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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Super Important Update - please examine this one!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

Ultra-Important! Final Address Confirmation!

This is a critical update regarding final shipment of your Cthulhu Wars backer rewards as well as pre-ordered items! Please read extra-carefully! In a little more than a month everything will finally ship out in containers to regions around the world. We plan to provide you with tracking numbers for these container vessels as they cross over R’lyeh. 

But before we ship it all, we need to give you a chance to confirm your address one last time. If you are planning to move in the near future, please give us an address that is permanently accessible to you. We need this permanent address in case some issue with customs or unforeseen delays hamper your particular region's shipment.

 Up until now, we have used Fundafull for our pledge manager needs. We are transitioning to a different system - CrowdOx. Your data is perfectly safe, but if you are a backer, you no longer need your login for Cthulhu Wars. 

 In the next two weeks all backers and pre-order customers will be sent an email from This email contains a link to take you to Please follow the steps on the web-page. You will see your address and all the items you ordered. Update your address if necessary, and then press "save" or "confirm." (You will not be able to modify any of your ordered items.) 

 Once you have confirmed your address, you will be sent a receipt email. This again provides you with a list of all the items you ordered. 

 Expansion Rulebooks!

All of the expansion rulebooks are now available on our website! Curious about the rules for the new maps or factions? Go to our website (here) to check out and even download all 7 expansion rulebooks! 

Core Game Balance Adjustments

Here is a document, prepared by fans Paul Cunningham and Sid Rain that contains some recent balance changes for the core game (here).

Ask Sandy Continues!

If you have any general questions regarding any of this or the upcoming Onslaught Two Kickstarter, feel free to ask Sandy (here). Or see the old thread here

Factory Images! 

Here are some pics as the factory finishes up the plastics before final collation: 

A box of Rhan-Tegoth, Harbinger of the Old Ones.
A box of Rhan-Tegoth, Harbinger of the Old Ones.
A collectible Wendigo!
A collectible Wendigo!
Aseembling Rhan-Tegoth, so you don't have to!
Aseembling Rhan-Tegoth, so you don't have to!
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    1. Runeslinger

      I got my e-mail from CrowdOx yesterday. They had no address details for me at all, and the form would not accept the details (specifically the field for Country) in any browser, on several machines. I contacted support at both CrowdOx and Petersen Games and am still awaiting a response.

    2. Dan Pritchett

      I finally got my email yesterday, Aug 13th

    3. Missing avatar

      Niki Lybæk on

      I contacted Sandy about the problem yesterday, and I receved the e-mail an hour ago. I suggest to those who have not recieved the email yet that they do the same.

    4. systemchalk on

      It's extremely frustrating not to see an e-mail, see other people are having the same problem, and then see an update that doesn't acknowledge the issue.

    5. Matthew Churchill on

      No email for me neither.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jake A Grant on

      No email here as well

    7. Karl Shanstrom on

      Still no email for me. No change in address for me either.

    8. Merijeek on

      Nobody has shared that they've gotten one, yet.

      So, probably not time to panic yet.

    9. Nicolas Dufer on

      As others, no emails yet, should we be worried ?

    10. Adam Mohammed

      Make an update with link to the page we need to use.

    11. Missing avatar

      Melekh on

      Same here. No email till now.

    12. Jorge Barreiros on

      No email yet. Should I be worried?
      I haven't changed my address though.

    13. Missing avatar

      david mielcarek on

      The link to CrowdOx takes me to their site but there are no instructions on what to do.

    14. Björn Fink on

      No Email here...

    15. Luis on

      Yeah, I havent received an email yet...

    16. Missing avatar

      nigel robinson on

      @GEG just a quick clarification if no address changes have occured from the ones originally supplied and no changes are going to happen in this regards do we still need to go into the new pledge manager crowdox and reconfirm our address? if we do not would this delay our wave 2 shipment?

      happy to do so if required just a little concerned my email spam filter may mean i miss the "invite" email to crowdox.

      ps what spurred the change i thought fundaful was quite good personally.

    17. Missing avatar

      Moorcat on

      At what point do we contact if we receive no email.

    18. Missing avatar

      Johnathon on

      So, no email yet. you said within 2 weeks, so does that mean that by the 7th of august everyone should definately have one?

