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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Belt yourselves in, fellow cultists! We have a long tome for update 165!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)
Where Is My Bonus Stuff?

Do not fear! ALL of the expansions, collectibles, add-ons, etc. are coming. This first shipment is just the core game. The rest are being produced right now (see photographic proof). We are upset enough about the delays that we have switched manufacturers for the expansions. Our new Chinese factory says they are actually ahead of schedule on production, but we are traveling to check on them (after Chinese New Year). Trust, but verify. 

We expect all production to finish this summer. We are keeping a close eye on both quality & speed of production (in that order). Here are some great pictures showing where things stand at this time. We actually have images of all of the sculpts, but are showing you two for now.

Asenath Waite pre-production figure
Asenath Waite pre-production figure
Tsathoggua pre-production model
Tsathoggua pre-production model
Tsathoggua disassembled. He comes assembled - this is just to let you see part of the production process.
Tsathoggua disassembled. He comes assembled - this is just to let you see part of the production process.

Address Changes

If you have gotten a tracking number, it is too late to get your address changed. Contact your post office or someone at your previous residence and have them forward it. 

Replacement Policy

If you got your box, and any parts were damaged in shipping, please read update 164 for step by step details on how to do your own repairs or, as necessary, to get replacements. We ship all replacement parts personally, from Sandy’s house – if we run out, we shall cannibalize our own retail copies. For these and other issues PLEASE mail our helpful cultist at Sending a personal message to Sandy on kickstarter about replacements actually delays the speed of your response, because all he can do is forward it or ask you to contact anyway. 

Sandy does read and answer the messages – it’s just that if it’s a customer service issue, there is a faster, far more efficient way. To summarize – the fastest way to get your game up and running, if you are one of the unfortunate minority who got an impaired version of Cthulhu Wars, is to read update 164 first, and follow the steps therein. If your problem is not addressed in update 164, contact Note that we do not yet have our set of replacement parts from the factory, so we cannot send anything out to y’all until it arrives (and it won’t arrive till after all backers have their copies). We ask for patience. 

European Shipping

We are told that the ship is landing in the EU on Monday, January 26th. Then they have to be vetted by customs. The fulfillment house says they can get everything out the door in 48 hours, but we are examining the feasibility of opening all the boxes and cushioning them, which would cause more delay. This is your absolutely last chance to get any EU address changes in before shipment. To get an EU address change accomplished, e-mail I reiterate – for a last-minute EU address change, e-mail For other customer service issues, mail 

Australian Shipping

The shipload to Australia won’t leave till Thursday, January 29th. We are told there was a “technical issue”, and it had to be “rebooked” on a different vessel. We will know the estimated arrival date next week (and will post it here), but we assume it takes a week or two to travel across the sea.

Rest of World Shipping (Eastern Hemisphere outside of Europe and Australia) 

To my frustration and chagrin, it has STILL not left China. (This is one of the reasons that we switched manufacturers for the expansions.) They will be sent directly from the factory to your home, via a commercial postal service. The factory says they start shipping on Monday, January 26th. They estimate 3-5 days before all are mailed, and then 3-5 days of transit time per package. This means they should all be mailed off by next Friday, and then they should reach your shores in about another week. We are told that with individual packages like this, there are usually no customs concerns. 


Our Theomachy Kickstarter – a joint effort between Petersen Games and Historical Games Factory – is expected to launch next week (we plan for Tuesday). We have a neat little teaser video to show you. For those not yet in the loop – in Theomachy you play a God: Loki, Poseidon, Ishtar, even Cthulhu or Yog-Sothoth. You strive to be the dominant cosmic force by driving your opponents into insignificance by means of bluff, strategy, and skill.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Packard on

      Super happy with how the game turned out. It has been quite difficult to initiate those on their first game. Especially when they insist on playing Yellow Sign... I warn them and even try to offer advice as they play. 2 out of the 5 games those that played yellow sign did not have much fun as they brought the King in Yellow to very dangerous positions and got trounced by another GOO without Hastur being out...

    2. Beast on

      @Rouge this is to make the mold so the figures can be made... this needs to be done first.

    3. Labelle Rouge on

      Interesting update but I have a question : what is this sculpture for ? Is it for the collectible version of the minis ? What is the differences and why didn't you use the regular one to start from? Thanks.

    4. Zain 'Sylverphyre' Hamzah on

      I just want to check, for this ROW shipping, would we be getting tracking numbers? Or are we gonna have to just wait for a package to arrive?

