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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Game Construction Continues

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

Some people have wondered if the box design per se slowed down production, and I am happy to say that it has not. I understand for some games this has been a gating item, but we are ahead here. I have enclosed two views of the box interior.

Plastic insert for Cthulhu Wars core game
Plastic insert for Cthulhu Wars core game

You can see we plan a single translucent plastic insert with niches for all the Great Old Ones. The insert is tall, so we can place bags containing all of the other figures underneath. The Great Old Ones are the largest and most complex figures and, while they are not fragile, they are less likely to warp during shipping in the niches. (The monsters and cultists are sturdy, as a result of their smaller size.) We want the figures to get to you in as perfect a form as possible. The insert is translucent, so if your maiden aunt opens the game first, she won’t “helpfully” throw out the box and insert without checking underneath (i.e,. she’ll be able to see the figures through the plastic).

You can also see a kind of “offset” on the left-hand side, next to Cthulhu’s riser. This space is reserved for the folded mapboards. Over the top of the whole shebang go faction sheets, rulebooks, and the die-cut cardboard sheets (looks like we have 4).

We expect more details on production progress from the manufacturer next week. While we all want to get our hands on the game ASAP, injection-molding and assembling 22,000 Great Old Ones takes time. (That’s how many we are shipping to backers in the first wave.) Some are more complex than others. Shub-Niggurath is the most involved – she has 12 separate pieces to glue together (at the factory). You, of course, get all the figures pre-assembled, and in fact if you want to disassemble them, you’ll need a saw. They are strongly built.

The moment tooling finishes for the core game, it begins for the stretch goals and expansions. The stretch goals add around another 40-50,000 more Great Old Ones that need to be produced and assembled. We will let you know as soon as we have a firm timeline for the stretch goal items.

Incidentally if you are from China, and can’t access the Green Eye Games website, here is why – a very few bad guys were trying hard (unsuccessfully) to attack our website. Until we can sort through our system and see who is legit and who is not, we had to temporarily block China to keep everyone safe. We do have a Chinese distributor in the pipeline, who will be selling the game and will presumably advertise them on his website, so Chinese fans will still have access to everything. These attacks did not affect the game’s production. Good news is that our website security was never breached and the performance should be considerably improved if you visit us at greeneyegames or cthulhuwars.

another view of the inserts
another view of the inserts

 You may also note that on the far left-hand side of the box, there is a U-shaped cutout. I got this idea from Triassic Terror, an Eagle Games production. It lets you get the gameboard and die-cut cardboard out of the box without cramming your thumb into the paper-thin crack at the edge of the box, and possibly damaging the box or hurting your thumb. I loved it, and so I emulated it. Thanks, Eagle Games!


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    1. Paul Benson on

      I second Akule's there still the possibility that you might be shipping out a big box for DVM backers to store our huge haul? I remember that being mentioned before, but can't remember whether it was something Sandy wanted to do, or something we DVM backers wanted.

    2. Kurt

      I haven't commented on any of the updates before, but I do want to note how impressed I have been with the consistency of the updates, the thoroughness, and the willingness to answer questions. This is the accountability that all Kickstarters should strive for. :-)

    3. Akule

      Aw. No big box for everything for De Vermiis Mysteriis backers?

      I assume that means that we will have a lot of loose minis for the Great Old Ones that were stretch goals (such as Gobogeg)? Or are they going to have their own smaller retail box?

    4. Loig

      Hi sandy, any (good) news on shipping for European backers?

    5. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      In an attempt to answer the questions:

      Franck -- the box is going to be around 43cm x 30cm (17" x 12"). So actually not amazingly wide and long. It is remarkably deep, however.

      Prank Call from Cthulhu: the expansions each come in a separate retail-style box, with the exceptions of those stretch goals and exclusives which are not intended for retail sale (like the first-player markers). Those will probably just be stuffed in smaller cardboard boxes with packing materials. I am sure the separate smaller expansion boxes will be housed in one or more big shipping crates - whatever is most efficient for our fulfillment house.

      Fred from Brazil: we will do everything that is legal and ethical for us to make final costs lower for our backers. I have a close Brazilian friend and am consulting with him for details.

      Arthur K: haha. I doubt it's a military hacker. Or if so, their worry about the King in Yellow is futile. There is no resistance. Besides, we know from the game maps that it's Nyarlathotep who starts the game in China.

    6. Gonzalo on

      The cutout and the translucent tray are the kind of thoughtful details aimed at users that separete a good thing from a great thing. With something so simple as that you happily surprised me once again, even the box is an excellent job!

    7. Missing avatar


      Looking awesome, Sandy! Thanks for the update, I just keep getting more and more excited for this!

    8. Justin Gadze on

      I love seeing 'behind the scenes' updates for packaging and the like, its gearing me up for the final release (whenever that may be). Cant wait, and keep up the good work guys!

    9. Arthur K on

      The Chinese army backed hacker are hacking Cthulhu War.... Oh this is big... King in yellow big

    10. Fred Allean on

      Updates like this are always good to read. But it made wonder about the size and weight of the first packages as the core set and expansions are being shipped to all backers. The Brazilian goverment is taxing every income from abroad at about 60% of the final prize of things, not including credit card taxes that we also have to pay. Would it be possible for you guys to declare a lesser value on the papers that will follow to Brazil?

    11. Fred Allean on

      Updates like this are always good to read. But it made wonder about the size and weight of the packages as the core set and expansions are being shipped to all backers. The Brazilian goverment is taxing every income from abroad

    12. Christopher Foster on

      What are the rough dimensions of the box? Because I'm still planning my Eldritch Steamer Trunk, and if I know how big that tray is I figure 4 times as big for the expansions... I'm gonna need a bigger box. And maybe a bigger house.

    13. Zagula on

      Don E took the words out of my mouth. The packaging looks SICK!

    14. Missing avatar

      Nullstarter on

      @Sandy - for those of us who backed at the "De Vermiis Mysteriis" level, how many different boxes will we get with all the sets? or will there be one giant box for everything?

    15. Franck Florentin

      I'm so excited !!

      I was wondering how you'd fit all that awesomeness in a box, looks like you figured it out :)

    16. Michael D'Auben on

      Looks like a big box of eldrich horror! Can't wait to open it up and come face to face with the madness! ;-)

    17. ✩Don E✩

      Dude the box is gonna be the size of a small ottoman sick!!!! I am sure the great old ones wont mind putting my feet on their backs. ;p

      Progress is always good.

    18. Jon Hermsen on

      That's a great update. It sounds like things are coming alone, with some normal learning curve stuff. The next one will go much smoother!