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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Concept Update!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

Here's another batch of concepts and the Faction card art for Windwalker. No stuff from Fenris this week, the boss there is taking a much needed break :) There will probably a flood of awesome new sculpt pics next week though. If you guys are keeping track, you may notice there is only one figure concept left: Gobogeg! I will have him posted next week. 

Also, sorry I'm behind on the digital art book. After I am caught up with all the in game art, I will be working on the digital art book... That also means that I will be working on the printed art book! I most likely plan on making it a separate Kickstarter, so keep an eye out for it when it releases. I'm not sure how nice of a book you guys were looking for, but I planned on producing a limited run hardcover edition that comes along with an awesome "secret" goodie. Also a softcover edition for the masses:) I really want to make it a super high quality collectible art book. As always, I love to hear your feedback!



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    1. Michael Nunez on

      I know this is somewhat irregular, but Richard if possible maybe you could text or call other members of GEG, there seems to be alot of questions bubbling on the main comment page..a quick word might provide some reassurance to those with many questions...

    2. Zagula on

      Ithaqua is too creepy! Love the moonbeast and Leng spider too! I also like the Gug on the far left with the more defined "head". Keep up the good work!

    3. Alderman Jack on

      @David: I've got the feeling that the entire GEG family is out and about on a convention tour. They will probably help you as soon as they return.

    4. Aidan Jace Cox on

      It is official, Ithaqua's is my favorite faction visually.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Burgos on

      Thanks, Michael and Alderman.
      The fundaful pledge is locked and cannot be updated. I used the support link at the bottom of the page to ask for a solution, but still didnt get any reply. It says: "No yet answered. Please check back soon".
      I still havent received my email confirming my pledge. I will try to contact GEG, maybe they can help...
      Thanks anyway!!

    6. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      There are no more images at the bottom, the two broken links are a mistake. Darn you internet!
      The Gnorri shaved :) Think of him as less serpent and more Abe from Hellboy.
      On Ithaqua, I didn't have any reference other than an idea in my head and the story of Wendigo. I originally got the story of Wendigo mixed up with Ithaqua because many times they are reffered to as the same thing. My thinking behind his design is that he eats people and steals the souls of humans that cross his path. The soul that is eaten is trapped within the body until the next soul can be found. Once another is found, the last soul can be set free. Since he eats the humans, I wanted all the flesh of the victims to be incorporated into his body. I didn't want some hulking brute or monster, but more of an eerie slithering specter of collected flesh.

    7. Alderman Jack on

      @Richard: No worries about the delayed digital art book! Now that everything in the actual game seems to be postponed till sometime next year, I'm perfectly happy with a Q1 2014 delivery of the art book to help me get back in the CW mood again by then.

    8. Michael Nunez on

      Just an after thought:

      "..After a strange vision this man published a tale of Carter’s vanishing, in which he hinted that the lost one now reigned as king on the opal throne of Ilek-Vad, that fabulous town of turrets atop the hollow cliffs of glass overlooking the twilight sea wherein the bearded and finny Gnorri build their singular labyrinths.." (H.P. Lovecraft & E.Hoffman Price, Through the Gates Of the Silver Key)

      Where is the beard for the Gnorri?? I got the impression that it kind of a merfolk creature...the one pictured has a serpentine look??

    9. Michael Nunez on

      @Richard: I have to ask this... what was your working concept for Ithaqua? Why did you design him in the manner that you did? I found your interpretation of this GOO origional and interesting.

    10. Michael Nunez on

      @Brandon: I cannot view the other two images?? But the one I can looks wicked! :)

    11. Alderman Jack on

      Yup, two broken icon links.

      @David: can you still edit your Fundafull pledge? In that case you haven't finalized it yet. Otherwise, check your spam folder, then contact GEG if necessary.

      And sadly, no, it is getting more and more likely, from interviews by Sandy Petersen, that the December wave will contain nothing at all. Everything, including the base game, will probably slip to (hopefully: early) 2014.

    12. Brandon W Lane

      Is anyone else not seeing any images below the ithaqua art? My browser shows two broken images, and my other browsers show nothing...

    13. Michael Nunez on

      @David B: There should be contact info on the Fundfall site or you could contact GEG via the KS page or facebook. I received a confirmation email for my final order as did the majority of folks here. Hope that helps...

    14. Michael Nunez on

      @David B: There should be contact info on the Fundfall site or you could contact GEG via the KS page or facebook. I received a confirmation email for my final order as did the majority of folks here. Hope that helps...