    5. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      Thanks for clarifying Sandy. I had a feeling that it was the interim material that was changing their appearance. I don't think 'cuddly' is the word I would use. Right from the first preview of the production art, Asenath has looked like she would be be a handful, even on a good night... :-)

    6. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Awesome. There's been several kickstarters where European shipping meant EU shipping so I just wanted to make sure.

    7. Tore Schade Svenningsson on

      Ah, good. You'd be surprised (or maybe not) how many companies, particularly American, forget that Europe and EU is not the same thing. :P

    8. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      It is "European" shipping, not "EU" shipping. I mean, it makes landfall in the EU (not sure if it lands in Amsterdam or Kiel), but then it goes all over Europe. So Switzerland and Norway are included.

    9. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      These prototypes are not made of the final material - they are used for creating the porcelain casts which, in turn, are used for the injection steel molds. They do look kind of soft and cuddly, don't they? If you've seen the final Cthulhu Wars models yet, that's what their texture will look like in the final version, though.


    10. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      Great update! Thank you for chasing down Australian shipping. When I spoke to Arthur on Thursday, there was no information at all so somebody must have tightened the screws somewhere. :-)
      On a different note, Tsathoggua is awesome! It makes my Grenadier Miniature from way back in the 80s look like a complete wuss! Asenath Waite looks amazing too, but is the detail on her a little soft? (Insert crass tentacles and boobs joke there...) Or is it a trick of the light and the colour of the plastic?

    11. Mnemonaut on

      Sounds promising for us EU backers. :)

    12. Sharkey

      Thanks for the update! Can't wait!

    13. Jon Simpson on

      Well the miniatures look great. I completely understand this situation and appreciate your transperancy. This is the reality of boardgame production except as a backer you get to see all the pitfalls along the way instead of just pulling it off a shelf. This is one hell of a project. I'm guessing I will have my uk copy within the next 6 weeks...and breathe :)

    14. Justin Gadze on

      And the wait continues... Looks like Aussies will be near last to get their copies of the core game. Why am I not surprised?

    15. Casus Belli

      @AGN1964. Custom dice are part of wave 2. They are not included in the base game.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sean Muc on

      @Arthur. Have you explored the feasibility of doing 2 more waves instead of one big one? Or is everything going to be done more or less all at once? Also will we have normal retail boxes for the expansions? Last I recall that was still undecided. Keep up the great work! :) Game is awesome and my friends enjoy

    17. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Glad you'll make sure stuff matches. Plenty of us OCDers in board gaming :P
      Although if it's slightly different it means I'd need to buy a new core set.. Hmmm...

      Also, is Norway part of Europe shipping? Since we're not EU sometimes we're included, sometimes not.

    18. Andrew Gelbman on

      Wow - obviously the Old Ones are trying to stop you! Sorry to hear about the difficulties - but if I read this correctly, we can expect to see the bonus figures sometime around Xmas 2015, yes?

    19. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      The components will match exactly - we control the specs, and I will be in China a few times this year to make sure as well.

      Production should honestly finish in May-ish, so if shipping takes 3 months like the core game did, then I am hoping everyone will have it all by August-ish. No promises! These are estimates, but informed ones

    20. Beast on

      Alsi can we get a break down of how many copies to each country (State/Province too)

      Just curious how rare this is in my area.

    21. Beast on

      I was expecting a longer update after that intro.

      @Rick - having no privileged knowledge of anything I am expecting sept/oct for arrival of expansions.

    22. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      South America is shipping at the same time as the rest of North America. We have already heard from Brazilians who have gotten their games.

    23. Emivaldo Sousa on

      Regarding shipping updates - what about South America?

    24. Rick Dakan on

      So what is a realistic expectation for a delivery window for the rest of our materials if production finishes sometime in the Summer?

    25. AGN1964 on

      Love my copy - it's pristine!

      Are the custom dice part of wave 1 or wave 2? I thought they were part of the standard game ... so wave 1, but I did not get any. I'm just trying to see if they are missing from my box or coming later. No worries either way.

    26. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      We closely watch every step of the process. Plus they have the original game in front of them to compare.


    27. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      We are making sure that they do match

      -Sandy's cultist

    28. Jeff Richards

      DVM+ backer here, and looking forward to Theomachy! Ah, my aching wallet... :-)

    29. John Ibarzabal on

      I have a question/concern: changing companies, will the components match with the core game? I am always afraid with that, specially cards... when they dont match