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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

You Spoke and We Heard! New Stretch Goal Levels!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

A few outstanding things to report!

First, we have reached the $975,000 and with that have unlocked a FREE Wendigo Collector's Figure!!! Thank You!!!

Second, we twisted Sandy's arm and have gotten him to add a new great old one which "will affect gameplay in a profound and effective manner unlike any other great old one." This Great Old One will be available as a FREE add-on for people who have pledged at the "Book of Eibon" or "De Vermiis Mysteriis" level. In addition, it can be bought separately as a Great Old One add-on, more details to come when it is unlocked!

Lastly, with your support we are on the verge of building the biggest Cthulhu themed game on the planet! As a reward, we want nothing more than seeing the complete collector's set in your hands. So, we have adjusted the reward levels on our Stretch Goals to help achieve this amazing milestone!

With only 3 days left, it's very important to continue to SHARE and LIKE our updates and Kickstarter. We need to get the word out so we can reach the last of our Stretch Goals!

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    1. Missing avatar

      waynez on

      So will this be free to others not at that pledge levels but spent that much? =(

    2. Michael on

      @Scott :) I agree 100%

      @Sandy Just wanted to say I think you guys are doing great

      On a final note, this is the first time I've ever left a comment for all the Kickstarters I've backed (admittedly this will be the fifth I think). I can understand people not wanting to pay the price of this game, but given it's visual quality so far I can't understand why people think it's too much money for what you receive

    3. Scott Huber on

      @Adam Korman- I'm with you. People amaze me with their ability to continually bitch about BONUS stuff. When this goes to retail there will be no stretch goal bonuses, etc. Yet people still find the ability to be indignant that they either can't/won't pay for a freebee given to others who will pay more for more stuff.

      Likewise, I really don't understand how people can complain that the game is $525. It's not. The game is $140 and comes with a bunch of free goodies. Even $525 for the complete game and all the expansions that price is a steal. People complaining about this desperately need the perspective of playing some other mini-based games. Start a WH40K army and see just what $500 will get you. The first $150 bucks will be for the main rulebook and your army codex.

      If people don't think this game is a value, fine, don't pledge. But I don't get the "they're screwing us" attitude people seem to develop on KS. Nobody is holding a gun to your head.

    4. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Ford

      If you're still on I can free the slot up now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Best Bay Comics & Games

      To Geoffrey- You on right now? If not, you can reach me at to set up a time. I am on pacific standard time in regards to time zones, but can make it work.

    6. Missing avatar

      isnard ludovic on

      It is just a great news.
      Some pledgers have made their point for the possible lack of reward for the gamers (compare to the collectors) and GEG just throw in what was missing !
      This company is listening to their customer and that very promising !

    7. Justin Gadze on

      So much happier with the new stretch goals, they seem a lot more achievable now!
      And another GOO too, but an oringial this time.. GEG you really are spoiling us now. :)
      Have been in awe with this game ever since I first laid eyes on it, and the final few days of this kickstarter is starting to get me pumped!
      Cannot wait to seen the new GOO, any new character designs or sculpts, updates, stretch goals being reached and new figures bei unlocked, the list goes on!
      This is easily the BEST kickstarter I've been a part of, and not even the most expensive either - yet the quality of this game is really top stuff. Has my full support all the way.

      Really hope we get ALL the stretch goal figures, c'mon people get pledging!

    8. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Ford

      Best Bay Games, Renee, either of you are quite welcome to move into the FDS slot when I move up from it, (or anyone else who is lucky and quick), if you can suggest a time you'll be online and likely to grab it (keep in mind I am on UK time) I am more than happy to hold fire on upgrading my pedge until then to give you a fair chance to pick it up.

    9. C on

      @Scott: A totally new GOO, created by Sandy Petersen himself. Unlike the other figures, I think this creation is not under public domain, so would not be reproduced anywhere without Petersen's consent!

    10. Michael Moore


    11. Alex Wickersham on

      Wendigo: "I immediately regret scratching my belly!"

