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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
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Convention news, Godswar, lots of miscellany

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

First off, the game is still in full production and we are happy to report that in the next update we hope to give hard delivery dates. 

 Next, Sandy is back from Germany and GenCon. One of the activities at the German convention (the Kraken – look it up at was that people took a stab at painting the plastic Cthulhu Wars figures. Most of the painters were inexperienced, and none were professionals. The best of the lot was the multi-talented Grigory Privat, who hasn’t painted a figure in 2 years! Check out their work below. 

A game of Cthulhu Wars using production (painted) figs
A game of Cthulhu Wars using production (painted) figs

 Some caveats – people were asked NOT to paint the bases, so it would be easier to tell which figures belonged to which faction. Some obeyed this rule – others didn’t. The unpainted bases look kind of whitish, because they are primed – you are basically seeing none of the underlying plastic color in these figures. 

As most of you are now aware, we announced our new game, The Gods War, at GenCon, and even played some demo games of it there. Now that the final manufacturing and assembly of Cthulhu Wars is under way, we are spending our design time on Gods War. However, we want to make it clear that we are not going to kickstart ANYTHING else until Cthulhu Wars actually ships. 

Two guys came by our booth at GenCon having never heard of Cthulhu Wars, but simply amazed at the minis. They tried out the game (only for half an hour, since it was nearly closing time), and were so enthusiastic they wanted to "preview review" the game on their Youtube channel where they discuss and review games. So here is their preview impression of Cthulhu Wars for the curious.

 In October, Sandy Petersen will be at the Lucca Comics and Games convention in Italy. One of the events he is participating in is announced here:

A (bad) translation of it in English follows: "Together they have raised over $3 million on Kickstarter. Both thrilled us with two large boardgame. Now Sandy Petersen and David Preti return to Lucca, where we will explain the ins and outs of Cthulhu Wars and Zombicide, their extraordinary exploits on the crowdfunding platform. Sandy Petersen was Game Designer Guest of Honor 2012 and developed the role-playing game inspired by the popular universe created by Lovecraft. The Italian David Preti, founder of Guillotine Games, last year saw Zombicide go out in the first 12 hours of Lucca Comics & Games. Meet the authors, we will enter behind the scenes of two great games, united not only by the success crowd on the platform, but also from the horror theme and the large amount of custom thumbnails. Petersen and Preti are also the protagonists of the Prototype Review Corner, to give you all the tips you need to follow in their footsteps." 

Also, here's some happy, but small, news. The original Kickstarter map bundle did not include the 6-8 player map (which had not yet been created), but the bundle as sold on the website does. Now, anyone who chose the map bundle as a Kickstarter backer will get the 6-8 Player map for no additional cost. About 70 diligent backers got both – if you are one of them, and you DON’T want two separate 6-8 player maps, please create a support ticket in the pledge manager, and we will fix this. (You can either just get a refund on the “extra” map or you can apply the money to something else.) 

Finally – numerous fans on BoardGameGeek are using a Play By Forum system to go turn-by-turn through Cthulhu Wars. So far three games have already been finished, and four more games are up and running. No employees of Petersen Entertainment are involved in any of this, except to answer occasional rules questions. Check them out here:

Our facebook page has been switched over to a shortened URL. We now are at

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    1. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      Alderman jack is correct. Read Sandy's post below.

    2. Alderman Jack on

      As I understand it, the map BUNDLE now includes the 6-8 map, so backers who pledged for the bundle AND the 6-8 map have paid twice for the 6-8 map.
      The DVM pledge included the 6-8 map from the start, so no changes there.

    3. Daniel

      I too am curious if anything will be 'done' regarding the extra map and DVM pledge levels. Do we need to contact support by default as a DVM pledger, or are the DVM pledges not covered by the update or something completely third?

      One confused DVM backer now.

    4. Jedit on

      The BoardGameCloset guys say shipping in three weeks from date. That's next Wednesday, I think. Surely the stars can't be that close to aligning without an update?

    5. Ashton Green

      They contain the map which is now being added to other kickstarter backers for free, which was why I was asking if anything different was happening in that case. Mostly out of curiosity, rather than any expectation, as the DVM is already a great bundle.

    6. Beast on

      Some fun looking paint in that pic.

    7. MadMoses on

      Thanks, Arthur!

      Pledge manager curently says: "Sorry, this isn't available right now. Please check back later."

    8. C on

      One of the arguments by retailers against KS is that all the "alpha gamers" purchase these games through KS, not through retailers. Happy to see at least two "alpha gamers" this argument is incorrect for!

    9. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      You can also always email:
      Link usually gets back within one business day.

    10. MadMoses on

      When you direct us to the pledge manager, please give us a link so that we don't have to search for it, thanks!

    11. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      Each DVM contains one 6-8 player map.

    12. Ashton Green

      De Vermiis Mysteriis packs contain that extra map, according to the kickstarter pledge thingie. Anything specific happening in those cases?

    13. Virgule on

      then again, nvm, I did not pick up the map bundle either

    14. Virgule on

      Dagnabit, I wanted the map but decided to limit the costs :(