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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Created by

Sandy Petersen

4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

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Good News All Around



Our new factory says that they are still ahead of schedule in producing the rest of your Cthulhu Wars add-ons and expansions, which is good news for us all. Everything is being shipped with a new fulfillment house, and the expansions are going to be packaged with plenty of padding. 

Party time!  

Cthulhu Wars has by now been released to store shelves and so it’s time for our official release party. We want to invite you to celebrate with us.  

When? Saturday, April 4th, 2015, 11 am to 5 pm 

 Where? Roll2play, 150 S Denton Tap Rd #114, Coppell, TX 75019; (972) 462-7788 

 What? Games, fun, and food! 

 Bring your Cthulhu Wars Proof-of-Purchase token to get a free smoothie! We’ll be showing off ALL the Cthulhu Wars expansions, the Gods War prototypes & expansion, the Orcs Must Die prototype, Theomachy and another project yet-to-be-announced! Check out the games, or just hang out with the team! 

Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame

 This is our next big project and we launch our Kickstarter campaign today! Petersen Games and Robot Entertainment are not only good friends, but have close personal ties (the folks at Robot did much of the playtesting feedback for Cthulhu Wars, for instance). Now we are working together to build a premier tabletop game! 

Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame: ORDER Edition
Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame: ORDER Edition

Orcs Must Die! the Boardgame dares you to preserve your stronghold sieged by orcs. You get traps & weapons galore, and can team up with friends to obliterate the nasty orcs and their grotesque allies. Orcs Must Die! the Boardgame contains dozens of great miniatures, including heroes, orcs, kobolds, gnolls, trolls, ogres, and more. Build an exciting fortress then watch as enemy armies bash through your defenses. 

Orcs Must Die! the Boardgame actually consists of TWO separate games! One game is based on the heroic Order, in which you play heroes such as the War Mage or the Sorceress, fending off a terrifying orc onslaught. In the Unchained version of the game, you play monstrous heroes, such as Bloodspike the brutal, and face down the assaults of human warriors, their allies and trained beasts (lions, elves, bears, dwarfs, etc.) If you own both the Order and Unchained editions, you can go head-to-head, leading your armies into the citadel of your enemy! Up to 8 players can team up against each other in the combined game! 

Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame: UNCHAINED Edition
Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame: UNCHAINED Edition

 Enjoy co-operative or competitive action, fun monsters and unique heroes. Our new Kickstarter campaign has plenty of great stretch goals and additional bonuses planned, including free digital perks usable in Robot Entertainment’s online games.

 Glorantha: THE GODS WAR 

We hope to launch The Gods War campaign early this fall, after we have finished fulfillment of the Cthulhu Wars backer pledges. With The Gods War project, Sandy Petersen moves into the realm of myth! Today, many games feature fantasy topics – but most simply feature the same generic elves, orcs, dragons, and so forth, struggling for dominance. In The Gods War the Gods themselves are battling as they face the end – or the birth - of the universe! 

The Mad God! From Glorantha: The Gods War
The Mad God! From Glorantha: The Gods War

 The Gods War is a competitive strategy game in which 2 to 5 players call minions, heroes, and gods to battle. You’ll build shrines, temples, and ziggurats, and acquire cosmic gifts. You’ll earn magic runes, seek to destroy your enemies, and conquer your enemy’s bases. Each faction has its own unique set of beings, runes, and its own Greater God(s). For example, the Darkness faction features trolls, the Mistress, shades, and the Hellmother; while the Sky faction has archers, the Emperor, star captains, and the Sun God. The game has a world-shattering “mythic” feel to it, rather than that of a “fantasy adventure”. 

The Gods War is based on the vigorous realm of Glorantha, which is the basis for tabletop, roleplaying, and even digital games, as well as many works of fiction. Its depth and scope has been recognized by aficionados of both literature and gaming, and now it comes to you in all its astounding power. Fear not – no knowledge of Glorantha is needed to enjoy the game! (But if you are already a fan, it’s here at last!) The game uses many of the same elements as Cthulhu Wars – it boasts a Power track, for instance. But it is not simply a fantasy-based version of the other game - the differences are many. You can befriend or bribe your rivals, for example, and the gameboard itself changes, as the universe draws closer to annihilation. The game includes Hell and the Sky as playable areas, so you can act in realms beyond mortal ken. 

Our playtesters tell us that Cthulhu Wars and Gods War feel very different. One person stated, “Cthulhu Wars is a knife-fight in a back alley. Gods War is more like an elegant formal duel – both are bloodthirsty but they neither look nor feel the same.” As with Cthulhu Wars the empires are wildly asymmetric, and every player has different strategic and tactical choices. You develop your empire during the course of play, as Runes and Heroquests accumulate to add new options. 