    12. George Arcus Johnston on

      Wicked! Im very intrigued about this new great one... Die GroBen alten mysterien...

    13. Missing avatar

      Scott Z on

      About that new GOO - in the stretch goal graphic, I see it's described as "this Original Mysterious Great Old One".

      By 'Original', are we talking about a new entity, created new for the game, or just one of the small number of GOO's not yet included in the announced lists?

    14. C on

      Regarding the prices... er, pledges...

      If you're not looking for the mini's and only want the game, at least one backer is selling off the game-only components. Current offers are at 20% of pledge prices:

      Cthulhu is public domain. This won't be the first Cthulhu miniatures or Cthulhu game, and it won't be the last. It *is* the least expensive per miniature if you're buying en masse and the excellent sculpture quality is consistent among the miniatures. Reaper miniatures may have another KS, possibly with mythos miniatures.

    15. Missing avatar

      Best Bay Comics & Games

      I know the designers and Sandy read these things, so I wanted to say thank you to them. Not just for the presenting the creativity in this product design, but also for running a good business and kickstarter. Thank you for be willing to change, adapt, deal with criticism, and still come off with class. I hope your pledges rise (like Cthulhu), and you all have a happy 4th if you aren't working. I look forward to the next Great Old One's reveal, both visually and in price.

    16. Ada Korman on

      While I can see wanting different options or different stretch goals etc., it's ultimately pretty confusing to me how people can complain about price. We're not talking about rent or food here, we're talking about a game. $525 is a lot for a game, but I imagine that most serious gamer (especially anyone in a collectible gaming hobby) has shelled out this sort of cash before. Hell, I threw down $750 on Hex last month. For those on a tight budget, I can empathize. I'm not rich (I'm a grad student and my wife is a post-doc), but sometimes there are things you can't buy that you'd like to have.

      The base game is < $140, but this isn't really a crazy price for what you get. I (and probably many others here) remember dropping $100 for Space Hulk (now about $200 on eBay). That had less figures, and it's hard for me to get games in because my gaming group is bigger than 2 people. And production costs are certainly lower for GW than GEG.

      Similarly, all the Descent expansions cost quite a bit (and again FF has more production resources than GEG). I'm sure I spent around to $400 on that game and all the expansions (fortunately a FLGS owner tracked down a new copy of Road to Legend for me and sold it for retail). What I'm getting at, is that this game is competitively priced with similar premium games with many figures.

      At the end of the day, if you think they're gouging you, don't buy the thing.

    17. Jeff Richards

      The day after I found out about this, I got confirmed for a gig I'd pitched a company on, so I took it as a sign. A DVM sign... If someone had told me I would pay $525 for a boardgame, I would have laughed at them. But for THIS one? Yep. No question. And an art print. And a spare Cthulhu.

    18. Alex Wickersham on

      Not the best time for me either... I'm an independent contractor and have a lot of variation month to month in pay, and this one was Not Good. And there are a couple of other Kickstarters I might not have donated to if I'd known about this one before...

    19. Daniel D. on

      @alex, it definitely didnt come out at the best time as I am on an 11 month pay cycle and August 1st is the month I don't get a check. But I went to a couple days of training late June and have two more in August before the year starts so that'll cover the 525 I'm spending

    20. Alex Wickersham on

      To be honest, the prices are a steal, it's just the quality is so high that for some of us it's hard to come up with the cash to buy it even at such a good price/value ratio.

    21. Daniel D. on

      Sandy and Co., you are awesome! Not that you weren't before, but even more so now :)

    22. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      Our "business practices" are based on wanting to be be certain to be able to actually produce this monster game once we receive the pledges and to be able to fulfill our supporter's rewards. The game is gigantic, and the expansions numerous. We currently have 25 SKUs, which is unheard-of. The way our kickstarter is being run is not the same as other kickstarters, in part \because there really haven't been other kickstarters like this, with the huge "miniatures", the vast assortment of play options, and so forth.

