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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

The Dark Young Free Collector's Edition Figure is Also Unlocked

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

We've also surpassed 4,050 backers which means the Dark Young Free Collector's Edition Figure is coming, too!  This figure is included with every pledge at the Cultist level or higher.

Thanks to ALL of our 4,050++ backers!

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    1. Missing avatar

      KT on

      @ Steven Thank you for those like you provide, will definitely look info them. Like I mention before, I don't know much about Cthulhu but this project drives me to get to now more of H.P. Lovecraft that's for sure.

      @ Eleanor I couldn't know what is your intention from that statement, but I just feel like their a little sarcasm in their, that's why. Cause if you look back into my question, I was just asking if its different, I wan't demand them to be different. But if you didn't mean it that way, then we all good and as I said I thanks everyone who answer my question including you.

    2. NotDomo on

      @Sandy. You're probably right. Nonetheless, people were complaining about lack of free game upgrades even while we were in the stretch of free GOO upgrades.

      Anyway, some friends persuaded me to go to GenCon this year, so I'm looking forward to getting a look at the game there if possible. =D

    3. Mindless-Focus on

      I'm not being negative. Just perplexed by the Duck and G.

    4. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      I wonder if part of the reason for the (really quite few) negative backers is because of the weird way we at GEG set up the kickstarter. For one thing, unlike most KS games, we had a TON of stuff all up front. We didn't unlock Cthulhu later on, for instance. So perhaps it seemed like we weren't unlocking enough, and people didn't notice all the material they were already getting.


    5. Mindless-Focus on

      What's up with the duck and the g?

    6. NotDomo on

      @Jason: Jamie's completely right about his general address. Since the first updates, I've also been completely floored by this weird entitlement of this project's bakers. No other project out of the 60+ I've backed has had this kind of response. This project's value has been on par with KD and others, and yet since Day 1 so many people have been complaining about the weirdest things. Better yet, there were even complaints about various stretch goal practices that "they hadn't seen on other miniature Kickstarters" even though I can see they've backed Zombiecide and others with those kinds of Stretch Goals. The crowd here has been completely fucking ridiculous and I don't fucking get it at all.

      (Of course, there's the odd complainer on other projects, like that one guy that goes insane on all the card projects yet backs them all, or a couple people with some kind of vendetta against a specific project they've been waiting on for a couple months, but nothing has ever compared to this project's backers' entitlement. (Can't describe it by any other word.))

    7. Benny Woolley on

      KT, my answer was not intended to be offensive - I was trying to explain why a colour change means it is collector edition. When I said "think of how many..." I did not mean that in a rude way either. We are getting so many figures, can you imagine changing a dozen of them?

    8. Steven Harbron on

      @KT. Lovecraft's work is now in the Public Domain. It can be download from most dead book depositories. Strangely one of the largest, Project Gutenberg, only has 2.

    9. Pitstarter on

      just a couple of quick yes/no questions if anyone can answer:

      1) CDG level with the Asenath Waite included. Does that come with art print as well? If so, faction or Asenath Waite?

      2) HPL addon to CDG. It comes with art print. Is it of HPL scuplt or is it one of the faction prints?

      Really loved following this KS. Now if only a FDS gets freed up that'd make my day :p

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason (the original, now decaffeinated) on


      Talk about massive over reaction. I've done a lot of kickstarters and your comment both expresses the very negativity you claim to despise, and actually comes off as a caricature. I'm assuming you are ignorant of the number of times "entitlement" gets thrown around kickstarter, but if not... "physician, heal thyself"

    11. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Thank you Mr. Petersen, your answer is sure help. : )

    12. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Thanks Leigh : ) and no prob Jamie. When ppl don't know or don't understand thing, the simple and easiest way to find out is to ask, and thats what I did. (I admited that I didn't read all the update, so maybe that's why I missed some info)

      I pledged DVM by using my saving money for Xbox One because I think this game will be epic (I don't even know much about Cthulhu Mathos, just love the game play and those awesome figures) and I'm satisfy with what I'm going to get. I won't do that if I don't think it's worth it.

      So thank you for all the ppl who answer me again.

    13. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      KT - We are calling them "collector's" models to indicate that they are not intended for use in the game. There is a hard limit to how many different creatures are in each faction's pool of units, and this has been determined by dint of much testing.

      For instance, Dark Young only has 2 Ghouls in her pool. Very early in the game, she had 4, and this proved to be way overpowered. Despite the Ghoul's 0 combat dice, it is one of the best monsters around. If we simply added 1 more Ghoul to her unit mix, it would greatly boost her vis-a-vis the other players.

