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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Concept art!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

Not the update that some of you guys were wanting, but we still plan on having an update for the new pledges tonight. Also one of these is an update to the Moonbeast so he isn't peeing :) As always, these designs might change down the road depending if Sandy or someone else hates them:) Let us know your feedback, I always listen to them.




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    1. Sarcasmorator on

      Oh, oops! I think I posted that to the wrong thread.

    2. Sarcasmorator on

      I don't understand the desire for a human faction. The whole point is that humans would never stand even the barest chance against these things in force. Every victory against them is Pyhrric at best. Besides, there's already a human faction of sorts — the Cultists!

    3. Scott David Aniolowski on

      At first I was really put off by the gnoph keh, but I keep being drawn back to it and find it disturbing and creepy. Love it (even though it is not the usual unicorn/bear/monster we're used to). I hope it stays that way for the final. Loving the wendigo, too.

    4. Jon Dennis on

      @Sarcasmorator - Mwah ha ha, it worked! Thanks for pointing that out to me
      And, you're welcome everybody ;)

      (I'd still like to see a close-up)

    5. Mike Malley on

      Any hints on how large the Wendigo and Gnoph Keh are compared to the little ol' cultists?

    6. Sarcasmorator on

      @Jon Dennis: Check the front page. The sketches on the Hastur faction picture have been changed to the figures now. The Crawling Chaos stuff as well.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bouthiette Jr on

      Also, I agree that the moon-beast howling at the moon would be killer!

    8. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bouthiette Jr on

      I really appreciate re-interpretations of mythos monsters, and the more I look at the Gnoph Keh, the more it's growing on me. I think I agree with others in that while it's definitely a cool concept, I don't see it as very fitting of *this game* where you have giant clashing gods and ravenous tentacular things... a sneaky snowy-tree thing just doesn't seem appropriate.

    9. Jon Dennis on

      I'm sorry to complain, but I can't take much more of this.
      I SAW the King in Yellow sculpt in the last interview link that was posted. I would LOVE to see a close up of the sculpt! Please? What do I have to do to...
      Now can we please see a preview of the King in Yellow model? Any time before the end of the KS would be grea

    10. Steven Harbron on

      Agree with other here. I can see where the Gnoph Keh is going and I like it.
      Problem is there is no life in the drawing. The other concept art have movement.

    11. Nick Johnson on

      I like the Gnoph Kehs. I was just trying to picture it on the gaming table. It seems kind of static. Maybe add a bedroom door to the base for him to be standing behind. That would add to the creepy factor. :)

    12. Alan Leipzig on

      @ Loris

      What the smeg is that picture from?! I want to base a scenario around that.

    13. Loris on

      Love the Gnorri, Shantak and Wendigo. Don't really like the Dimensional Shambler and the Moonbeast. The Gnoph-Keh reminds me of

    14. Sarcasmorator on

      Maybe it's because I don't have a preconceived notion of the Gnoph-Keh in my head, having not read the stories it's in. But this — — is the depiction I'm familiar with, and I much prefer the one for CW.

    15. Sarcasmorator on

      I'm down with zebra Matt. There's plenty of room for interpretation when it comes to the mythos and its Things.

    16. zebra Matt on

      I find any notion of "conventional" mythos creatures difficult to fathom. The whole point is that they exist outside the realms of what we can understand. I don't actually think the artist on CW has taken as MUCH of a liberty with the source material as he might've.
      Don't get me wrong - if a design looks goofy or cutesy or whatever, that's probably a good criticism for this game. But "It doesn't look how I'd normally expect," strikes me as an extremely ill-founded criticism of anything Cthulhu-related!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason Seal on

      Having looked, thought about it, and had a think about the Miyazaki statement and I'm all aboard with the Gnoph Keh. The idea of a lurker at the threshold of vision is creepy.

    18. Monty Burnham on

      Hate the Gnoph-Keh! Looks like the Yeti from Doctor Who. I always liked the multi limbed polar bear look. Love the Windigo and Gnori. I agree with others that the Moon Beast should have more prominent face tendrils. The Gnoph-Keh is the only figure so far that I think I would "hide from friends" and not brag about having.

    19. Gerrit on

      Gnorri is amazing! Love it! The old picture in the CoC rulebook looked quite silly, but this new interpration is sufficiently alien looking. Whatever you do, keep the head as is! It is just brilliant.

      Gnoph Keh... uh. Looks weird. Not in a bad way - it definitely has some unique and scary charm. Still, not sure about it. I agree with Warren Tusk: The old CoC version looked more like a prehistoric mammal of unclear ancestry that is not a horrible monster per se, but looks out of place in the modern era. I liked that. Made it different from the vast majority of Mythos creatures by looking plausible, yet weird.

      Moon Beast: Overall ok, but I still think that the tongue is too prominent. The bundle of small tentacles should be the head's main feature, not a huge slimey tongue.

      Wendigo: Love it! This is not your typical Big Foot... this is a horrible, flesh-eating snow monster!

      Shantak: It is hard to see any details here. Overall body shape is ok though.

