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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

Have You Found the Yellow Sign?

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)

Because of storage errors (our manufacturer placed no padding inside the shipping boxes), we have found that there is more damage to the shipped product than expected. We actually produced three times as many replacements as the industry standard, but even this might not be sufficient. We are concerned, and in fact are going to ship all replacement parts personally, from Sandy’s house – if we run out, we are going to cannibalize our own retail copies of the game (originally intended for us to sell). As a tiny company, we obviously would prefer not to bankrupt ourselves due to an error not of our making, but we also want to help everyone, and that is our top priority.

Let me hasten to add that the vast majority of people have not had problems with their copies. It's just that the "tiny minority" is not as tiny as we'd expected!

News for the EU

I realize you are all champing at the bit to get your games, BUT we have taken a step that may delay your game a little longer. Before you summon up a Byakhee to carry us off, let me explain.

We are taking quotes from our EU logistics team on how to pack the EU games so they will be better-cushioned than the American shipment. The team tells us that most of the damage in the North American copies probably happened in the last leg of delivery – when the USPS or Fedex guys basically threw boxes around the back of the truck. SO, we are trying to see if our logistics team can pack the boxes better! 

We hope for your patience on this – it will add only a little more time, but should greatly reduce the chances of damaged figures! We are trying to learn from mistakes! 

Replacement Policy

Because replacement takes time, and we want to you to be able to play your game as soon as possible, we hope your first resort is to try to repair the damaged items on your own. In most cases, this is a simple process, and almost all problems fall into one of two categories. 

My Figure is Warped!

Many people have reported that some of their figures (most often nightgaunts) are twisted so they lean in a non-Euclidean direction. If this bothers you, it is stunningly easy to fix – simply immerse the bent part of the figure in hot water (not boiling, but too hot to comfortably hold your finger in) until it heats through, and then bend it back into shape.

Occasionally (not often) this loosens the glue on the figure, and a piece may come off. Not to worry. This is easy to fix, too! Read on.

My Figure is in Two or More Pieces!

Some figures have popped out of their base, or have had an arm, wing, or tentacle come loose. In most cases, the break happens along a glue line, and you’ll see a peg-and-socket joint you can fit the missing limb into. To repair such a broken figure: 

1) check to see that it fits back into the joint smoothly. (If not, you may want to use the hot-water treatment described above to squeeze the figure back into the correct configuration.)

2) If old glue is left in the joint, you may want to clean it off first (scraping with a fingernail often works).

3) get hold of some glue! We recommend airplane glue or plastic cement – this seems to work better than superglue. Zap-a-Gap works like a charm. Many backers say Gorilla Glue is great for this purpose too.

4) Place a tiny drop of the glue into the socket, or on the pin (but not both). Fit the piece together, and wait for the glue to set. 

5) Presto! It’s fixed. 

In some cases, these fixes won’t work, perhaps because the plastic is actually cracked (though even those can sometimes be glued together seamlessly), or because the damage is not glue-able (like a torn faction card). In this case, we are happy to help. Please follow these steps: 

1) Take a clear photo of each damaged component. 

2) Send the photograph to us at It is helpful to also include an itemized list of the damaged components. For example, “the Black Goat faction card is torn, and one Byakhee is missing a wing”. 

3) Include your order ID from the tracking e-mail. It’ll look something like “7717690-MCP”.

When we get your e-mail, we will store it (sadly, that's all we can do for now). When we get our copies of the game from the shipper (no, we don’t have them yet), we will retrieve your mailing, assemble the missing pieces, and ship them to you at no cost (to you, that is.)

Sandy Petersen

P. S. for those in North America still awaiting your shipments, I feel your pain. I just got my OWN tracking number today, so I am apparently in the last group shipped! *sigh*
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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Stolar

      1 Night gaunt separated from the base
      Nyarlathotep lost an arm (still in box)
      Hastor lost a tentacle (still in box)

      All broken at glue joints. Considering the super cold weather the week these things shipped I'm not all surprised or upset with the the "damage". Easy to fix and now unnoticeable.

    2. J. S. on

      Reading about the problems other people have had, I'm kind of thrilled (and amazed) that everything I got arrived in borderline mint condition. The box was perfect, the tray was perfect, none of my figures were broken. There are a few that have slightly bent parts but nothing that looks sob ad that it bothers me (I think it adds some character to some of those Fungi and Byakhee), and there's only one tiny bent corner on one Doom Track. All in all I'm pretty pleased with it! The only problem I've had so far is that I can't seem to figure out how to put all the miniatures back in the box so that it still closes properly! Halp! I have too many monsters!

    3. Brian Laing on

      Just got home from travel so finally got to open my game. Looks beautiful. I did have some minor broken pieces with tails, arms etc. The big thing was a massive crack in the tray near the mighty one. Sending photos to support.

    4. Dave Borne on

      So is it just minis that are getting replaced? My box has two dented corners and the plastic tray holding the Great Old Ones is pretty badly cracked.

