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Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
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Grey Ancients Acolyte + Meet the Ancients!

Posted by Arthur Petersen (Collaborator)


The Neutral Grey Ancients Acolyte

Cthulhu Wars is an odd beast of a game. One of the reasons is because, as a game line, it offers a significantly outsized amount of expansion and additional gameplay material. If you look over our previous Kickstarter campaigns you will note a ton of new rules and special gameplay material added as stretch goals. However, Cthulhu Wars is ALSO known as outsized in the bling department. We have lots of cool looking, big figures. Sometimes we have things that are just that - bling. We love this new Acolyte sculpt for The Ancients. In fact, we were originally going to have the Ancients Faction begin with "normal" Acolyte sculpts, and then add this model to the Ancients box as a Stretch Goal. But we liked her so much, we just went ahead and made her part of the box from the start. But that meant we lost a Stretch Goal along  the way. So, it's back as an additional miniature free for you! Just bling. But if your thing is gameplay...have no fear we have LOTS of tricks up our sleeve in future Stretch Goals. I promise....

Also, remember we are running a contest in which YOUR creation can become an official part of Cthulhu Wars! You might be able to use this Neutral Grey Acolyte in your creation!


The Current Stretch Goal Box

This is everything we've unlocked so far that EVERY PLEDGE LEVEL gets. We've unlocked other goals, but they only apply to specific products (e.g., Plastic Cathedrals for Ancients; 15 Eradication Figures for Shaggai Map; New Loyalty Card for Dire Cthulhu). Since not everyone gets those products, depending on their pledge level and add-on selection, those don't go in the "Stretch Goal Box." 


Sandy’s Design Corner – Meet the Ancients!

Once more let’s talk about the Ancients.

First, the basics. They have six acolytes, like everyone else. They also have two types of monsters – the Un-Men and the Reanimated, and get three of each. They also get three Yothans. Uniquely among all factions, the Yothans are Terrors, and they are the ONLY Terror that appears in groups (all the rest are loners). Finally, they have four Cathedrals, their new special building.

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The Ancients have to be extremely sensitive to the other players, and must engage in diplomacy and negotations to an extent previously unknown in Cthulhu Wars.

Like Yellow Sign, you need to travel across the world. In your case, this is to build Cathedrals in the same areas marked with Symbols as Yellow Sign (though you also have to build one Cathedral in an unmarked area). Fortunately, you have an ace up your sleeve – other factions often rather like to share their areas with a Cathedral. But you can’t always rely on this, and you lack the punch of Yellow Sign’s undead army.

Like most factions, each of your creatures has a spellbook dedicated to it. Unlike every other faction, these spellbooks actually make your creature inferior in some way! However, they’re still worth getting for two reasons. First, they make the creature MUCH less expensive, and thus let you have a good combat punch (which you’ll need). Second, you can’t win the game without all six spellbooks!

Your special faction ability is Dematerialization, and is useful in movement. Each Doom phase, select one area in which you have units. Move any or all of those units to one other selected area, anywhere on the map. In play, you’ll find this useful not only for planned attacks, but also for building your Cathedrals.


The Un-Men have a Combat of 0. Once you get their Festival spellbook, you can summon them for Cost 0 as well, which is a great deal. Unfortunately, when you do this, you must choose an enemy to gain 1 Power. So you may not want to do this too much in the early game.

The Reanimated have a Combat of 2, and when you get their Mindless spellbook, their cost drops to 1 apiece, which is a real bargain. Their only weakness is that they cannot Move, Battle, or Capture unless non-Reanimated unit of yours is in the area, to give them commands. This is not often a problem, because you’ll want to accompany them with Un-Men or cultists most of the time.

The Yothans are your most powerful units. Not only are they resistant to many spellbooks since they are Terrors, but they have a Combat of 7! (That’s more than Cthulhu! And you have three of them!) Their spellbook of Extinction means they only cost you 3 Power, but gives them the serious drawback that when they are killed, they go back into the box, and can never be re-summoned again.

Naturally enough, some players freak out over these weaknesses and try to work around them. But the far cheaper price of getting the spellbooks far outweighs their disadvantages. Even the Yothan’s dire Extinction is not so terrible – usually you won’t need to use them in combat until the last turn or two, and if you are able to pace out your losses over time, all is well. To be frank, if you lose your last Yothan near the end of the final turn, who cares? You won’t need him again, and really, if he died in battle, his 7 dice may well have done the job you summoned him for.


