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Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Wars is a strategy/horror board game from Lovecraft's classic Cthulhu Mythos.
4,389 backers pledged $1,403,981 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      @Christopher David
      No, the pledge manager itself (fundafull) is actually closed down permanently (the owner shut it down). However, we certainly have records of it all).

      @Doug Bailey
      please email support, but I can see in our records that you never registered on the pledge manager (fundafull), so we never knew what address to send your rewards to. We sent multiple reminder emails, but still had about 153 individuals (out of over 4,000) who never filled out the pledge manager and provided their address, including you.
      Sorry about that!

    2. Christopher Davis on

      Is there a way, after all this time, for us to still see our pledge manager for the original Cthulhu Wars?

    3. weismonsters on

      I was defeated by the beurocracy of the customs people for the final package. But I am more than happy with all the goodies i did get my hands on from this kickstarter. A great game and fine miniatures.

    4. AStarks on

      Send an email to, they'll get you sorted out

    5. Doug Bailey on

      I pledged $240 to this and never got a damn thing.

    6. AStarks on

      Quoting from a PG rep:
      "to all are loyal backers and fans,

      Ian Starcher, Business Manager for Petersen Games, spoke directly with Miniature Market regarding the pricing issues a few minutes ago. There were some misunderstandings (on both party's side) and miscommunications (mostly on our side) that caused them to put up prices they won’t be fulfilling. Furthermore, they will not be soliciting any pre-orders until the products are being shipped to you. Thank you SO MUCH to those who alerted us to this issue and for all of your understanding."

    7. BoardGameRevolution

      This is a big FU to all of us who supported the campaigns:…

    8. Sandy Petersen 19-time creator

      Darren, please email

    9. Darren MacLennan on

      I haven't received some of the items that I was supposed to have received from the Kickstarter, most particularly the Opener of the Way expansion. How can I go about receiving these items?

    10. John D on

      Happy Birthday, Sandy!
      Thanks for making Great Big games!

    11. BoardGameRevolution

      Please don't add CW stuff to the Gods war campaign.

    12. Pitpipo Collaborator

      So, now that you're all very experienced, what is your favorite faction and why ?

    13. Adam Mohammed

      2 player rules can now be found boardgamegeeks

    14. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      We have recently expanded our support team by 2. This should help replacements for broken things, returns, and other related issues to be taken care of faster.

      Most everything should be taken care of by now, but anything that hasn't, this will certainly help!

    15. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      My missing Dreamlands Monsters cards have arrived, thanks Petersen Games

    16. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Just had a shipping notice which I think should be my missing cards for the dreamland monsters

    17. Lance Strohsahl on

      I appreciate you reaching out to me after I talked with KS about this "situation". If you had simply kept me posted on a weekly basis after I requested such I probably would have been happy to wait another year. That's the one thing I cannot stand; silence. Anyway, problem now is that the "newest" tracking number that you say support sent you is, in fact, the previous tracking number from February. Sooo... yeah. Nothing new then.

    18. Lance Strohsahl on

      I have contacted Kickstarter directly to investigate and to make them aware. You cannot believe how really did not want to do that. I have only had to do that one other time and that was with Queen Games, so you know now how bad your customer updates have become if you are on par with them.

    19. Lance Strohsahl on

      You admitted I was "super screwed" by the shipper and that you would sort it out that very moment but then, even after emailing twice for an update, you go back to total silence. I think, by this point, I would just like my money returned for everything, including onslaught 2. I can't but feel that perhaps my daughters will inherit this debacle after my passing.

    20. Lawrence Camangon on

      Still haven't received My 2 x De Vermiis Mysteriis Pledge in the Philippines. I have emailed support. Answered me once and never emailed me back again. I was expecting better support and I think I have been really patient with this project. Any update would be nice at this point.

    21. Missing avatar

      M L A

      I got my one replacement Azathoth card in the mail today. The fact that this company went out of its way to replace a single loyalty card means the world to me. It speaks volumes to your great costumer service and I am proud to say that today I have checked this project as COMPLETED in my kickstarter history as completed. Thank you for being awesome.

    22. Micheal B on

      @Arthur- Well yesterday a huge box arrived at my workplace containing everything that was missing from my pledge level for this kickstarter.
      Just want to say thank you for all of your help, I am very happy with the customer service you provided.

      Also for others who are still missing items, keep a positive attitude (I know it can be hard to do,) and keep messaging, check your emails and Arthur & the team WILL be sort it all out.

    23. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      holy crap, I didn't realize it ended up totaling 6! Let's hope that is never repeated with any other projects for you (or anyone else!).

    24. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      I just looked up the most recent communication with you, which was a request from Lincoln confirming/verifying your address on March 22. If you responded to that, you did not copy me on it. Please respond to that email!

