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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Convention season is here!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

GenCon starts Thursday August 14th, and we will be there. Come see our booth (number 501, right next to Chaosium) and enjoy a session of Cthulhu Wars. We will also often have a representative at booth 337, visiting our friends at Moon Design Publications.

For those with access to Europe, next week in Germany is the Kraken – a gaming vacation in Brandenburg. Sandy will be there, with Cthulhu Wars and our new game, and among other events people will be painting up a complete set of the figures. There are still day tickets left for this event. Check it out here.

Our new website launches Thursday morning (yes the same day as GenCon). It is (as I write this, it is only a countdown timer, but wait a couple days!) and will be where we announce the new game. The website is still up, and we continue to accept pre-orders on it.

All our social media is linked on the new petersengames website, so if you are interested in seeing us on Facebook or Twitter or Googleplus or Youtube, etc., it's there.

Now, on to more interesting topics. We have pictures from China! 

The old way China did the box
The old way China did the box

You will note, above, that the box art is split right down the middle. We feared that on some copies, there could be small errors, and we worked out a system whereby the front box art can no longer be compromised. (I know it's mostly just black, but still.) Anyway you can see the kind of page system they were using for the box cover. We are using an experienced firm, but Cthulhu Wars is the biggest game they've done, and it tests their limits. They tell us this is a good thing for them.

The inner box side
The inner box side

Above you can see the side of the bottom half of the box. Two items of special note - the names, which are of course all of YOU guys, printed on the side as promised. I like the way it looks like ancient crabbed text - a sort of diabolic Rosetta stone. Also you can see the famous "notch" in the side. It's purpose? Well, whenever I open a new game, I have to jam my thumb in the side between the map and the box and either hurt my thumb, or bend the box abnormally, or twist the map or something. Either that or turn the box upside down and have everything come cascading out, never to return. With the notch, I can easily stick my finger under the cardboard maps & die-cut sheets and pull them out, without aggravating my hangnail or pulling the box out of shape. Yay.

Extreme close-up of the Starspawn, showing facial detail
Extreme close-up of the Starspawn, showing facial detail


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    1. Justin Gadze on

      @ Mark Llewellyn - thats a cool idea. Id love to see something lie that too.

    2. Michael Condon

      This update is "gross". :P (Get it?)

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley

      New game is Gods' war, a large Glorantha boardgame - as an RQ grognard I will be looking forward to this (but my wallet may not!)

    4. Loig

      any chance we get it delivered before Halloween?....

    5. Mark Llewellyn on

      With regards the box art I must admit I was expecting something along the lines of each of the four main factions represented on each side...... either way its getting closer to being out on my table at home.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley

      Well, I waited up for the timer to go to zero and...nothing! It's currently saying 10 days 70 hours (?) 34 minutes and 09 seconds, pressed f5 and it has gone to 107 days 03:50:29...quoi?

    7. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      Petersen games will definitely be at Essen this year.

    8. Frank Wisnes

      Any plans on coming to Spiel 14 in Essen in October?

    9. Pitpipo Collaborator

      I love minimalist look ! Just need a shipping date to make me happy :)

    10. Bryn Edwards on

      Haha yeah, the box sides are pretty bad. Photos of minis etc should be on the back of the box, I think. Oh well, it's just a box.

    11. Beast on

      I like the box top. In 142 you can see some of the extra detail Sandy mentioned here.

      The sides...well... I like the top.

      If the box is as full as you say after the darkness is set free will it ever be contained again?

      Can I buy a second box to put the rest of my DMV in?

      I do have a few steamer trunks...

    12. Sharkey

      @Sandy Peterson, Oh no! With that bit of info I forsee another kickstarter for Cthulu Wars storage to fit everything the game has to offer into a single container.

    13. Jon Simpson on

      I love the box design and colour and think it's sets the mood perfectly. I'm also curious about the enhancements Sandy mentioned that can't be seen in the photograph. I know the product isn't delivered yet but credit were credit is due I think this has been an amazing Kickstarter and the vision and design that's has gone into this is something that I haven't seen in gaming before. Thank you.

    14. Ape2020 on

      Well personally I think it looks classic and will match up well with my Kingdom Death: Monsters box.

    15. Turk

      Somewhere there is an older chinese gentlemen shaking his head at the madness of the qwei loh..

