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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Faction Expansion Bundle Added and More Stretch Goals!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

We have listened to the backers, and we are now offering an expansion bundle that covers all of the faction expansions. Even though, it seems to have slowed down a bit, we are still super excited to have gotten to where we at right now. You guys have been great at spreading the word and helping us make this a success! Please check out our Facebook page and like us, and share our posts! We will be posting some fun news on Facebook soon!

Also, those stretch goals that everyone loves so much :)

We have tried to balance the cost of free figures and new expansions, there will be more free stuff to come down the road too. We hope that you like the stretch goals and keep supporting the project! Thanks!


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    1. nxumdon

      I second Miguels question...are those of us who are getting the custom dice, now getting even MORE custom dice?

    2. Miguel Duran

      Are the added dice in the stretch goal going to be "base dice" or will those folks who buy the custom dice also receive additional custom dice?

    3. George

      The last one I did set up the survey so that you could go beyond your pledge amount on the survey and then you could pay the balance via paypal or Amazon. Just a thought for you, may increase your after KS capital.

    4. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I like these two past updates. I'm updating my pledge accordingly.
      This game will certainly be the end of the world for my wallet. 8-)

    5. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      You are correct sir. At the Cultes des Goules level you get Opener of the Way, plastic gates, Asenath Waite, and custom dice. Plus a passel of independent Great Old Ones for free.

      The models are suitable for painting. You can see painted versions of some on the image files at under the entry "Cthulhu Wars".

      KS will not permit changing pledges after the KS closes. The easiest way to describe the models material/etc. is to say they are like unto the models in the game Descent, if you are familiar with it. Of course our models don't look anything alike, and the GOOs are bigger than anything in Descent, but that will give you the idea.

    6. George

      Oh,should have added that another freebie between the 650 and 700k level would be a good enticer. We are likely getting to the point where it will take enticement to keep the pledges going up.

    7. George

      I am a bit confused by all the talk about only getting 9 GOOs at the 240 level. Please correct me if I am wrong, but don't you also get the addition of the opener expansion, gates, KS figure, and 12 extra dice over the 150 pledge. Then for being over 200 there is also upgrade to the player handbook, an extra doom track and two player rules and 8 more free dice (as of breaking the next strech goal which just happened) and will likely make the six more free gates?

      Now I agree that I would like to see a little more of a price break on the expansions, and they have not enticed me to expand at this point. I would also think that a "completists package" with all the expansions and maps would be cool (if there was a Significant price cut).

      I agree that an unbiased review would be very nice and that some play demos would be good to see-perhaps a quick vid of set up and then a turn to start off.

      Two questions 1) I will be on the road at the close of the KS adn won't be able to up a pledge should I choose to. Will we be able to add when the survey comes out?
      2) Can we get a better description of the models, what materials, type of casting etc you plan on? It said somewhere they could be used for other games but would like to know if they are suitable for painting, etc. They are the right scale, but if it is injection molded plastic hollow core minis, that makes a difference.

    8. AGN1964 on

      @Graeme. Interesting idea. A lot of games have a 1st player maker, but ours does seem more like a playable figure than most (and a better sculpt than most).

      One problem tho'. I don't think she's made to scale. She's much too big.

    9. AGN1964 on

      Great! I woke up to new the stretch goal announcements and to 2 new goals being broken.

      Even more impressive, the daily total is up $24K. Looks like we're heading for another big day.

      Great job, everyone!

    10. Turk

      done and done, added $240 to my pledge for all the expansions and the map.. oh wait there is another map and expansion coming.. oh NOEs

    11. Graeme Henson on

      This KS still keeps grabbing all my attention and I hope we meet at least the new stretch goals for dice, high priests and gates.

      A semi-smallish suggestion I have for a possible new stretch goal or addendum to the Asenath Waite mini: You may want to include optional rules for using that mini as a summonable monster fig. Maybe with a loyalty card and a unique spellbook or something. It'd elevate her value above eye candy and give KS backers an extra reason to grab her.

      Seems to be one of the bigger gripes I hear about her.

    12. Gerrit on

      I was thinking hard which two expansions I wanted to add to my Cultist level pledge... now I am thinking hard about getting all four. xD

    13. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      @ Paul, the extra gates should be for CDG as well - as the idea is that you are including the gates add on

    14. Paul Benson on

      @Sandy-will the extra gates at the $600k goal be for the CDG pledges as well, or just for those that purchase the add-on?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mekon on

      Heh, thanks - I somehow managed to completely skip over that all-important sentence! :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Melvin-Hardy on

      @Mekon - You would still get the bundle deals with the Culte Des Ghoules and it would be cheaper than base game + other stuff. You can add $120 to get the remainder of this bundle and you would still get the map bundle because it is discounted.

    17. Hawk Fangor on

      @Mekon It says if you're at the Culte des Ghoules level, you can just add $120 for the 3 additional factions so you don't get a double expansion, that puts it at:

      Culte des Ghouls (240) + Faction Bundle (120) + Map Bundle (120) = $480 + shipping

      So that's cheaper than the Cultist unless you get the $138 or cheaper cultist pack.

    18. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      @ Mekon:
      The Culte des Ghoules has an expansion bundle too - for 120, which is less than 48 + 48 + 48, and you can also get the map expansion at the Culte des Ghoules level. Your math is all wrong.
      It should be 492 vs 480. So, Cultes des Ghoules is still a better deal (but not by much), and of course, whichever EB you may be on is a whole other factor

    19. Missing avatar

      Mekon on

      So... the way I calculate it, for the completionists (with the whole range of current expansions, minus art print/t-shirts)... it's substantially cheaper to get the base game + expansion and map bundles than it is to get the Culte des Ghoules (plus 3 other expansions)?

      Cultist (150) + Plastic Gates (25) + Player Marker (25) + Custom Dice (12) + Expansion Bundle (160) + Map Expansion Bundle (120) = $492 + shipping

      Culte des Ghoules (240) + Sleeper Exp (48) + Windwalker Exp (48) + Azathoth Exp (48) + Primeval Map (40) + Yoggoth Map (48) + Dreamlands Map (48) = $520 + shipping

      And both selections will qualify for all GOO stretch freebies. The first options is even cheaper if you grab one of the many available Early Bird price points for Cultist. Am I missing something?

    20. Akule

      Is it possible to offer a $120 version for Cultes Des Goules backers, that does not contain The Opener of the Way expansion? Or perhaps allow us to put in a $48 dollar map instead?

    21. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      No - Father's Day Special counts as a Cultes des Goules. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

    22. Aidan Jace Cox on

      I would just like to say that you have the most exciting and rewarding stretch goals I have ever seen, especially all the free figures. I am actually checking in hourly to see how much more money has been pledged.
      P.S. This new bundle may bump up my pledge a fair bit, keep the good stuff coming!

    23. John D on

      Yeah, FD's already get Opener of the Way.

    24. Michael Moore

      @Arthur - No. Father's Day is the CDG.

    25. Arthur K on

      I guess that's only fair when they got a $20 discount from the cheapest Cultes Des Goules

    26. Arthur K on

      So Father day's special will need to pay $160 like everyone else?