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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

New news!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

We have not been updating over the last month because we are heads-down in production. But here are some images with some notes: 

First, as those of you who need replacement parts know, we were pretty much swamped with the need, but we have been devoting a lot of time and money to replacing all damaged parts. Here is an image of what is among the LAST replacement parts we need to ship out: 

The last pile.
The last pile.

 Yeah we know that we'll keep getting new requests for replacements and we'll still honor them, but we should be able to devote even more time to producing the NEW stuff now. 

The new stuff is still coming along though - we are not letting it idle. 

Dice and Atlach Nacha
Dice and Atlach Nacha

 Above you can see a pile of the custom dice with our guardian spider-god watching over them. This is the plastic Atlach Nacha, not the prototype resin one. He is identical to the one you'll be getting if you bought his Great Old One pack, or if you are a backer who spent $200 or more. (The strange dice in the background are from our upcoming game Dicenstein. Not sure how they snuck in there. Consider it a sneak peek I guess.)

More stuff coming along

We will be ready to show you pictures of the actual boxes for the expansions in a few weeks. 

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    1. Mark Owen on

      Hi - could someone point me in the direction of the update that had the info for requesting replacement parts, please?

      Also, since the game is released now, does anyone know what companies are selling it in the UK/Europe?


    2. Francis on

      Great old spider looks great, really creepy! Also Ever since you mentioned the concept for Dicenstein you have had my interest, the dice look neat too, make sure to let us know when you launch the kickstarter for it :).

    3. Justin Gadze on

      What Bruce Moffat said! That Atlach Nach looks fantastic.

    4. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      @Alexander Chang, contact them at

      Please email
      copy your message to Arthur too just to be sure:

      you should get an acknowledgement email from one or both if it works

    5. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      @George: in the last update they said

      In a few weeks we will ask you to finalize your address in the Pledge Manager. If you are not sure where you will live by September/October, please consider putting in the address of a place you can access such as a relative, friend or business that you know will not change

      so you can change it then

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mahieu on

      Hope that my replacement box is there...

    7. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      Great news about the replacement parts. I hope one of those board sized boxes has my name on it...:-) or better yet it's already been sent!

    8. George

      Will there be an opportunity to change out addresses before the next round of shipping? I am in the process of moving.

    9. C on

      @Sean: They'll work for Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror, as well as HeroScape and HeroQuest. Keep a few regular six-siders handy.

      That's... a lot of replacements. Dang. Looking forward to Dicenstein! Hope to see some PnP on BGG soon!

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chang

      Haven't received my game yet. Where do I tell them?

    11. Pitpipo Collaborator

      Oh... Are those Dicenstein dice ? ^^

    12. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      bwa ha ha

    13. HPLustcraft

      Wait a second...In the background on the left...Is that some new PINK faction??? ;-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Con on

      Atlach Nacha looks spectacular.

    15. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      yes, but you could really use them for any game that needs 3 distinct results with the same breakdown as the CW dice.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sean H on

      i'm just realizing, the dice are exclusively for CW use, with 3 blank sides, 2 pain sides and one kill. correct?

    17. Michael D'Auben on

      Love the Atlach Nacha figure. Really creepy! Looking forward to hearing more about the expansion packs, too.