      The reviews by people who have played this are out there. If anyone has doubts about the solid quality of the game, perhaps those can assuage said doubts. I stand by my history in gaming and the game community and feel that my personality is well known. I am not an unknown quantity.


    23. Jeff Richards

      @Grey, I won't clutter up this board with our debate. It's obvious we'll disagree. I am content with the value GEG offers, I like the stretch goals, and I'm satisfied with the way they are conducting themselves; you apparently are not, and you obviously feel there is some separation between GEG and the three people who are GEG, or at least a separation between attacking someone's business methods as a "cash grab" and attacking them as people. You don't seem to understand where I'm coming from, and I don't really feel like cluttering the Cthulhu Wars comment feed with an ongoing debate on comparative business ethics.

      I majored in Philosophy in university, and I've found that whenever I hear "I submit to you that it is not I who is_____", that the exchange of ideas is over. :-) So we'll leave it there.

    24. Body Massage on


      Isn't it unreasonable to assume that my profile encapsulates my experiences on Kickstarter? To that end, I submit to you that is not I who is uninformed...

    25. Body Massage on


      Please provide some examples of for-profit businesses which do not follow the (granted- extremely simplified) process I've outlined. I would submit that I am not being negative at all- I am being a realist. And while it is the most intellectually simple path to head down, I reject your conclusion that I am attacking any of these three guys as people. I have disagreed with their business practices. To suggest otherwise is dishonest.

      Your arguments against my position are confusing, Jeff. First, you take a one sided stance of suggesting that because I haven't the means to prove my case- I must be wrong. Then, because I disagree with GEGs strategy- I must be attacking them personally. Finally, because this game doesn't fit into the hierarchy of needs- I must want to take my money and leave. As a self proclaimed business person, you make use of a lot of assumptions and poor argumentation modalities.

      Speaking of which, as a business person, you certainlyrealize that you are basically giving a 0% interest loan which is entirely unsecured. Don't you think there should be a bit more return on this risk? I suppose not- which may be why we disagree....

    26. Renee M. on

      So many awesome incentives - thank you. I'm at Cultist EB- lvl2 ($115) but my budget and I really would like to upgrade to CDG Father's Day level. If anyone at that level might be planning an upgrade from there and would be willing to give a heads up I'd be terribly grateful for the chance...

    27. Jeff Richards

      @Grey, I'm afraid we're going to have to agree to disagree. I'm a business person myself, and while business are not charities, I think your characterization of them is unnecessarily negative. Also, please bear in mind that there is no nebulous "business" here; when you say it is fair to assume the worst of the business, you are really saying it is fair to assume the worst of the three people who make up GEG, not some business. Actual people whom you've never met, and yet you assume the worst of them. I just don't look at things that way, and I don't agree at all.

      Personally, I'm really happy with the stretch goals, as are others. Would it be great to get more stuff? Sure. But there's a ton already there, and I'm happy with how they've handled it so far. I don't believe anyone owes us stretch goals; I see value in the game so I'm pre-buying it. Anything extra is just a bonus. You obviously disagree. Well, this isn't water or food or shelter; you don't need any of this. If you feel so negatively towards the campaign, if you really believe the worst of those three people, you really should vote with your wallet and not pledge your support.

    28. Alex Wickersham on

      Breaking down the prices, the base game is four factions at $150. All four expansions (not actually necessary for the game) would be for collectionists and completionists and people who can afford the luxury of having all of them, and come in at just $2.50 more per faction at $160. Each faction has at least one GOO that could easily go for $50.

    29. Alex Wickersham on

      And that's coming from someone who's also very much on a budget. I don't know how the heck I'm going to make the money I need for add-ons when fulfillment comes around. There will be significant overtime in my near future, and no more Kickstarters. But I also understand you get what you pay for.

    30. Michael Moore

      @Grey - Reserve your judgements for when you have a few more Kickstarter projects under your belt. A lot of projects break even or worse. Sometimes the goal is just to get the product out there or get a little revenue to get the next project going. Your stance is not more reasonable, it is merely uninformed.

