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Cthulhu Wars's video poster

Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 7, 2013.

Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.

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News From PAX East

Hey fellow cultists - today Petersen Games announces are our next major game in partnership with the infamous Robot Entertainment! Orcs Must Die : The Board Game takes the tower defense game style and brings it to Kickstarter with terrific figures and game pieces (all 28mm scale, just like Cthulhu Wars). 

We've been working on this prize project for several months now, cooperating with the brilliant minds of Robot Entertainment, and the game is far along. We'll have more exciting news (and pictures!) as we get closer to launching. Our current speculative launch date is about a month away. 

Game Informer got a chance to talk with Sandy about the project. Read about it here.

At Petersen Games we are dedicated to fulfilling our promises. Check for exciting news on both Cthulhu Wars and Theomachy in the coming weeks.

PAX Announcement


Update on Production

We hope that most of you are by now engrossed in playing Cthulhu Wars! The expansions are in production, and we will continue to update you on our headway. We are keeping that process as efficient and fast-moving as possible, and are taking no decisions that might slow it down. In fact, Arthur is making another trip to China in a couple of weeks to check on progress, and he'll supply more specific updates and pictures from the factory.

PAX Announcement

Petersen Games will be at PAX East in Boston this weekend.  If you are there, feel free to stop by and speak with Lincoln.  

We made a promise to get Cthulhu Wars and the expansions into your hands and to not let any future projects prevent that from happening and we will continue to keep that promise.  

More news will be coming very soon.  

Check out our Zoogs!

We are getting proofs back and working with our manufacturing partners on the expansion figures currently.  Below is one of the Zoog proofs.  

Electic Zoogaloo
Electic Zoogaloo

Short & Sweet Update


Good news for ANZACs

Australia and New Zealand will be completely shipped out and on its way over the next few days (we are told 2 days, but reserve judgment, based on past experience). The cargo has been released from customs and is at the facility now. From here it enters into the postal system and should not take long. 

Lovecraft's Ladies

On Indiegogo right now is the illustrated horror fiction project “Dreams From the Witch-House: Women of Lovecraft”. Check it out. here 

We are supporting them with gift certificates for Petersen Game products, for what it’s worth.

Save That Date - April 4th

If you are planning to be anywhere near Dallas, Texas on Saturday, April 4th, drop by Roll2Play in Coppell to attend the Cthulhu Wars release party! Free food, free fun, and lots of great games. Remember your proof-of-purchase token! We have backers flying in from as far away as France & Germany. 

We'll be showing off Gods War, Theomachy, and ALL the expansions of Cthulhu Wars, so come and check everything out, plus hang with the team. 

Theomachy Almost Done

We are in the last few days of Theomachy - if you haven't decided whether to back it yet, check it out for yourself here

Cthulhu Mythos entities as they appear in Theomachy
Cthulhu Mythos entities as they appear in Theomachy

Release Party! (And more)


We are holding the official release party on April 4th, 2015, in Roll2Play, a fine gaming store in Coppell, Texas. The party is from 11 am to 5 pm, and everyone is welcome, not just backers! The Roll2Play website is, unsurprisingly, and their address is 

150 S. Denton Tap Road Suite 114 

Coppell, TX 75019 

We'll have Cthulhu Wars, plus prototypes of the expansions and upcoming games. Bring the Proof-of-Purchase token from your copy of Cthulhu Wars – show it to us and it’s good for a free smoothie! And free food! Meet the team! Get your game signed by Sandy Petersen, or Richard Luong, or Rob Atkins, or all three. Get the dirt on upcoming projects. Play the expansions and the new games (including Theomachy, Gods War, and more). Or just have fun and hang out eating chicken wings and spring rolls and sucking on your fruit smoothie! 

Rest of World has been sent! 

 Finally, all the packages are on their way. Whew! We are excited to move on from to the next stage of Cthulhu War’s development. If any backer has trouble with a shipment, please contact our help cultist at Many backers have been messaging me directly using Kickstarter. Usually all I do is forward the message to so you actually get faster service by skipping me. 

If you are in the Americas, you have probably gotten your package. Maybe 2-3% are still in the pipeline so don’t despair if you're one of the select few still waiting. It's a-coming!

The majority of European backers have now gotten their games, though there is still about 10% who have not. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, you will get your packages without tracking numbers, for which we apologize. They will still get there. 


In parallel news, the Theomachy Kickstarter campaign is still going strong – we just opened up the new Cosmic Pledge, which includes all add-ons, including the new Aztec pantheon. We hope to hit our next stretch goal by the end of the week, which will add (free of cost) the Nightmare pantheon of Lovecraft gods. 

 New Sandy Petersen Interview 

Tom Grant interviewed me recently – here are links to it:

Where is your stuff? Find out!


Western Hemisphere

Most games have been delivered. A few backers still don’t have them, but they are on the way. A few people have reported getting their games without receiving a tracking number. We’re not sure how that happened (spam filters?), but the important thing is that the games came through!


As of the moment I am writing this update, 63% of the European games are in transit. 23% have been delivered. 13% are awaiting a courier to pick them up, and 1% are waiting for a customer pick up. We are excited to see the rest of them reach your hands.


The Australia ship is on the water, heading for port.

Rest of World

Because of the small number of the Rest of World packages, we chose to have Panda (our manufacturer) directly send out the games, rather than use a fulfillment house. This decision cost us more money, but we chose it because as a simpler logistics process, we thought it would get the games to you more quickly.

Panda proved slower than we expected in handling this task, in part because they are super-busy with other tasks trying to get everything finished before the encroaching Chinese New Year. Therefore, Petersen Games is sending a fulfillment specialist from Hong Kong to the Panda factory to help them label and ship the packages in time. He will be there tomorrow (Wednesday the 10th). 

We are sorry for the delay, but it was not done to save us money, and we have been pro-active trying to find a solution. 


Our Theomachy campaign has achieved a new stretch goal, which unlocks the Aztec pantheon, and also opens up a new Cosmic pack which lets players buy all the add-ons for a discounted price (kind of like De Vermiis Mysteriis). Check it out here!

A sample card from Theomachy!
A sample card from Theomachy!