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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
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Dice! And other alerts

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

At this time, the factory is already moving on from the core game figure molds to the expansion figure molds. The custom dice are finished, and we’ve gotten a sample. I hope 16mm black with red trim works for y’all. The actual game dice (i.e., normal 6-siders) are 12mm black with white pips. If you are getting the 16mm custom dice, I strongly recommend rolling them inside a box top or other enclosed area, because they are large and heavy enough to send figures toppling. The 12mm can be tossed on the map surface without such issues, though if you are one of those pernicious people who always knocks one of their dice off the tabletop, you may want to use a box, too. (We have one tester who as far as I can tell has never yet rolled any battle dice in Cthulhu Wars without dropping one or more on the floor. He’s a plague.)

Two custom dice on my home game table
Two custom dice on my home game table

The factory promises they will have sample copies of Cthulhu Wars for us to show at GenCon, this August. We won’t have enough to sell but at least anyone who drops by can see a complete set. And maybe play a game! We are attending under the name of Petersen Entertainment, at booth 501. This is also Chaosium’s booth – they bought 3 booths this year, and are letting us have one. Thanks, guys!

We are digging for a firm shipping date from the manufacturer, but still don’t have a completely solid one. The company we are using has a reputation of solid workmanship and high quality, so we have gone with excellence over haste for better or worse. I realize the process has already taken a long time, and trust us, we feel it as keenly as you. It is in everyone’s interest to get this game out to you as soon as possible, without sacrificing value.

We are going to announce an upcoming project at GenCon. If you attend GenCon, drop by and take a look! Work on this new game has not affected the production of Cthulhu Wars in any way, and we won’t launch it until after Cthulhu Wars has shipped. 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Just like to add my voice to the (lack of) corners of the dice.

      Harder corners like these have more of a tendency to skid and not roll properly (especially when rolling in confined spaces).

      If I was the designer of these dice, I'd look at rounding the corners off some more.

    2. Pitpipo Collaborator

      Love the dice by the way !

    3. Justin Gadze on

      Dice look neat, I actually like the red/black combination. Happy to hear that quality still takes precedence over a hasty release, it will make the wait much more worthwhile having the miniatures made the best they can be. also, the updates help pass the time, so keep them coming Sandy!

    4. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      They have done Mice & Mystics, Myth, Eclipse, Doom that Came to Atlantic City, and heaps more.

    5. Jon Simpson on

      Dice look good, Quality over haste sounds very welcome. What boardgames/products have the manufacturer done before?

    6. Thom

      The dice are awesome.
      I am glad I pledged for some extra sets of them.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Muc on

      Dice look good. Hope we get the game soon. For those not happy with the red on black it is easy to change. Just use some model paint. Can slop on a bit then carefully dab or wipe off excess. Might need to do twice since a strong red. I planned on making some a metallic green as well as yellow.

    8. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Re dice: Ooh, doesn't Cthulhu look cute in pink? Now how about a drag outfit for the King in Yellow?

    9. Missing avatar


      Sandy, how can the factory move on to the expansion molds? Have they delivered a sample of the core game figures?

      You guys need to be very careful about the quality and details on the figures. Don't suppose that since resin miniatures came out correctly, plastic ones will be the same. Plastic tends to show (or not) details differently. Please make sure the figures are as they should be before moving production to the expansions.

    10. Sharkey

      Thanks for the update! The dice look so nice, and can't wait to hear what this new game is after Cthulu Wars.

    11. Missing avatar


      These updates are always appreciated, thanks!
      And I like what you did with the dice.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sean H on

      hahahahahaha you called out your tester on being a plague. lol... i'm dyin

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel.D on

      Sample copies in august, so as a european backer I can expect my game probably in december / january, right?

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Jon Hermsen on

      This is all good news to me. I'm glad that manufacturing is coming along well, quality is preferable to speed, so nice work!

      The dice looks great, I think they'll be fantastic.

    16. Michael Moore

      Those look beautiful!

    17. Rob Misner on

      sorry not edges meant corners

    18. Rob Misner on

      the dice look great..the more rounded the edges tho the better..tend to roll nicer and don't put divots in the cardboard of the board. Not sure if its to late to adjust tho

    19. Nicholas J. Corkigian

      I would've preferred a light green on black as well. Red on black is cool but has low contrast for people with colour deficiencies.

    20. Donatos Aphael on

      Keep up the good work !

    21. Pitpipo Collaborator

      Argh, sample for GenCon means very likely no shipping before September :(

    22. Scott Huber on

      I have never felt actual LUST for dice before now.

      Those are splendid. For those whose metric skills aren't that hot, 16mm is right about 5/8", so these are nice big dice.

    23. Eric Lucero on

      The dice look good. I'm a bit surprised you didn't go with green on black however. Looking forward to the game.

    24. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Every time I come here, I'm sad we can't still play the game.
      The dice look good and I'll hope we can get the game soon.