    5. Vuud on

      Got mine. Hastur had a broken tentacle and one ghoul list his base. Nothing gf9 glue wouldnt fix. Im actually gratefull that I didn't had to glue the minis like some other games I wont name

    6. Elim Horton on

      Finally got mine! From the day it shipped, it made it half way across the country in two days... then, when it was in a depot a mere 20 miles from my home, it disappeared for a week. But that's to be expected from such interdimensional goods. In any case, it's here! And in mostly good condition. Big crack in the top tray, a broken Nightguant, and all the paper / card components have bent corners. So it's not perfect, but nothing enough to hassle the good fellows at GEG about, presuming I can repair the Nightgaunt.

      Sandy, et al., thank you for this beautiful game!

    7. Sharkeyx

      Got mine in yesterday, box was pristine, and no issues on the minis. Great job guys. Sorry to hear about the issues some are having, but thank you for being so good in replacing and helping those people.

      Also, when can we expect the expansion stuff to arrive?

    8. Missing avatar

      Timothy Mullen on

      I can't find my tracking number and my shipment hasn't arrived yet, Is there anyway I can have my number resent to me? Thanks

    9. Alderman Jack on

      Is there ANY news on the ship bound for Germany?

    10. James Waggoner on

      Just got mine. Packaged great. I was expecting problems based on the comments but only had one piece that needs to be "bent" back (the King in Yellow is leaning forward just a bit too much I think). Nothing was broken. I did only get ONE core game when I should have gotten two so I'm expecting a second shipment fairly soon. Would love to see GEG offer some stackable trays for the smaller pieces. I know it would be a pain in the butt to make, but I'd buy them.

    11. Zagula on

      I really appreciate the support and while I also had a couple of very minor repairs, I found it helpful to laminate ($8 at my local office supply store) my faction cards and the doom and ritual tracks since our game is already seeing a lot of use. The most pleasant surprise was how easy it was to teach the game to my 9 year old and how smooth the game play is! We LOVE our game!!!

    12. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      @Alan Robo-Bestia
      All of the Americas should be covered with the second shipment, including Mexico and even Brazil. I don't know how rigorous Mexican customs is in holding packages before sending them on, but the US took 3 extra weeks thanks to Uncle Sam's diligence.


    13. Ada Korman on

      Just sharing some adhesive success. All of my nightgaunts were snapped off at various parts of the feet and I couldn't get them to glue together for the life of me. I ended up buying Locktite's 2 part Plastic Bonding System and that seems to have worked (also got the King's arm back onto his body).

    14. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      @Sean C. J. Bourke
      We know not every figure will be repairable. That's why we have our free replacement policy! Take the steps in update 164 for getting your information to our support cultist and you'll get your nightgaunt. It might take a little while, because we are not getting our set of replacement parts from the factory till after ALL the backer copies have shipped. I suggest that in the meantime, you bond your broken nightgaunt crudely to his base with some epoxy, just so you can play the game while you wait for our response.


    15. Alexis Edminster

      Got mine today! Perfect thank goodness :) I am so impressed with the quality ! Now my only concern is will the expansions pack away so perfectly!

    16. Sean C. J. Bourke on

      No matter how hard I try, I just cannot get my Nightgaunt to stick back on the base... it snapped off at the ankles, and I used some plastic cement modeling glue for plastic minis but even after holding it place for 5 minute intervals it will just not stay on....

    17. Jamie B. on

      THANK YOU! This is exactly the sort of information that makes situations like this better.

    18. Claymore Nash on

      Yay! I must be really lucky since their isn't so much as bent tentacle or broken claw to be seen!

    19. Seth Drebitko on

      After one of the worst days at work I've had in a long time, this and my breach world kickstarter arrived. Thank you for making this day so much more awesome!

      Nothing at first glance seems off, aside from a tiny bend in the rule book. I'm assuming if we backed at a higher level everything else will be on its way with the second wave?

    20. Missing avatar

      Harald Smith on

      After a week crossing the country and another 3 mysterious days since the package escaped NJ, Cthulhu Wars has finally arrived! Both packing box and inner box in good shape. A couple minor bent parts (nightgaunt and one of Cthulhu's wings) easily corrected with hot water. A few loose bits requiring glue (one nightgaunt wing, arm & wing of a byakhee, one arm part of a fungi from yuggoth), both ghouls requiring more glue (left arms for both, one off of stand).
      Altogether very superficial damage from transport.
      And now a game of Cthulhu Wars is underway! :-)

    21. Alan Robo-bestia on

      Hello, i live in Mexico, could you tell me if my copy is in this shipment or if it will be a future one? i haven't received a tracking number. Thanks!

    22. Ken Mortis on

      I got it!!!! Very minor dents on the corner of the box, but everything else is in tact and good order.

    23. Missing avatar

      kyle chelius on

      I haven't checked to see if I got a shipping notice (thanks for the info below Merijeek), but I came home to the core set. The box was dented in one corner but that, I would think, is probably the shipping company. The Old Ones were all in great shape. Haven't had time to check everything else yet.

    24. Joshua Krzych on

      Recieved mine today, packing box had minor damage.

      Game box was pristine and looks awesome.

