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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Blindsided by our shippers! An informational update

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

So, the information we have been giving is from our shippers, but it turns out that they were over-optimistic with their speed in delivery. To this point, only about 70% of the USA packages have been shipped, If you do not yet have a tracking number, you are probably in the remaining 30% which they are still working on. 

Their over-optimism was based on (a) it was a bigger Christmas season for shipping than they'd expected, and (b) they did not fully understand just how complex our shipments were. Despite our trying to explain to them - it was still a shock.

In Asia, tracking information has been generated, and should be sent out soon. 

In Australia and Europe, some people have gotten their packages, some have not. We have no new news here, but all the packages have made landfall and mostly should be on their way. 

More breaking news as it comes. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Torres Duran on

      In Mexico, Just received my package. Still checking the contents.
      (SAN blown)

    2. Zain 'Sylverphyre' Hamzah on

      For those in Asia that received it, which courier delivered it?

    3. Nicolas Dufer on

      DVM reached me in Japan. I did get a wrong tracking number though.

    4. Michael Moore

      Still no tracking # for me.

    5. Runeslinger

      Tracking info from HK to Korea still shows documents being prepared but... DVM has arrived in its huge 3 box allotment!

      Unboxing to follow.

    6. Scott Huber on

      Further info:
      as of 1442 EST my tracking has now reappeared on MyUPS both on the app as well as the actual website. But there is still no change from "Ready for UPS".
      I give up, the damned things will just get here when they get here. This process has sucked so much joy out of the expansions arrival.

    7. Scott Huber on

      I wish that were the case, unfortunatley the tracking numbers I was provided on 12/19 have, apparently, either expired or been voided by JIT, as the shipment no longer appears in MyUPS at all.
      To say that I am out of patience with JIT would be, at this point, a massive understatement.
      They've had the containers for over a full month now.
      Assuming they are only working 5 days a week that breaks down as follows:
      20 days / 2900 orders = 145 orders/day (18/hr).

      When I was in HS I had a summer job managing a packing line at a local factory. If we only put through 18 orders (54 boxes MAX) per hour the entire line would have been fired.

      Now, given that on Monday 12/14 they said that they'd shipped 2000 of the 2900 orders, then 900 / the next two weeks would work out to 90 orders/day (ignoring, of course JIT's massive LIE about having everything out on Wed 12/16) which breaks down to 11.25 orders (34 boxes MAX) per hour - which is pathetic through-put, to say the very least.

      I don't blame Petersen Games for JIT's failings, but I'm at the point where, if there's even a REMOTE possibility that JIT is handling OS2 that I am seriously considering cancelling my pledge.
      It's not that I don't WANT OS2 (I desperately do) but I'm frankly just exhausted with this shipping nonsense. It's obvious that JIT is either massively incompetent or just lazy and it's easier to lie than to get the job done. And, frankly, I don't have the energy to deal with crap like this for something that's SUPPOSED to be fun.

    8. George

      Scott: at least you have a shipping number.
      Could be the tracking lag, sometimes over the holidays it doesn't keep up with where it is. I have had stuff show up with the tracking still saying "accepted."
      Thought I have not had anything show up that hasn't even been shipped yet...hint, hint Sandy. Scott is right, can someone call and confirm what is going on. I have heard nothing at all.

    9. Scott Huber on

      I'm hoping that someone from PG calls the US warehouse on Monday 12/28.
      I've had my shipping numbers for a week, but according to UPS the boxes haven't moved an inch since the labels were printed a full week ago.
      Given that this was the THIRD "All Out By" date, I think the warehouse owes EVERYONE an explanation as to just what the hells is going on and when we can actually expect them to finish the job they have now been doing for a full month.

    10. Cardoc24 on

      I got a shipping notice on the 22nd, but no movement..Its the rest of the kickstarter (one of pretty much everything) Does that sound right? Priority 2-day shipping?

    11. George

      Comment 100: can someone check on the status for those of us with no labels or notice yet?

    12. Tyson Cross on

      In South Africa - just received shipping notification of three packages, total weight 16lbs (CDG with faction addons, the Lovecraft player marker and Dreamlands map). Yay!

    13. Greg Love on

      Received mine in Perth Western Australia, but I got TWO Windwalker faction expansions, but no Azathoth expansion, even though I pledged for the faction expansions bundle.

    14. Missing avatar

      Johnathon on

      in the US, and got my tracking number on the 19th, although since it was the weekend it didnt really ship and update until the 21st (projected delivery is the 30th) so, I would guess that there maybe still be some US orders not shipped yet.

      this time of year is just bad for shipments of any kind. and especially those like this which involve multiple packages and such.

    15. Björn Fink on

      News on EU or Germany? i have nothing yet.

    16. Victor Araujo on

      I was sent a 6-8 player map instead of the Dreamlands map...

