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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
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Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught 3!



In case you are unaware, we have a new Kickstarter project going on for a new batch of Cthulhu Wars expansions!

Here's a few of the new things:







This is only some of the stretch goals we've already reached!
This is only some of the stretch goals we've already reached!

Do you know the King in Yellow?


Our friends at Pelgrane Press have 6 hours left on their project. Give it a look!

Using Gods War Elder Races in Cthulhu Wars


The last update included a link for a document with rules for using Monsters from The Gods War in your Cthulhu Wars game.

This document includes those rules as well as rules for using Elder Races from The Gods War in Cthulhu Wars.

Download it Here

We're on the last day of The Gods War Kickstarter. Don't forget to back the project before 6 AM PST / 9 AM EST today.

Using The Gods War Monsters in Cthulhu Wars


A lot of our fans have been asking about some kind of crossover rules between The Gods War & Cthulhu Wars. The problem is that the games are so different. It's almost like asking for a crossover between Twilight Imperium & Cthulhu Wars. Possible, but challenging. Just look at a few examples. Say that I add the Darkness empire to a normal Cthulhu Wars game. Well – Darkness's unique ability is that she can "exit Hell without permission". But Cthulhu Wars doesn't have a "hell"! Or if I was to add Chaos to Cthulhu Wars, how would Chaos ever get its "Catastrophe" Gift? There is no Chaos Rift, and no spot to place it on a Cthulhu Wars map? How would Storm apply his "Insurgency" Gift to a Gate? While these problems aren't insoluble, they have given me pause.

The figures are compatible in size of course, but that's not all that's necessary.


But there is another approach. One of the new features of The Gods War are the Monsters. These are huge entities that oppose all the players, and are difficult to kill. However, killing them brings a useful reward. Cthulhu Wars barely touched on the concept with the bhole & the watcher (from the Dreamlands & Yuggoth maps, respectively). The Gods War exploits the idea thoroughly, with currently 7 different monsters, each with its own amazing powers, and lots of depth & strategy.

So I have taken the time to work over The Gods War "Monsters" and make them a useful add-on for Cthulhu Wars. I am also in the process of doing this for The Gods War's Elder Races (which work kind of like a cross between Cthulhu Wars' Independent Races & Neutral GOOs).

Click Here to Download the PDF

Next week I expect to have rules worked up for the Greater Gods of The Gods War, all with loyalty cards & rules for use as Neutral GOOs for Cthulhu Wars. And of course all the rules for this will be made available by Petersen Games to all our fans.

But how would a Cthulhu Wars fan buy JUST one expansion for The Gods War?

It's trivial – just back at the $1 Minion level and increase your pledge to match the Add-On(s) you want. When the pledge manager goes up, you'll have the opportunity to select them.

For instance, if you only want Monsters, sign up as a Minion for $1, then add $100 (the Add-On price for Monsters). You'll get 9 huge detailed monsters (larger than the average neutral Great Old One in Cthulhu Wars) and be able to use them in both games. Or for that matter, they work fine in any game. Call of Cthulhu, for instance! (In the early 90s I did rules for adding a Dragon to Call of Cthulhu, and these rules were published in Dragon Magazine!)

Cthulhu Wars vs. Gods War


A lot of our Gods War backers have been asking about potential Cthulhu Wars / Gods War crossover rules, which I thought may also be of interest to y'all. Such rules are not trivial to produce, because Gods War (while it does share some game concepts with Cthulhu Wars) is really a wholly different game. 

For example, while Gods War has a Power-gathering phase like Cthulhu Wars (and it's even called Power), the Power is gathered in an entirely different manner. 

It adheres to the Cthulhu Wars principle of one Action only per player, and the round-robin Action phase, but the precise Actions work quite differently. 

All units, for every faction, are unique. There are no Cultists. The list of differences goes on. The result is that my playtesters tell me that Gods War simply feels different from Cthulhu Wars. (Not necessarily better or worse, just that it scratches a slightly different itch.)

But what about that crossover?

But despite all I said above, I am taking steps towards some kind of interaction between the two games. The first step is now complete - adding rules for the Gods War Monsters to be used in Cthulhu Wars. First let me say that the entities known as Monsters in Gods War are nothing like the Monsters of Cthulhu Wars. The Gods War Monsters are like the Bhole or the Watcher - Awful Things that molest and hurt everyone, though if you do manage to kill one of them, you achieve a reward. 

They also come with huge figures, as big as a Great Old One. 

When a Monster is added to the map, it moves and attacks on its own terms, controlled by strict rules. While they can be destroyed, this is not always easy. However, the player who kills a Monster does get a nice reward. For example, the player who kills Androgeus gets all of his Rituals of Annihilation free for the rest of the game! 

Anyway, these rules will soon be made available as pdfs for everyone, and I wanted y'all to be aware of it. Also, please check out Gods War. While it's not hardly Lovecraftian, it is a cool dark fantasy. 

The Gods War Begins!
The Gods War Begins!


If you like Cthulhu Wars, I suspect you will also enjoy Gods War


So ... I've put together a new game with some of the same game elements as Cthulhu Wars (asymmetric strategy, gigantic awesome figures, etc.) and it is currently on Kickstarter, so I would like to share it with you, my first and most appreciated backers. 

It is a dark fantasy, rather than horror, but the figures are the same scale, and I believe the art is the same quality. My testers assure me the game is as fun as Cthulhu Wars, with enough differences to stand apart. It does not replace Cthulhu Wars, but stands alongside it. 

We also have found some ways to lower our costs, so it's somewhat cheaper than Cthulhu Wars, and hence your wallet may be appreciative. 

Check it out. 

The Crimson Bat!
The Crimson Bat!