    15. Missing avatar

      David Burgos on

      First of all, sorry if this is not the place for this question.
      I filled in the pledge manager by Fundafull several weeks ago, but I still haven´t received any mail for confirmation. Is it ok? When will we receive a mail to be sure everything is correct?
      Thanks, and keep going!!
      By the way, are we still on dates, so we will receive the game in Decembre?

    16. Henry Yeo on

      add in Cthulhu Mythos lorecraft into your book and you will have a seller in no time

    17. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      All looking really good

      but the 2 images after Ithaqua's head aren't showing up for me

      (and I'd love to get hold of a hardcopy art book)

    18. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      @John Bobita
      Thanks for all of your vocal support :)
      You have pushed me to make sure I do an art book. I never intended to originally, so thank you!

    19. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      Thanks for the comments guys.
      Being the go to artist for anything would be awesome, I am privileged to be part of such an awesome project. You guys have really made this project what it is. There has been so much more support for this game and for Lovecraft than I ever would have thought.

    20. Michael Nunez on

      So there is going to b a KS for producing this art book? Cool lub how one good concept leads to another. Richard zi am guessing u r/ will b considered the goto artist for all things Cthulhu.... how did that RFAM KS/ Indigogo campaign do? They did not have u Richard...

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Michael Condon

      I wish the Gug had more of a head like in the original pic, and less of a mouth where the head should be. I'm loving the others. (What story did the Gnorri come from?)

    23. Justin Gadze on

      Loving this Gug too!

    24. Justin Gadze on

      Wow. This is hands down the BEST kickstarter ever! Every design resonates with me, and stirs something within... Truly inspiring. Before backing this project, I couldn't even call myself a HPL fan, but somewhere thru this campaign and getting to read some of his literature I've managed to become a full-blown addict! I'll be backing the hardcover book for sure. The separate campaign was exactly what I was hoping to hear. Once again, brilliant updates and news that keeps we wanting more! How do you do it guys?? :)

    25. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Awesome pics, though I can't get the last 2 to load either for some reason.

    26. Ian on

      Shut up and take my money (for the special hardcover edition)! ;D

    27. Graeme Henson on

      Hard to believe the model concept updates are coming to a close soon, but if I'm not mistaken, I don't think we saw anything for the Slime mold or the HP Lovecraft player marker (or the glacier for Primeval, but I'm not sure if that even requires one, maybe not even the slime mold).

      As much as I'll miss the concept updates, I'll be salivating for the Fenris WIP pics.

    28. Jamie B. on

      I really like the variation in the Gug hand poses, with one clenched to bash and the other ready to rake, on the same arm. That looks really cool.

      And I LOVE the moonbeast!

    29. Richard Loh Kern Liang

      @Richard , I will back it just be sure to give backers the heads up!

    30. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      @ Loh
      No, I will be running a kickstarter just for me :) My very first one. I will make sure to make enough hardcovers for everyone that wants one. I will make it limited to the Kickstarter backers, then whatever inventory I have left of them, I'll sell off. I do want to make sure anyone that wants to support and buy the book, will get one.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason (the original, now decaffeinated) on

      Love, Love, Love the ape like Gug with full on action bashing and chompy face open. Gnorri comes in a close second. Sadly, I can only see Ithaqua's head on my ipad. The other 2 parts don't load for me. The head does look great though.

    32. Gavin Burton on

      If you have in mind what I think then I am already putting money aside for it. I have several collected art book like Blizzard and Art of Capcom all big heavy hardbacks that I look at all the time. I would suggest you post here just before you start the campaign if it is a limited run or you will have a lot of angry backers from Cthulhu Wars asking for more spaces (unless it's a limited run of 4000 LOL).

    33. Andrew Kozma on

      I like them all, though I do agree about the Gug. Even though the pose in the concept art is less action-y, it feels much more real to me. In this case, real = awesome.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jason Seal on

      Oh my god another batch of awesome. Really looking forward to seeing the scale on these things. Love them but I think the Gug looks a little too cuddly for my taste. That picture of Ithaqua is amazing. Please post here when you set up the artbook - you already have my money for the hardcover! Love the work.

    35. Richard Loh Kern Liang

      @Richard, will the kickstarter artbook be under GEG?

    36. Michael D'Auben on

      More great concept art! I really like the idea of a hardcover art book. It would be great to collect so much eldrich creepiness between two covers!

    37. John D on

      You can almost hear Ithaqua shouting "Awesome!!"

      also: slipcase.