    17. Missing avatar

      Leland Eaves on

      Anybody else not get their collectors figs from the Dark Regions World War Cthulhu kickstarter? I thought they were supposed to come with our shipment

    18. Missing avatar

      David Scheimann on

      @Fred: UPS website. Copy and Paste the number into the box. (Assuming you are in the States). You've probably figured it out by now, but, here you go anyway.

    19. Fred Allean on

      Patrick: sorry for the misunderstanding, I wish to check MY tracking number but don't know where.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Dale on

      Update: as hoped for, a hour after posting I had received nothing, I got a tracking email. No estimated delivery date yet, but progress!

    21. Missing avatar

      David Reynolds

      Nothing in Michigan.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Dale on

      Still no tracking number, no package. (US) If it's UPS, I get notifications from them when anything is sent to me, and have not gotten one. San loss 1d4 so far.

    23. P. R.

      Fred: You mean you want someone else's tracking number? Why would you want that?

    24. Fred Allean on

      Does anyone here know where I can check the tracking number that backers received by email?

    25. Will Stahn on

      I'm in the same boat, Jamie. It sucks.

    26. Jamie B. on

      Gave my corrected address (normally use a PO Box) to Petersen games two weeks ago. I had already given it to both CrowdOx in August and Specific Freight at the end of November, as well as back in March when the core game shipped.

      I have since heard not a word from anyone and the address it's going to closes for two weeks over Christmas, so if it's not here by the 24th it's sure to sit in a loading dock getting kicked around for two weeks.

    27. PokeTheBunny on

      @Dana in St. Paul, did you get a shipping notice or did they just show up? In Minneapolis area as well and have no notice...just wondering if I should be expecting boxes this year or be resigned to playing other 5+ player games until next year.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dana O'Gorman on

      Mine arrived today (St. Paul, MN)!

    29. Will Stahn on

      Nothing for me either.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jim Black on

      Still nothing here in Ohio either. No tracking number, no emails, no nothing.

    31. Keith Kikawa on

      Still nothing in Nevada too, and UPS isn't showing anything coming to my address either.

    32. Chris McCubbin on

      I did get tracking numbers but they are still showing as "Ready for UPS" a day later, so who knows.

    33. George

      not a peep here either.

    34. John Leo on

      Nothing in Indianapolis. No tracking number, either. This is incredibly frustrating.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jim FitzSimons on

      Nothing here either

    36. Darkfrost LC on

      Same boat as Nat :/

    37. Nathaniel Lanza on

      Welp. No tracking number after all today, and nothing on MyUPS.

      So when's the next date the shipping company's going to lie about, er, commit to?

    38. John Irwin on

      I got a tracking number, but it looks like it is not moving until monday, if im lucky

    39. Missing avatar

      David Scheimann on

      No, Paul. Not this David. I have nothing but the Shipping Company's word to PG--no email at all yet. Nothing but a CrowdOx confirmation of my order from August 20th. However, I think I have a four to five player Yuggoth map figured out from the various sources. I'll probably just draw the area blobs with black marker outline, and some details about starting spaces, yellow sign symbols, and "sea" annotation.

    40. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on


      At least you got an estimated delivery date. I finally got notification that they actually printed a label. Not that they shipped it. Just that a label was printed. No estimated delivery date. I'm guessing they just printed off the rest of the labels and threw in the towel until Monday, so I'm guessing I won't receive anything until after the New Year.

      Anyway, it's listed as 3 packages with a weight of 15.7 lbs. I'm suppose to get everything available, so does the weight sound correct?

    41. Chris McCubbin on

      Got an email today...estimated delivery 12/30 :-/

    42. P. R.

      Got my tracking number about 10 minutes ago. They are clearly still picking and packing. Courage!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jim FitzSimons on

      No email here either. I was the last for the first shipment also so no idea if there is a method to the order.

    44. Nathaniel Lanza on

      I'm also in the no-tracking-number boat. I'll be pretty surprised if I actually get one today, given how inaccurate all the previous statements by the shipper have been.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Scheimann on

      Feeling your pain there, Paul Cooper. I really hate being this negative, but yeah, you were expecting to play with your kids, and I had hoped to try the expansions with friends and family who don't come in but a few times a year because I had high hopes for shipment for about a month now. Kyle said he's not expecting until the 29. So...d#mn...frustrating. But, I am considering doing a posterboard mock-up of Yuggoth and Primeval this weekend--even if we can't play the factions or goos, I think we can try those scenarios out thanks to the downloads and video.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      And still nothing.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kyle Gamache on

      Just now got a tracking number. Estimated delivery 12/29. :( at least it's coming

    48. William H. Nelson on

      Received mine today! Especially excited about the, 'Six to Eight Player 'Earht' Map'. lol Looks like a typo on the sides of that one box, Sandy! ;P No worries; I just had to pull your leg about it a little. Thanks for getting it to me before Christmas here in the Seattle, WA area!

    49. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on


      I'm convinced I'll be the last one to get a shipping notice, and it will be a Christmas Miracle I get my packages by the New Year.