    25. Lance Strohsahl on

      Why is it I must resort to publicly messaging you, Arthur (and others?), about my still missing expansions and stretch goals?!? You tell me the shipper told you I signed off on something on March 12th but I did not. Nor did I receive tracking information as I did for the core games and the 2 Asenath Waite figures. I ask for follow up, you said you would ask shipper but then "radio silence" again. What. Is. Going. On? This isn't rocket science. I know because I used to be in the shipping business with Kintetsu World Express. I know you guys must be very busy but if you have outstanding issues from long finished projects then you need to solve those problems first and foremost. It should be the first thing you address every morning when you get to work and you should be tracking the progress of resolving these problems with microscopic scrutiny. And, most importantly, you need to keep the customers in question up-to-date on a weekly basis at the very least. We email you, you should email back the same day you receive it. This is what was expected of me at Kintetsu and it should apply to everyone and anyone in customer relations and management. I apologize for having to post this publicly but nothing has changed since the last time I posted a message here with my first complaint and, well, it should have, shouldn't it?

    26. Michael Harris on

      @ ALL - Greetings and salutations. I am exceptionally pleased to announce that, as of today, after a grand total of SIX shipments, I FINALLY have all of my Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter Rewards! (And there was much rejoicing) I received my core game initially, then a replacement for the broken Cthulhu it contained (Shipments 1 & 2). When the expansions arrived, half of my items were missing, so a second box was sent with the rest of the rest of my order except for the 22 plastic gates (Shipments 3 & 4). Finally, my gates arrived (Shipment 5), only to have me open my Opener of the Way expansion to find the Doom Track and Power marker minis were missing. Finally, today, my replacement markers got here (Shipment 6), and I am proud to say that I have all of my items. Thank you Sandy, Arthur, and everyone at Petersen Games that not only designed and produced such an amazing game, but also for all of the time and effort you all have given in helping me to receive all of my items. I know seeing my name must have become a source of frustration, but I truly appreciate all that you have done for me. I have since backed Onslaught 2 for every single item offered, including multiples of some of them, as well as the Cthulhu for Pathfinder Kickstarter. Also, as a result of your amazing work and dedication to your customers, I backed Theomachy for both of the games, all expansions, and all of the additional upgrade items you offered. In me, you have earned a customer for life, and I will continue to support your company so long as I am able. Thank you again for everything, and, until next, fare thee well.

    27. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      aargh. Micheal B, don't give up. Please email support and copy me

    28. Micheal B on

      nope.. 3 faction expansions still missing and several other bits... I give up.. lol

    29. Micheal B on

      I just recieved a delivery containing a couple of expansion boxes.. happy days :D

      Now I just have to clear off a table and unpack everything to see what I have... looking at the campaign page I think it's possible that I may have made a couple of mistakes and not ordered everything.. Will have to check and see

    30. Michael Harris on

      @ ALL - Just a quick heads up... If you have a faction expansion that you have not yet opened, you might want to do so. I finally got around to opening my "Opener of the Way" expansion, and I found that the Doom Track Marker and Power Marker mini's were missing. It seems the factory overlooked these items when packing it. Anyway, you all might just want to go through every box you got an inventory all of the contents. Just because the box or bags are sealed doesn't mean everything is there. I have a few more boxes to go through yet, but I'm hoping those two mini's were the only issues. After all, I finally got my gates and I thought I was actually done. Until next... :)

    31. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      Thanks Micheal!

    32. Micheal B on

      @Arthur- I was going to send you the email today but I just received a response email from Support asking for my delivery address and that they are going to send replacements for the items I didn't get.
      I do want to say thanks to you for being around to get on top of these situations.
      We all know that things like these can happen, we don't live in a perfect world.
      It,s just disapointing when things like this actually happen to us personally, no-one likes to be left out of the
      But the main thing is that you are here to address the problems and get resolutions sorted out, there is (in my opinion) no need for embarassment there since your company is obviously willing to fix problems and not just palm the blame off on the postal service or whomever they can gind as a scapegoat.
      Cheers to you and Petersen games.

    33. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      Guys, this is embarrassing to me, and I apologize! I will look into this ASAP

    34. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      same thing! please copy me!

    35. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      I've very sorry about this - so far as I know, we are unaware of this issue entirely.
      Please email me (arthur at petersengames dot com) and support at [same] immediately!

    36. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      @Micheal B
      where did you open a please help ticket? I've very sorry about this - so far as I know, we are unaware of this issue entirely.
      Please email me (arthur at petersengames dot com) and support at [same] immediately!

    37. Lance Strohsahl on

      I received my 2 core boxes and 2 Asenath Waite figures but nothing else (all the expansions, stretch goals, etc. X2). I have emailed you (Petersen Games) and gotten sporadic replies or no replies. So, yeah... You aren't alone Jason. Especially hurts since I am a retailer waiting to put the 2nd copy I pledged for up for sale but I cannot until the set is complete. Typical KS runaround BS from game makers I generally get because I live in Japan.