    16. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      My 2 cents on the box art; the box art appropriately fits with the 'dark times' that is the setting of the game. Thematically, it mates up nicely with Richard's art.
      Sure, I can imagine all sorts of designs like the arcane notebook suggested below, but I do think the UV coating idea and the current art looks great on the assembled boxes shown in the previous update. The art shown flat on the printing proofs looks overwhelmingly dark, and gives a misleading impression of the completed work.

    17. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      Another great update. Thanks Sandy. I'm very pleased that you found an alternative to the art being split down the middle. That was an accident just waiting to happen.
      Talking about manuals again, is there any chance at all of the PDF if the rulebook being rejigged as a single page per PDF page? It really is a pain to peruse in it's current configuration, and even more of a nightmare to try and print. :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      For me, its not the front cover that I'm worried about, its the sides - these will be the most seen from most games shelves I'd say.

      At the moment the art looks to be a photo of a mini with text saying "actual size" - not exactly inspiring IMHO.

    19. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      Well I'm unsurprised tastes differ as to the box. I admit I like the simple design and am a big fan of the current box. But I think even those who don't like it can agree that it will be easy to spot across a crowded game store.

      We have other little tidbits on the box that I think people will really enjoy. One aspect which you can't see in the photos is that the front is NOT just flat black. We have a glossy tentacle-y design in UV coating around the edges and sides. Plus some other surprises (such as a couple spots where the Yellow Sign lurks secretly).

      The box is absolutely packed full. If a player decides to put the expansion manual(s) into the box, the box no longer fully shuts - it's that tight.

    20. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Yeah, love the box myself.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hobbs on

      The flat unassembled box looks a little sparse, but I think when you see the box put together like it is in update 142 it looks good.
      What I'm really looking forward to seeing is the insert and how the contents of the box fit together on the inside.

    22. BlasterCA on

      Yeah, as to the box, it coulda easily been embellished with Richards sketches, a la some maniacal notebook scattered about. Plus pics of painted figures. Even pain some up as idols. A whole box o' confused but beautiful madness type of thing!

      I guess if I ever do up a travel case,something like an old fashioned steamer trunk, I'd aggrandize it with all that goodness. They could eventually make us a custom case that held all the pieces & parts. Hopefully with many months advance notice on the cost. As I'm sure it'd be expensive. Equally sure I'd need forwarning to be able to afford it.

      Could be a big money maker if they did it right.

    23. BlasterCA on

      Love the *notch*. Hate not having one for all the reasons mentioned.
      You guys need to make plans to come to the SF bay areas &/or next year. wouldn't be a bad idea either! 0:-)

    24. Casus Belli

      Count me in as a supporter of the box design. Great work!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason (the original, now decaffeinated) on

      I just want to say thank you for all of your updates over the last several months. The actual production pictures really help ground myself, and I assume many others, in the reality that it is getting done even if it is late.

      I prefer the minimalist box. It will be the most ominous thing on my game shelf.

    26. Jamie Bergman on

      I like the mostly black. It will definitely stand out on my gaming shelves.

    27. Franck Florentin

      As long as the box is sturdy and can hold all the components, I really don't care what it looks like. Only my cats play with the container, while silly hoomans play with the content :).

    28. Cocorickoo on

      Box construction looks great but the art design ? seriously ? make it look like an awesome game, not just a black box with miniatures on it... just think of the boxes in Arkham Horror.

      are we still on schedule for October ?

    29. Missing avatar



      I'm with you. The box is totally uninspired and looks, well, unprofessionally made. It's as if someone - definitely not in the designing business - just picked up the pieces of art already shown in the KS campaign and put one on each side of the box.

      Definitely a missed chance and something that is bound to change on the second print run. I'm wondering, packaging has been discussed since what, February? This is the best design that they could come up with in 6 months...?

    30. Jared Foley

      Love it. like the minimalist box design - classic longevity type of look.

    31. Glaucio Santos dos Reis on

      I guess I'm in the minority here, but I really dislike this "mostly black" box. I think it's very dull and unimpressive. There is too much empty space. I expected something more traditional, with one gorgeous piece of art filling up the whole surface. Also, the title on the side is way too small.

    32. Jon Simpson on

      Excellent work and attention to detail absolutely love the box thank you.

    33. Marek Fedor on

      Good call on the notch. Since game will have a lot of things packed in itthis makes it easier to pull out.
      That's a lot of names :O :D

    34. Michael D'Auben on

      Another good update! The box and art are looking first rate, and the Starspawn looks fantastic! Can't wait till you start shipping our games. :-)

    35. Jon Dennis on

      You call that a FACE? ;-)

    36. Scott Huber on

      The Madness Is One Step Closer!