      Dimensional Shambler is distorted and creepy.

    20. Jon Simpson on

      Gnoph-keh is very creepy and interesting, im not sure about the arms though but i like the profile of this miniature.Please keep this concept.
      Wendigo is good I like the the protruding hip bones and abdomen, looks lithe and dangerous.
      Moon beast still looks odd, perhaps dynamic poses dont work with this guy..Have him howling at the moon.?
      Dimensional shambler. like the texture of his skin and 'face'


    21. Highlord Tamburlaine, Luxurious Reptile

      I really hope that Gnoph-keh has got some height to it. How big are they supposed to be?

      I would love to paint him up in various shades of white and grey, and inconspicuously slide it in between a few of the snow covered trees on my grandmother's yearly Christmas Town display. My hope is he would be big enough for his face to stick out from among the tree tops. Maybe hide some cultists behind the diner too.

    22. Wouter Dhondt on

      Everything looks amazing, but I especially like the Gnoph-Kehs. It is something different, it stands out and it is very creepy. Please keep it like this.

    23. George Arcus Johnston on

      So I was looking at the Gnoph-keh and wondering why I couldnt recognise the beast. I AM STOKED that it is not another version of the uni-bear. No offence Sandy but that bear has irked me since I first saw it CoC! ;P Well done Richard for breaking the paradigm :D

    24. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Loving that Wendigo

    25. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Shambler is a bit thin for my personal tastes, and the moon beast still looks "awkward". Other than that fantastic stuff!

    26. Highlord Tamburlaine, Luxurious Reptile

      Loving the gnorri and hoping I can score extras of them somehow if they're big and imposing enough.
      That Gnoph-Keh is cool. Maybe have it taller, leaner, with a slight hunch so it's looking down on its prey. It reminds me of something that would be hiding between the trees, blending in with its surrounding, until it's on the hunt and scuttling around on however many legs it feels like using.

    27. Morten Jørgensen on

      I love the shambler, moon beast, shantak and wendigo, and the Gnorri is OK. I don't like the Gnoph Ke at all, the face makes it look like an undead creature while the rest of the thing just looks comical IMO.

    28. Missing avatar

      Viktor Eikman on

      The Gnorri, Shantak and Wendigo are excellent! The shambler would look even better if it were more skewed, but maybe not so bow-legged. The Moon-Beast appears to be doing one-armed nautical push-ups. I prefer the previous design there.

      The Gnoph-Keh does look a little too humorous and off-model from Lovecraft's description. I'm delighted that No-Face in Spirited Away served as inspiration, but No-Face is not menacing in its original form. I think it's the overall "dilated hemisphere" shape that bothers me most; it would probably look better with a slightly more complex basic geometry, like a bison, or even a penguin. I'm curious to know how those three backward horns end!

    29. Darryn Mercer on

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that a polar bear with an extra set of arms and a unicorn horn glued on the front would be better, just that I can't see that the creature above would be depicted or described as written in the literature. I love the fact that the interpretation of "sometimes on 2/4/6 legs" has been taken as more than just "it can stand up like a bear does sometimes", but with respect to Sarcasmorator, the two fore-limbs are fairly clearly distinct from the back limbs (at the very least, they appear to be spaced considerably further from the mid limbs than the rear ones are). I suppose it would mollify me some if I could tell that the mid limbs were at full stretch to reach the ground whereas the rear limbs were bunched (suggesting that they were more evenly spaced) and that the 'legs' (i.e. what it's standing on) were more similar to the 'arms', but it doesn't seem that way from the picture. In fact it seems that were it to drop onto those front limbs, the rear ones would be left flailing in the air!

      btw - let me say how much I appreciate Sandy's work in bringing us the imagery for so many creatures both from this game and from CoC. It is a fantastic legacy of work and it simply continues to grow in both scope and quality.

    30. Sarcasmorator on

      Clearly walks on four legs? Not at all. Could easily drop forward and put those two front ones down as depicted. Who knows what sort of skeletal structure is hiding under that shag. This interpretation is really neat, and far more effective than others I've seen, which tend toward kinda generic-looking snow-bear-unicorns or wampas. Much rather have this super creepy thing.

    31. Warren Tusk on

      I'm a fan of the old CoC polar-bear-looking Gnoph-Keh. It made the creature feel like a lost Ice Age species, a real Earth mammal forgotten by history, which is an interesting and unusual thing for a Mythos beastie to be. The new design isn't bad, but I don't find it as gripping or charming.

      That said, I'm a huge fan of the new quadrupedal Shubs and the new Starspawn, and of many of the other reconceptings as well. I'm not a total reactionary. Good job all round. (I do still think that the King in Yellow should be a classy-looking dude in a robe and a porcelain mask,'s a bit late for that. Can't win 'em all.)

    32. Royce Calverley

      My wife and I love the Gnoph-keh design. Please keep it, it's amazing. There is a subtle menace to it, that is far scarier than a full out roaring six legged polar bear with a horn.