    19. Missing avatar

      Con on

      @Andrew. No. It is too late to change orders for wave 2. Also, you will find that all the expansions are marked Out of Stock. And the Petersens have said that they do not plan to sell expansions through their online store in future even when they have stock.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kharitonov on

      it be possible to add expansions from green eye shop to the second package?

    21. Decay on

      @Arthur Thanks for the corrected faction cards! Will the corrected spell books also be available in the next kickstarter?

    22. Spellforger on

      I just saw the download area on the site (
      Isn't the downloadable artbook the same that was included in the 10$ pledge tier? Does that mean that the first tier was actually for stuff that was supposed to be free for everybody?

    23. Wouter Dhondt on

      @Vasileios: the update states "You will not be able to modify any of your ordered items.", so I'd say no.

    24. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      Terrific update!!! Love the photos.
      I got a big rush of "we are past the point of thinking shipping is just 'later this year'. We are talking weeks now!!!" Made me smile broadly!

      Thank you very much for getting the rulebooks and errata up on the website and available. (That was follow up to a request I (doubtless others too) made in 'ask Sandy' on BGG.

      I'm going to make the same request I made when the PDF for the rule book was released last year; please can you reformat the expansion rulebooks to 1 page to 1 page and not 2:1? It's hellishly hard to read them on my iPad and impossible on my iPhone 6 plus (even with the big screen). I also like to print booklet size backups on my laser printer and it's so much easier to make that happen on a 1:1 basis.

      Kudos guys!!! :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      vasileios kakkos on

      Will there be a chance for backers to do modifications to the pledge? adding expansions etc..

    26. Dave Mendiola on

      @Matthew Churchill - They do not! So you can get additional power each turn, as long as you can keep your brain cylinders safe. :)

    27. C on

      ...unless you're going to paint your Rhan-Tegoth and want to get rid of all the mold lines! ):

      Eh... fwp. :) Glad to see progress.

    28. Matthew Churchill on

      Rules question: Do brain cylinders count towards the 6 cultist limit? After a cultist model has been removed and replaced with a brain cylinder token, may it be recruited back into play?

    29. John Ibarzabal on

      Please consider reformating the pages in the pdf for the manuals. It is hard to read them on the computer, the way the double pages are layouted...
      Please reformat it so each page is a different pdf page

    30. AGN1964 on

      @Arthur Awesome! (If I understand you correctly)

    31. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      @John Ibarzabal
      It's the Errata link

      the punchboard faction cards will be the corrected versions in wave 2

    32. John Ibarzabal on

      Ah nevermind, it think it is in the errata document in that page :)

    33. John Ibarzabal on

      I think the link for Core Game Balance Adjustments is wrong. It is the same one from the manual page download

    34. Gonzalo on

      @AGN1964 +1 to this!

      Can't wait for the expansions, my friends and I really enjoy this game.

    35. AGN1964 on

      Can you ship corrected spell books and faction cards in the second wave, please?

    36. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      read the updates better ;)

    37. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on


      Don't just go to!!!!

      You will be sent a LINK in an email. Wait for it.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hobbs on

      Great update! Thanks

    39. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait

      (I suggest another prompting update once everybody should have the update)

    40. Graeme Henson on

      I'm vaguely remembering that now, but it was awhile ago, I can't even remember what I sent. Likely it was based on artwork already created by Richard.

    41. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on


      sorry! Paul told me in an email you had helped make some of the art assets.

    42. Kevin J. Maroney

      Oh, never mind--I see it's the "Errata" file.

    43. Kevin J. Maroney

      Is that the right link for the "rule balance" file? It leads to the the Petersen Games download site and I don't see any appropriate file.

    44. Graeme Henson on

      Surprised to see my name in an update, or at least my BoardGameGeek handle, but I don't know that I or my alter ego Sid Rain really contributed anything to the Core Game Balance Adjustments document-thing. Maybe another contributor or I'm just getting senile early?

    45. Emanuele Crivello on

      Hi! I'll be in vacation during August until 26 circa. If i understand good you will ship at the end of August or start of september, right? Just to understand what address confirm :) thank you