A Phoenix, from Glorantha: The Gods War
A Phoenix, from Glorantha: The Gods War

As you’d expect from Petersen Games, Gods War includes a fantastic assortment of amazing miniature figures, many of huge size – as large as or even larger than those in Cthulhu Wars! For Glorantha fans this is a special treat, as we are producing some figures that have been impossible to acquire in the past, such as the Mad God, the Crimson Bat, and even Genert the Earth Titan.    

Cthulhu Wars hits the non-Cultist world!


If you have friends who have not yet gotten a copy of Cthulhu Wars, good news for them! It gets released onto store shelves Friday, March 27th. That’s tomorrow!

If you have friends who are still looking for a special deal on Cthulhu Wars, it is still possible to get in on our Theomachy kickstarter campaign at the Prophet level, which gives you a copy of Cthulhu Wars, plus two different Theomachy games for $200 plus shipping. To get this deal, click on the link at the top of the Story. We are shutting down the Prophet pledge level as of Monday, March 30th, so your friends will have to seize the moment. 

Orcs MUST Die!

This Monday, March 30th, we launch our new Kickstarter campaign for Orcs Must Die – the boardgame. You can check out a little about it here ahead of time. We are excited for it, and we think you may like it too.

Please be assured that nothing about the Orcs Must Die project is going to interfere with the projected release of the Cthulhu Wars add-ons and expansions this summer. 

Sandy Petersen's next project
Sandy Petersen's next project

Remember the date - April 4th!

Finally, if you are going to be anywhere near the Dallas Texas area on April 4th, consider dropping by the Roll2play store between 11am and 5pm for the Cthulhu Wars release party! We’ll have copies of ALL the expansions of Cthulhu Wars available to play, among other things. Meet Petersen Games! Food! Drinks! Fun! Bring your proof-of-purchase token for a free smoothie!

News From PAX East

Hey fellow cultists - today Petersen Games announces are our next major game in partnership with the infamous Robot Entertainment! Orcs Must Die : The Board Game takes the tower defense game style and brings it to Kickstarter with terrific figures and game pieces (all 28mm scale, just like Cthulhu Wars). 

We've been working on this prize project for several months now, cooperating with the brilliant minds of Robot Entertainment, and the game is far along. We'll have more exciting news (and pictures!) as we get closer to launching. Our current speculative launch date is about a month away. 

Game Informer got a chance to talk with Sandy about the project. Read about it here.

At Petersen Games we are dedicated to fulfilling our promises. Check for exciting news on both Cthulhu Wars and Theomachy in the coming weeks.

PAX Announcement


Update on Production

We hope that most of you are by now engrossed in playing Cthulhu Wars! The expansions are in production, and we will continue to update you on our headway. We are keeping that process as efficient and fast-moving as possible, and are taking no decisions that might slow it down. In fact, Arthur is making another trip to China in a couple of weeks to check on progress, and he'll supply more specific updates and pictures from the factory.

PAX Announcement

Petersen Games will be at PAX East in Boston this weekend.  If you are there, feel free to stop by and speak with Lincoln.  

We made a promise to get Cthulhu Wars and the expansions into your hands and to not let any future projects prevent that from happening and we will continue to keep that promise.  

More news will be coming very soon.  

Check out our Zoogs!

We are getting proofs back and working with our manufacturing partners on the expansion figures currently.  Below is one of the Zoog proofs.  

Electic Zoogaloo
Electic Zoogaloo

Short & Sweet Update


Good news for ANZACs

Australia and New Zealand will be completely shipped out and on its way over the next few days (we are told 2 days, but reserve judgment, based on past experience). The cargo has been released from customs and is at the facility now. From here it enters into the postal system and should not take long. 

Lovecraft's Ladies

On Indiegogo right now is the illustrated horror fiction project “Dreams From the Witch-House: Women of Lovecraft”. Check it out. here 

We are supporting them with gift certificates for Petersen Game products, for what it’s worth.

Save That Date - April 4th

If you are planning to be anywhere near Dallas, Texas on Saturday, April 4th, drop by Roll2Play in Coppell to attend the Cthulhu Wars release party! Free food, free fun, and lots of great games. Remember your proof-of-purchase token! We have backers flying in from as far away as France & Germany. 

We'll be showing off Gods War, Theomachy, and ALL the expansions of Cthulhu Wars, so come and check everything out, plus hang with the team. 

Theomachy Almost Done

We are in the last few days of Theomachy - if you haven't decided whether to back it yet, check it out for yourself here

Cthulhu Mythos entities as they appear in Theomachy
Cthulhu Mythos entities as they appear in Theomachy