    33. Darryn Mercer on

      Although I appreciate the concept and the creepy nature we have in this interpretation, and am (as always) blown way by the talent of the artist, I feel that the miniatures we end up with really need to fit the literature (if nothing else). IIRC the first description of a Gnoph-Keh is in "The Horror in the Museum" where, although the description is extremely vague (allowing for an extremely large amount of interpretation), it does mention the creature's "sharp horn" (note the singular) and that it "goes sometimes on two legs, sometimes on four, and sometimes on six". The interpretation depicted here simply does not fit even that description as it clearly walks on four legs and does not have anything that could be described as "*the* sharp horn" (emphasis mine). Admittedly, the author in the tale is, himself, viewing an artistic interpretation of the beast, but he makes it clear that the described traits are exactly *how* he recognises it as a Gnoph-Keh.

    34. Justin Gadze on

      Just to chime in on the Gnoph-Kehs design, I think its awesome. I love the spirited away influence and it definitely has unique creepy charm to it.. Makes me think of Blair witch.

    35. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      Well I can see what you are saying, but let's face it. The Gnoph-Keh's description, in its entirety, is a "shaggy horned Myth-thing of the Greenland ice with six legs." We have satisfied that. It is important to me that when the "conventional" look is weak, we work to improve it, and I think that we have done this in most of our interpretations. I am in hopes that some of our versions (like the larval-looking Starspawn or the non-foggy Shub-Niggurath) will some day take over.

      And, after all, some of the Mythos creatures (or their descriptions) were pretty much invented by me (for CoC).


    36. Missing avatar

      Jason (the original, now decaffeinated) on

      the more I think about this, the more I don't want too deviant an interpretation from the mythos. I, probably like many, plan on using these as miniatures for RPGs and other games. so these "artsy" reinterpretations will actually detract when the creature is used in the game and looks nothing like it is described. what's strange, is that for all the libertys taken, Cthulhu is pretty much a straight forward interpretation, as is Nylarthotep, Sub-Niggurath, and Yog-Sothoth. Heck, you even get a wilbur and his brother look going with the Yog Sothoth faction. it really seems like the changes are getting more radical with each new set of pictures. I wonder if crunch time is becoming, let's just do whatever time. Clearly some want totally reimagined monsters, but I would definitely prefer some recognizability in them.

    37. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      At first I was kind of shocked by Richard's Gnoph-Keh. But then, on consideration and examination, I approved it, because I actually LIKED having a Gnoph-Keh which does not look like other depictions I've seen, many of which amount to a white shaggy rhino (blech). I like Richard's Gnoph-Keh because it is clear that its threat comes from cunning and malign power, not animal strength. It is not just some kind of beast, but a Thing.

      I can see it sitting. And waiting. For years perhaps. Until some day, you are out there in the snow. Alone.You wake up in the middle of the night, not sure why. You emerge from your tent, and It is there.

      Just my opinion,


    38. Sarcasmorator on

      In the woods, or at your window. Just checkin' in on you. Just watchin'. No worries.

    39. psyimp on

      The Gnoph Keh does have a very creepy aspect to him, almost like it could camouflage itself as a snow covered evergreen until it was too late. I just get less threat from the overall shape than I would like. I definitely would not want it morphed too much with a bear, but maybe have the legs be more powerful and bear like. Even replace one set of feet with a second set of arms (I do like the arms a lot) that hang slightly lower and further to the side.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kyle Strahm on

      The Gnoph Keh looks great!

    41. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      Artist here:
      On the Gnoph Keh, I was inspired a bit by spirited away and other Hayao Miyazaki movies. I imagined him to be this creepy creature that you see standing in the woods from the corner of your eye.

    42. Alan Leipzig on

      Playing Mansions of Madness, and as I showed Gnoph-Keh to the players every was gleefully blown away. We vote "Hell Yes"

    43. Sarcasmorator on

      I also love the Gnoph-Keh.

    44. Aidan Jace Cox on

      I suppose that I am the minority here, but I loved the Gnoph-Keh, I could see maybe a few edits (the arms look a bit off), but the concept is pretty creepy and sound overall.

    45. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    46. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bouthiette Jr on

      Share the general sentiment: love them all except Gnoph-Keh, which I'm not quite sold on. I wouldn't go so far as to say steal ideas from others, but I know I'd like it more if were similar to the one in the Pathfinder bestiary. But I absolutely LOVE the wendigo and shambler, so hooray on that!

    47. psyimp on

      I have loved all the concept art so far, but a agree that there needs to be more to the Gnoph-keh. A bearlike aspect would great, as it is to bullet shaped at the moment.

    48. Justin Gadze on

      I think moonbeast still looks a bit NQR... Like he's doing one-handed push-ups now.
      The others are looking nice! Shantar could be a bit more dynamic.

    49. Darryn Mercer on

      Love the others, but not sold on the Gnoph-Keh. For one, I think it looks a bit comical (as has been stated earlier), but the main thing for me is the lack of the Narwhal-like horn and obvious six-leggedness, which I think are the defining characteristics of this creature.