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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
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Tsathoggua Faction Concepts!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

Here are concepts for the Sleeper Faction. Some Azathoth Faction spam coming later tonight.


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    1. zebra Matt on

      I always liked the portrayal of Serpent People as scientists, although that was admittedly a long time ago...

    2. Jared on

      Magic missile!

    3. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      Remember that the Wizard is not an olden-day guy throwing fireballs and such. He is a probably-insane hermit or revenant like Old Man Whateley or Imhotep. In the game he benefits from the Energy Nexus spellbook. This gives Sleeper a new Action which costs 1 Power, and lets you place a Wizard on another player's faction sheet. Until the next Doom phase, the Sleeper gets to use that other faction's unique ability (For instance, if a Wizard were placed on Crawling Chaos's sheet, the Sleeper faction would be able to fly.) The next Doom phase, the Wizard is replaced on the map in any Area.

      So it has three effects - first it lets Sleeper steal useful speclal abilities, second it keeps a Wizard safe from harm or escape a threat, third it lets him move a Wizard anywhere on the map at the start of the next turn (possibly before a player has a chance to respond).

      Thought that would be fun information.


      P.S. no fireballs, though.

    4. Monty Burnham on

      I don't like the formless spawn. I agree that it looks more like what a shoggoth would look like. I picture them as a living oil slick rising from a stone trough encrusted with mind twisting symbols.

    5. Justin Gadze on

      Formless spawn & the wizard are looking great IMO!
      The serpent man does look a bit like the lizard like though.. I'd personally like it to have a longer more pronounced neck, and maybe even have the neck flare like a cobras?
      Not sure about the pose either, looks a bit rigid and could be more slithery for lack of a better word. Nice work on these guys tho. ;)

    6. Claymore Nash on

      The Serpent men who worship Tsathoggua where cursed by Yig to degenerate into disgusting beasts. Shouldn't they look like they did when the K'Nyani drove them from Yoth?

    7. Jerry G on

      Really happy to see the wizard is riding something instead of being just a dude in robes (We have enough of those!). Overall, this is 100% my favorite expansion for the art, feel, and design.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason (the original, now decaffeinated) on

      I like the art on all these. the ony thing I would point out is that this formless spawn is another blobby tentace mass with eyes and teeth everywhere. As I noted somewhere else this gets old after a bit. You could just as easily swap its name for Shoggoth, Or any of a handful of other GOO. I'm sure size will help differentiate it. Personally, I like this concept for the Shoggoth more than the actual Shoggoth sculpt and would prefer a formless spawn to be more formless, with no eyes or teeth.

    9. Cardoc24 on

      They look awesome. Love your vision and interpretation of the mythos. Keep it up!

    10. Alan Leipzig on

      See, I'm fine with a human wizard. Klarkash-ton wrote of humans making deals with Tsathoggua for power, so there's plenty of canon. It's very Lovecraftian to think that some humans are puppets bringing about the apocalypse for fleeting personal power.

      I think I expressed my love better on the comments thread:

      "So, I checked out the Sleeper pics. I went off and saw the Wizard.


      That wizard? He gets it. He understands the apocalyptic gravity of the global situation, and he doesn't care. He's standing next to shape-shifting reptile men against mutating Acne Commercials gone amok and calamari scarfing down nuns, and he doesn't blink. His thousand-yard stare will freeze your eyes if you look back.

      That wizard will carpet the ground in your blood because it's easily than getting the remote. He will eat babies for lunch because the last supermarket in the city just got stepped on by Shub-Niggurath, and his turkey sandwich isn't good without mayo. His world is coming to an end in front of him, and he'll still feed a school bus of kids to a big frog, because it earns him the ability to make you explode with his mind. He is a cranky, ranting grandfather granted the power to wish you into the cornfield, and to his mind everything up to this point has been worth it.

      Pray that the monsters get you before the wizard. When the wizard gets you, he enjoys it."

    11. Bryan Thao Worra on

      I'm reading the image as the wizard at the end times is so corrupted he's got a surprise for you from the waist down. If so, I really -Iike- that and much prefer it to the concept of just a horror rider.

      I'll say that the Serpent Man concept doesn't work for me. My impression has always been they were prone to more arcane pursuits and serpentine, not a lizard on 'roids. Certainly, this is the final battle for the end of the planet, so maybe Serpent Men might have been training to hulk up, but I'd much prefer something more in line to Tom Sullivan's concept, if there's still time to adjust this.

      For the Formless Spawn, I was hoping we'd get one in the classic and dynamic form of locomotion Sandy and Tom Sullivan proposed in the old field guide, albeit with less tentacles and more of a sense of fluidic, grotesque motion.

      But in any case, I'll be very happy to back this expansion. :)

    12. Jon Simpson on

      Damn good stuff. wtf that wizard !

    13. Dreadpirate

      I'd like to see the legs of the serpent-man be more shriveled and vestigial, all I can see right now is Spider-man's enemy ("The Lizard"). Even the pose is familiar. And the wizard might be shirtless, to emphasise that he's mutated... (?)

    14. Robin Rosengren on

      Sure hopes that the wizard is the monster and that the human looking thing is a part of him to lure happy backers! :D ;) so that its not just a human riding some kind if beast.

    15. Cláudio A. de Azevedo on

      Absolutely AWESOME!!!

    16. Arturo Cavari on

      Wizard is badass

    17. Sean Moser on

      My first thought on the wizard is that that creature... thing... is his lower half

    18. The Mi-Go 13 on

      Not sure about the wizard. I like the human fig, but is he riding a... winged gug? Did he bring the beast down and is collecting parts? The art is beautiful, but I'm not sure what the 'story' is that this fig is telling. Could just be my old eyes...

    19. John D on

      Euro models in the latest frog god headwear?

    20. Eric Johnson on

      Am I the only one who read this as Fashion Concepts and was saddened not to see sketches of models in non-Euclidean dresses and suits of screaming flesh?

    21. John D on

      Well, that certainly is a formless spawn - I like him (her?)

    22. AGN1964 on

      I like the serpent man. Very Curt Connors.