    38. Jason on

      Hi, until now I have not received my game. Please help. Alternatively, let me know how I can get a refund. Thanks.

    39. Micheal B on

      Just sent another 'please help' ticket at the Petersen Games website this morning.
      Hopefully I get a response this time.

    40. Micheal B on

      @Arthur- While I am happy for the other people who have had their issues solved don't forget there are still people lije myself who have not received ANYTHING apart from the initial 1st wave. My pledge level was for everything and I have not yet had any notification or or recieved any further products.. I opened a ticket at Petersen Games over a month ago and it went unanswered.. I am not a happy backer in the slightest.

    41. Adam Mohammed

      what is the length and width of the faction cards?

    42. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      your comment means a lot to me personally, and I think to all of us at Petersen Games. We will endeavor to not recreate the insane delays and frustrations of our first time!

    43. Michael Harris on

      @ PetersenGames & All - Greetings and salutations. Well, after two years, two shipping companies, and two lost packages, I FINALLY have all of my items in hand (except for the plastic gates, but why sweat the small stuff). I am of two minds on the entire experience. Never have I been more frustrated by a Kickstarter's endless delays or multiple shipping problems. Yet, never have I been more satisfied by a Kickstarter's final product. Cthulhu Wars is, quite simply, the best board game I have ever played. The level of strategic variation between the various factions, the sheer scope of the play options available, and the absolutely stunning miniatures put this game well above and beyond all other board games, no matter the genre. While the troubles encountered along the way to receiving our rewards made me want to tear my hair out at times, Petersen Games was steadfast in their dedication to correcting every situation with expedience and professionalism. As such, I look back on the past couple of years with a grimace, but I look upon the end result with a smile on my face. When all of this is said and done, I do not regret backing this project, nor do I have any regrets about backing Onslaught 2 and Theomachy. In me, Petersen Games has won a customer for life, and I am proud to have been one of their many many supporters. I look forward to backing future Petersen Games projects with baited breath and endless anticipation. So, to all, I say, until next, fare thee well.

    44. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      New website, and Sandy's design corner on it:

    45. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      Sorry about that lack of tracking - it should have definitely come with tracking. Email support.

    46. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Depending on what you ordered there was likely to be 2-3 separate boxes (full DMV was 3) and these can become separated in transit so hopefully the missing 1 or 2 boxes will show up next week

      What shipper delivered the box you did get (you may well be able to see if there is anything else in their 'system' on it's way to you

      otherwise contact Petersen games via their website (and see if there is anybody reliable at/next to your old address to take in packages or we tried to deliver but you were out notes)

    47. weismonsters on

      A box arrived this week. It contained great old one packs 1 and 2 and collectors edition minis and die cut faction cards. They all look to be excellent quality. However, no sign of the add ons which I purchased - plastic gates, Asenath Waite etc. Hve not received a tracking number or anything for those. This is tricky because I am moving out of my house at te end of the month...

    48. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      @Michael B,

      The Australian stuff should have arrived by now since the 16th Dec update said

      "In Australia and Europe, some people have gotten their packages, some have not. We have no new news here, but all the packages have made landfall and mostly should be on their way."

      so i'd get on to Petersen games using the contact form on their website with all your details

    49. Michael Harris on

      Okay, I got hold of JSI Logistics, the new shipping company, and I have some information. It turns out that even though they only sent me one tracking number, there were, in fact, two boxes. The first box made it to me. The second box... didn't. Starting to sound familiar to anyone else? Well, they tracked down the second tracking number, and it is in Illinois for some reason. Since I live in West Virginia, this is obviously not where it should be. So, JSI asked me to wait a few more days to see if UPS straightens this out. So, once again, I'm waiting. I just hope that, if and when the second box arrives, my missing items are all in it. We shall see...

    50. Michael Harris on

      @ PETERSENGAMES & @ALL - Okay, I am absolutely FURIOUS now! I just got a box that was supposed to contain all of the items I have not received except for the 22 plastic gates. According to the packing list, the items were all supposed to be in the box, and the box had not been opened. Well, I opened the box, and all that was inside it was the Collectors Edition Minis, Great Old One Pack 1, and Great Old One pack 2. According to the packing list attached to the box, it should have also included the following items which are missing:

      Opener of the Way Faction Expansion
      Asenathe Wait First Player Marker
      Custom Dice
      6 - 8 Player Map Expansion
      Die Cut Faction Cards

      However NONE of these items were in the box. The 22 Plastic Gates I can understand, but the rest SHOULD have been in there. The list SAID they should have been in there. And no, yet AGAIN, I have to wait to get my items. My patience is gone. There is no excuse for this, and I am completely fed up. Please, Arthur, tell me what will be done about this, because I have not only been patient, I have been 100% supportive of Petersen Games throughout the delays. This, however, was the straw that broke the camel's back. Please help.

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