcoming news on the board game!

Sandy Petersen and the Team!

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Special Shirt Add-On!!!

We are excited to announce a Cthulhu World Combat T-Shirt Add-On! There are multiple shirts to choose from, including an original "Cthulhu-Tarian" just in time for the election! You can choose one shirt, just add $20 to your donation! The full list of characters will include at least one from each faction!

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CTHULHU WORLD COMBAT: A peek at gameplay, part 1

When your turn begins, you see the world map, with small icons showing the location of your creatures, cultists, and gates. You can zoom into any part of the map (using the classic “pinch” mechanic of iOS games, or, if playing on a computer with a mouse, using the left-click). Right-click (or just touch) a unit to select it.

A selected unit shows its stats, remaining health, special powers, etc. on display on the right side of the screen. In addition, all map tiles the unit can move to are highlighted, so you can see exactly where it can reach. To move the unit, just select the tile you want. If you don’t move it the full distance, any remaining distance is still highlighted. You can move a unit partially, then select and move a different unit, then return to the former one.

To attack an enemy unit, you simply move your unit on top of him. There is currently no “ranged” combat in CWC. Your unit stops in the square next to the enemy, and there is a fight animation. You see the hits appear on each unit in turn as they score damage, and soon one unit dies. The tougher a unit is, the longer the fight animation, but even the longest fight won’t take more than a second or two tops. One unit always dies in every fight in CWC, so combat is intense. The survivor is often damaged, of course. You can sometimes take out a really tough enemy unit by throwing suicide waves of weak, but cheap, monsters at it. Your monsters die, but the enemy keeps taking hits until finally you bring it down. This is a tactic often used by the Yellow Sign faction, which has a preponderance of crappy, but inexpensive, monsters.

The Fans Have Spoken!

We've heard from many fans out there. You asked us, " Why aren't you doing this game for Android? I don't own any iOS devices?"

Actually our plan is to do an android and Kindle version as soon as possible. In looking over the kickstarter page we created, I see we blundered in not saying when it would happen. The plan is for us to do one right away if we reach the stretch goal. If the kickstarter campaign succeeds, but we do NOT reach any stretch goals, then we STILL plan to do an android version, but it will be delayed by a month. Or two.

Character Art

Hello fans! Thanks for the support thus far! We wanted to give you guys a closer look at some of the characters in the game. Many more updates to come!

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