      Quite a few broken mini's:

      Shub was broken from the base but at the joint, I think it was just a crappy glue job.--fixed can't tell

      1 dark young had a tentacle snapped off, glued it back on -- fixed can't tell

      Nyarlathotep had an arm snapped off I glued it back on but the break was pretty bad and it looks crappy - fixed, looks bad (may ask for a replacement)

      1 Byhakee's wings fell off and two arms/claws. glued it back together - fixed looks ok...

      missing one Nightgaunt

      Insert was cracked and dented in several places

      I am very thankful the box itself was undamaged. Otherwise all the components look great!

    25. Rick Dakan on

      I totally missed the announcement that only the core sets are shipping. I just got my core game (no damage!) but opening it and discovering that it lacked the majority of what I paid for (I pledged at the top tier) was a major disappointment. When does the rest ship?

    26. Pinosaur on

      TY Matthew : )

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      You must have. Core sets only for now (ready to play). Expansions will be shipped later.

    28. Pinosaur on

      Did I miss an update saying the expansions would be delayed ? I received core game box today. (contents undamaged ftw), but I hope they have a few more boxes for me still in transit. DeVermis Mysterious backer trying not to panic :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      I curious, my tracking shows its left Fishers, IN almost a week now (no update). Should I be concerned?

    30. C on

      BGG was unhappy with the (relatively) thin and loose (ie. poorly packaged) track cards, and Dakka is as well: Definitely switch to thicker cardstock or cardboard and better packaging before you need more replacement parts!

    31. Merijeek on

      @Kyle -

      Sender is: GE Games
      Subject is: Order Shipment Notification

    32. Missing avatar

      kyle chelius on

      I have not received a shipping notification that I am aware of. I live in NJ. What is the subject matter for the shipping notification so I can search my inbox for the message? thanks

    33. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      @ Joshua Lavin: if you are a backer of Cthulhu Wars, then your unborn daughter will probably be the type of entity that scares possessing spirits away. So no worries.

    34. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      @ Stephen Shulusky: are the arms totally missing, or just loose in the bag? If the former, it's an easy fix. If the latter , we want to replace it

    35. Sandy Petersen 21-time creator

      @ Justin G: we plan to launch theomachy next week, in conjunction with Historical Games Factory

    36. gwailo on

      Well, this is why I love that I backed this game. That said, I wouldn't mind an update on where the ROW shipping is.. But happy to see that you are responding well to a problem, even if it doesn't affect me personally at this point. Kudos.

    37. Michael Baird on

      Arthur, you rock! Thank you so much for helping me. I never dreamed to see that it was already on the way. I can hardly contain my excitement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    38. Justin Gadze on

      I second the comments about a new ROW ETA update.

    39. Stephen Shulusky on

      Mine is beautiful (really beautiful, far beyond expectation) and nothing seems damaged. Two of my byakhee are missing their upper right arms, which I would fix myself if I had the pieces to do it, but I feel this is a minimal problem. I'm very pleased with Sandy and the rest of the team, thanks for getting this wonderful product in our hands.

    40. Erik Daguerre on

      My Box arrived today, and everything survived! the dark ones did not try to eat all the other dark things inside. Thank You! The box is beautifully put together I cannot wait to drag it down to my local game shop and play!

    41. Missing avatar


      My box arrive on Saturday, and everything looks beautiful! The only minor damage was to that paper insert that talks about the extra great old ones and such, so consider me a happy customer!

    42. Joshua Lavin on

      Yeah, never mind me...the box was waiting for me when I got home from work today! I'm a little afraid to open it. My wife is pregnant, there's nothing in that box that will try to possess my unborn daughter, is there?

    43. David Lee Seymour on

      The funny thing is that the Black Goat IS the worst of the 2 damaged cards I have and 1 of my Byakee's wings ARE broken. I'm seeing a pattern.
      I have to disagree with the decision of blame the damage on the delivery companies though as my game box is more or less ok with some corner bruising, the outer shipping box was fine, but my player cards are mangled and my elder god tray was completely shattered in the center. Other than that, everything is beautiful, I just have to reglue about a dozen figs is all. I do find it odd that you would recommend a plastic cement over superglue though. Is this a cyanoacrylate resistant plastic?

    44. Missing avatar

      Moorcat on

      @ Arthur, I received this reply when inquiring about my domestic DVM ($525) pledge:

      "Everyone SHOULD receive tracking by the end of February, but probably sooner than that. This is all estimates as they're putting together the 2nd shipment of the 1st wave right now!"

      I am hesitant to post information about myself on a public site, can I email you?

    45. Azazel A on

      Any news for AU shipping? Or are we still on last update's generic "soon"? At this rate they'll be sent from China after CNY...

    46. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      or better yet, email me the full thing at

    47. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      who told you by the end of February? Link?
      What is your last name and city? I will help you

    48. Missing avatar

      Moorcat on

      I emailed and was told it was still not out and all domestic backers should have confirmation by the end of February, which is a long time after the "last" domestic shipments supposedly went out.

    49. Sean C. J. Bourke on

      Mine was buried in my old emails Moorcat, try searching through your emails using the search word Petersen or Petersengames

    50. Missing avatar

      Moorcat on

      Last group shipped implies that everyone in North America received tracking numbers. I still have not.