    31. Alex Wickersham on

      Grey, what would you suggest they use for add-ons? I think for mini collectors, painters, RPG players, more monsters to play with (without having to go whole-hog and paint everything or ruin the faction colors) the grey minis are a pretty good reward. Offering a bunch of non-playtested game-related rewards would overcomplicate and possibly destroy the game (what if a faction is too overpowered, then you buy it, everyone knows the combination of moves to always win with it, and then you never get to use it because you have to ban it from the table?) is not necessarily a good idea, especially when there are so many game-related things here that I'll consider myself lucky if I get around to trying them all. And I don't feel it's overpriced. Any one of these Great Old Ones could easily go for $50 or $75 or even more retail.

    32. Body Massage on


      While I can appreciate your points, along with Michaels, I would suggest that that the opposite of your premise is just as valid: neither of us can see their accounts, so my view of this being a cash grab is equally as reasonable as your view of it not. Concurrently, it is not at all unreasonable to assume the worst about a business, as any business' goal is to make the most profit while exhausting the fewest resources.

      The application of this principle, along with the very lame stretch goals being the least costly for the company, suggest that my stance is more reasonable than yours, actually.

      Still, and I admit this freely, I am buying regardless...

    33. Jeff Richards

      @Michael - :-)

      @Harley - I can see that. But I can also see it from GEG's point of view. The best thing for them is if EB1s or FDSs move to the $325/$525 levels due to the deal/free GOO, opening it up for new pledges to come in. (And then ideally get pulled into upgrading themselves. :-) ) But I can understand where you're coming from, absolutely.

    34. WarWolf on

      I myself am not accusing anyone of being greedy. I would rather GEG make money so they can fulfill their promises when it comes time to ship out the orders and continue in the future to sell expansions which I will buy happily. My issue is I was excited to get the FDS pledge level and have spent more than what I originally budgeted for and am now spending 360 on merchandise. Yet those who want less at 325 will recieve a bonus old one and for me to get it I would have to switch to a sub par deal or add an additional 20. The fact im pledging more than the BOE level should be taken into consideration. Quite frankly I thought the reward for reaching a million should have been a goo for everyone invested over 300 before shipping no matter what your level was.

    35. Michael Moore

      @Jeff - I wish my page would have refreshed. I wouldn't have bothered posting. lol

    36. Michael Moore

      @Grey - I understand your conflict. But you are taking it personally and making accusations. You can still get the game for $200. You can get the rest later. This is an expensive game. Sandy has said that from the start. He is under no obligation make sure it is afforable to the masses. Games are a luxury item.

    37. Jeff Richards

      @Grey Mann, I can understand wanting more, but it's just like cars. There are Hyundais, there are Volvos, there are BMWs, and there are Ferraris. And if you want special seat coverings on the Ferrari, then yeah, it's going to cost a lot more than if you're getting it on your Hyundai. Personally, I think GEG has been very responsive and adaptable (e.g. adjusting the stretch goals, bringing in a new GOO AND making it available to purchase; a lot of KS's would have made it exclusive to a certain tier such as CoC).

      At the end of the day, it is a business, and this is a VERY expensive game to produce and ship. Until you open their accounting books, you can't possibly say it's a cash grab, and it seems to me to be a bit uncharitable to assume that kind of greedy intent without any proof to back it up. I don't think CW has ever been about having the biggest KS or the most backers or the most units shipped or piling on stretch goals until the thing loses money and GEG closes up shop. It was about making the absolute best no-compromise Cthulhu game Sandy could make, and from the sound of all the reviews, that's exactly what he's done. And it's priced accordingly. It's a premium product, and not everyone will be able to afford everything that comes with it. If I hadn't lucked out on a few things, I wouldn't have been able to get it at all, not even a Cultist EB1, so I feel your pain. GEG is a business, not a charity (as much as we all wish there was a group willing to give this stuff to us! :-) ) But I can't see it as a cash grab.