      Of course, one might argue that this is true for other monsters of other factions as well, but it is more true of some monsters than others. For instance, adding 1 shoggoth to Cthulhu makes him stronger, but not as much as adding 1 deep one would, because of the nature of his cultist management.

      Anyway, the bottom line is that they are "collector's" to distingush them from in-game figures. I hope that helps.


    14. Jamie B. on

      KT: Leigh's right. I wasn't answering you so much as answering the litany of inexplicable whining about everything imaginable. My bad. I think sometimes language differences can make people read things differently, too. Thought you were a whiner, turns out you were just an asker. : )

      Pardon the friendly fire. ; )

    15. Missing avatar

      Leigh Spence on

      Don't sweat it KT- your questions are not innappropriate but the internet has a funny way of making things seem the worst. Even without anything by you, there have been some funny attitudes raising their heads from time to time. Mostly just the same, loud people.

    16. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Oh and English is not my first language, so if I use the wrong word or anything in either my question or comment, I do apologize.

    17. Missing avatar

      KT on

      @Eleanor Woolley & Jamie Blackman. As I mention, its just curiosity of the word "collector's edition", I don't know any detial about it so I ask. Especially, I wasn't complaining anything so you don't have to say something to make me feel bad like "think about how many figures they are already tooling, casting and having to cost in" and "I guess some people are thinking wow, this just isn't cool enough.' The level of just cynical, greedy feckin' entitlement just floors me... even for a hobby famous for a few immature, clueless, malodorous creeps from time to time, some people's attitudes are just dumbfounding to me". I wasn't asking with any attitudes it the way you guys answer, I think it's you guys are the one who answer with one.

      Thank for all the answer, guys.

    18. WarWolf on

      Cannot wait to paint some of these and to see what those with true talent can do with such a masterpiece to begin with.

    19. Jamie B. on

      I think most people backing this are just thinking back to the first time they read the Cthulhu Mythos or played Call of Cthulhu or used the Deities and Demigods and wished they had cool figures for the monsters and thanking God, Sandy, and some thoughtful person who put a Lovecraft book in Sandy's hand when he was a kid that we have access to this stuff in these quantities at this quality for what even at DVM level is a pretty fantastic price when one looks at what else is on the marketplace. And what else is ever likely to be done with this level of detail by someone as qualified to do it...

      But I guess some people are thinking 'wow, this just isn't cool enough.' The level of just cynical, greedy feckin' entitlement just floors me... even for a hobby famous for a few immature, clueless, malodorous creeps from time to time, some people's attitudes are just dumbfounding to me.

      This is going to be a legendary KS for a legendary game. Really. I've said it before: this is one you will kick yourself for not going one level higher on when you have to pay a hundred bucks on eBay for the Ithaqua expansion (or whatever the secondary market decides is What You Should Have Bought).

    20. C on

      I think Sandy asked backers for input, and the response was for a gray color. I also think Collector's Edition is a bit hypey, but at least you're getting some good trade bait! Anybody want to trade their CE figures? See "Sam and Max" on BoardGameGeek! Since I'm a n00b, I'm already painting a Zombicide set for a set of these mini's!

    21. Alex Wickersham on

      Also it means I can try my hand at painting monsters without feeling compelled to paint all of them or have mismatched figures in the game. I'm quite excited about them personally, even if they are just "extra".

    22. Frank Wisnes

      Because they are for collecting, not playing. The model is the same as the other of the same kind, anything else would be to expensive to even consider.

    23. Benny Woolley on

      They're collector's edition * because * they are differently coloured plastic. As explained by previous updates. In wargaming circles, miniature collecting circles, etc, a different colour or material used can mark a commemorative item.
      They aren't going to change a sculpt purely for a free figure - think about how many figures they are already tooling, casting and having to cost in.

    24. Alex Wickersham on

      It's pretty much set in stone, I hope it doesn't burst your bubble. Same sculpt, grey for better detail, no faction, totally separate from the game, suitable for painting, displaying, and ending Call of Cthulhu campaigns with a TPK.

    25. Missing avatar

      KT on

      I think they will be something different. Hope ppl who know better or Mr. Petersen would help answer this. Thank you.

    26. Missing avatar

      KT on

      That's lead to more curiosity. if ther're only different by colour, why call them so special as "collector's edition", why not just say we give you an extra mini or figure?

    27. Justin Gadze on

      I think these grey figures will show the details the best (if left unpainted).

    28. Beast on

      The same but grey colour.

    29. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Just curious, how different between collector edition mini and the regular mini that come with the game box?
      Is it exactly the same model? Is it the same material?

    30. Beagle on

      Sanity Check

    31. Pretay Nomah on

      Aw... Cute little guy looks Hungry! :)