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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Hunting Horror Collector's Edition Figure is UNLOCKED!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

We just barely hit 3,950 backers- thanks everyone for your generous pledges!  INCLUDED with every pledge at the Cultist level or higher, we are pleased to introduce you to the Hunting Horror...

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    1. Eliot Hochberg

      Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I read miniatures as including GOOs, and I guess vice versa.

      This doesn't change my earlier comment - had some of my friends known, they would bought things in a different way, since they were more into the miniatures than say the Dreamlands figure packs.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Shaver

      Ah, my money was on a H.P. Lovecraft figure as the mystery GOO. Wanders around the board, and scares the monsters away from the area he stops in.

    3. Al Lew

      Ah, what a terrifying revelation!
      I hope you are not sacrificed to the Old Ones for revealing this disturbing secret!

    4. David Laine

      @AI Lew, I believe we already have a GOO sculpt of Sandy--the H----- model is based on what Sandy looks like without his glasses on. He's kind of like Superman in that way. When mild-mannered Sandy Petersen takes off his glasses he transforms into He Who Must Not Be Named!

    5. Jeff Richards

      @Sandy, that's fantastic. Glad you are adding to the canon.

    6. Al Lew

      The mystery GOO should be like your avatar picture Sandy. Basically a shrunken down version of your head with glasses, a big smile and tentacles :)

    7. mmcfarlin on

      @Sandy That sounds so awesome! Can't wait to see the rest of the concept art for it!

    8. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      Also just to clarify. The new "Cthuilhu Wars Exclusive G.O.O." is a brand new Great Old One never before revealed. Despite my reluctance, my son Arthur and my partners have prevailed upon me to add, for the first time, my own Great Old One. You can think of it, if you will, as the Thing that the hero does not see in the final scene of the Mountains of Madness that drives his partner wild.


    9. psyimp on

      +1 to just making the cultists an add on for $ if we hit the Bhole. It would still likely be cheaper than getting cultist from the fenris games down the road, which would alsobe reasonable for anyone that wants extras that badly.

    10. Seth Drebitko on

      @Johnathon well we can't discount that at around 4k in backers there aren't at least a couple ridiculous expectations :P

    11. Missing avatar

      Johnathon on

      @ sandy, yea AFAIK there hasnt been people asking for 5-6 FREE cultists, merely to have them available as an addon in which we can purchases. no one expects you to buy the out of pocket.

    12. Missing avatar

      Leigh Spence on

      I, too, believe that the call has been to simply make the 5 Cultists available for purchase, not as a freebie.

    13. David Laine

      @Seth, +1

    14. Seth Drebitko on

      @sandy I actually didn't personally feel that the extra grey cultists should have been free. I assumed (and I'm thinking plenty of others do) that the extra greys would have been an add on we would have,willingly, paid for.

    15. Fourpaws on

      Sandy, you are a class act to offer that. even down the final stretch everything keeps looking better and better.

    16. Missing avatar

      portablezombie on

      @Jamie - I missed that. Thanks.

    17. Jamie B. on

      Yes. I'm not Sandy, but yes. It's in the FAQ.

    18. Missing avatar

      portablezombie on

      @Sandy - Does that mean if I pledge at Cultist and add enough extras to hit $200 I get the free GOOs?

    19. Arturo Cavari on

      Oh well, I'll give up my quest for the original GOO

    20. mmcfarlin on

      Thanks for the clarification for how the CE figures work.

    21. Tam and Danks on


      You sir, are AWESOME! Thank you so much for creating this amazing game and the minis. A wonderful legacy to leave in this terrible, terrible universe. :)

    22. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      I see that we have kind of a weird muddle of which figures are available to which pledge.

      So here is the intent, regardless of text:

      1) every bid of cultist or higher gets all of the "collectible" miniatures. Rules do not come with these for use in the game. They are just for display, Christmas tree ornaments, or whatever.

      2) every bid of Cultes des Goules or $200 gets the 9 add-on Great Old Ones. from Yig to Hydra. These come with complete rules for use.

      3) every bid of Book of Eibon or De Vermiis Mysteriis gets the new mystery Great Old One. He comes with complete rules for use.

      There is no plan at this time to add 5 free gray cultist figures. However, I personally promise that we WILL add the 5 extra gray cultists if and only if the Bhole gets unlocked, so it will have something to snack on. I have not checked this out with my partners, so they may balk. If they do, I'll pay for the extra gray cultists out of my own pocket.


    23. Jamie B. on

      Nice! I know some people are 'meh' on these collector figures, but to me it's one I can paint

      a) without dirupting the faction colours if I were to choose to keep the game pieces unpainted
      b) first to test out a scheme for the ones for the game
      c) differently from the ones for the game and use for CoC or AH without confusing which are for what
      d) all of the above.

      The're such a great add-on, I hope they're available for individual sale after the KS is over.

    24. mmcfarlin on

      The detail in these miniatures is amazing. I really hope we make it all the way to the Bhole, or if not then have a way for us to purchase the ones that didn't get unlocked.

    25. Ryan T.


    26. Lorenz Thor

      Sandy / associate, it is astounding with what speed you are pumping out unlocks!