    38. Michael Moore

      @Paul - It's only going to be $20. You don't have to pledge BOE/DVM for it.

    39. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Yea, not too happy having to pledge so much for the new GOO stretch goal. Guess I'll just have to cut several add-ons off my pledge to get this one. This is starting to become a real money suck.

    40. Richard Simmons on

      Way to go GEG! Nice to know your willing to accept feedback and change accordingly.

    41. Ada Korman on

      Oh yeah, the collectors figures are going on eBay as soon as they arrive. I don't really care about non-game collectibles.

    42. Missing avatar

      steelwraith on

      What I don't understand why none of the higher pledges include the H.P. Lovecraft mini...

    43. C on

      I'm playing Erich Zann's tiniest violin for the EB's right now!

      Oh, and thanks to whoever dropped the CEB1 a few nights ago, hehe.

    44. Body Massage on

      @Michael - my frustration stems from being maxed out in terms of cash flow. I feel that $200 is quite a bit to pay for a game, yet Sandy and company keep holding carrots just out of reach for all but the affluent. Furthermore, the collectors figures, I fell are also really weak. Here's a gray coloured piece of shelf clutter that has no game application. I know I am in the minority here, but I feel very strongly that this KS has turned into a money grab. Still, I love the Mythos... And I will buy.

      As you can see, I am frustrated and rather conflicted...

    45. Missing avatar

      Best Bay Comics & Games

      I'd jump on that father's day special. Right now, I have a second early bird and up to $502 in pledge. I did not get the primeval map or hp lovecraft marker (appreciate the ideas, but not interested), but got all other boards, figures, factions and maps, and got a shirt for my girlfriend so she will let me pledge as much as I want here without complaint. I still need to add for the 6-8 player map and whatever the cost of the goo will be, which would make that father's day pick phenomenal.

    46. Scott Tucker on

      I feel like a child awaiting Christmas, quite appropriate considering a December estimated delivery date. I have referred to the eminent arrival of this game as "Cthulhu Christmas", which seems much improved over the regular variety. I don't think I've been this excited about any particular "thing" for many years. A game based on the works of my favorite author, produced by my favorite designer and delivered for my favorite gaming medium? Normally I would scoff at spending ~$600 for a boardgame and its expansions, but in some strange perversion of my normal sensibility I am surprisingly unfazed in this regard.

      I am curious as to the identity of the newest announced GOO. While I'm excited for the introduction of any additional Mythos figure, I'd really like to see an 8th Faction introduced for the maps expansion. Getting an 8th player around two boards and playing through an expansive, epoch-spanning game of earth dominating would be a novel and memorable experience.

    47. Graeme Henson on

      "will affect gameplay in a profound and effective manner unlike any other great old one."

      Is that sarcasm I detect?

      I'm signed up for DVM, so I'm cool with it, but I wonder if they've made a calculation that offering this new GOO to the DVM level is the best way to get a surge in pledges. We're already at 622 DVM pledgers, making up about 1/3rd of all pledges towards this KS ($326,550).

    48. Jerry G on

      Gah! My manners.

      Thank you for the offer, though. It's awesome of you to try to help me out :D

    49. Jerry G on

      @Geoffrey Ford: Haha yeah, I'm an EB1 Cultist, so I'm getting just the essentials. A couple faction expansions, 1 of the dreamlands monster packs, high priests, and now the tough choice of the super cool dice and an art print, or this new mystery GOO (Although I think the GOO will win out in the end lol). Although, with the whole PM being an option, I doubt I'll end up missing anything I truly want. I mean, adding $12 for the dice later is always an option!

    50. Michael Moore

      Maybe you should bear in mind the pricing for BOE might have included the new GOO. Maybe that's why it didn't seem like a great deal at the time. And how can you complain that the "everything" pledge gets it for free. People asked for an add-on stretch goal, and it was granted.