Cathedrals must be constructed by your Cultist. Unlike Gates or Desecrations, you don’t have to keep a unit in the Area to continue to gain a Cathedral’s benefit, and they can be abandoned upon completion. 

Cathedrals cost either 3 or 1 Power to complete, depending on whether they are adjacent to another Cathedral (they’re cheaper when NOT adjacent). So your first Cathedral only costs 1, but then you’re often better off moving a unit two areas away before building the next. Fortunately, your Dematerialization ability lets you move multiple units for free. Take advantage of it.

The Cathedrals serve two important purposes. First, no less than FOUR of your spellbooks’ requirements are tied to building Cathedrals! So you need to hop on this right away. Second, three of your spellbooks are specifically tied to your Cathedrals. These are:

Worship Services – in Gather Power, you earn 1 Power for each Cathedral that shares an area with an enemy Gate. That enemy also gains 1 Power. This is not only a source for extra Power for you, but serves as a tool to help you “get in the door” when trying to build a Cathedral in an enemy’s area. It’s best if you don’t build all your Cathedrals so as to benefit a single enemy, though, because it’s best for you to split up this power boost among multiple foes. This spellbook does also make your Cathedral areas into targets for battle, which is entertaining and instructive.

Consecration – this lets you get Elder Signs when you do a Ritual of Annihilation. I nakedly admit this is here for balance purposes, so the Ancients won’t fall behind in the Elder Sign sweepstakes. But it works, and gives the Ancients interesting choices. If they have 1-3 Cathedrals in play, they get 1 Elder Sign. If they have all 4 Cathedrals, they get 2 Elder Signs. This means that an early-Cathedral strategy is viable, but costly in terms of Power.

Unholy Ground – this is your terror weapon. If a Cathedral is in the battle area, you can choose to remove ANY of your Cathedrals after the battle. This eliminates one enemy Great Old One from the battle. The general effect in-game is that enemy Great Old Ones try to stay away from your Cathedrals, except for Cthulhu of course (nothing fazes him).

But there is another, subtler effect. When you remove a Cathedral, typically this denies another player his free point of Doom phase Power. This also lets you re-build that Cathedral in an area controlled by a more amenable player, as well as punish (if only slightly) an enemy.


Roll for Crithulhu!

Roll for Crit talks about us in a few videos! Watch them:


Cthulhu Wars: Petersen Games und Ulisses Spiele prüfen weitere Optionen für Übersetzungssets

Die Cthulhu-Wars- Kickstarterkampagne (<-- Das hier ist ein Link) ist mit einer nicht-euklidischen Kurve nach oben geschossen und bereits jetzt unfassbar erfolgreich. Jeder Unterstützer bekommt bereits jetzt das komplette Omega-Regelwerk – auf Wunsch auch auf Deutsch – dazu geschenkt sowie weitere spannende Prämien, und die kommenden Bonusziele sind zahlreicher als die Tentakeln eines Sternengezüchts.

Deutsche Unterstützer, die bereits die vorherigen Kickstarter unterstützt und die englische Box im Schrank stehen haben, sie aber lieber auf Deutsch spielen würden, können im Onslaught 3 Übersetzungssets (Translation Packs) als Zusatzprodukt (Addon) dazubuchen. Was aber, wenn man nicht an der Kickstarter-Kampagne teil nehmen möchte oder kann, aber trotzdem das Übersetzungsset haben möchte? Auf vielfachen Wunsch aus der Community prüfen Ulisses Spiele und Petersen Games gerade, ob deutschen Kunden nicht auch abseits der Kampagne das Übersetzungsset angeboten werden kann.

Dabei gilt es noch einige Dinge zu prüfen, bevor eine abschließende Lösung präsentiert werden kann, aber wie Ian Starcher, General Manager von Petersen Games, sagt: „Wir möchten, dass möglichst viele Spieler weltweit Spaß mit Cthulhu Wars haben. Und wenn wir eine Möglichkeit finden, diese Zahl zu erhöhen, werden wir sie nutzen, auch wenn es mehr Aufwand bedeutet.“

Markus Plötz, Geschäftsführer von Ulisses Spiele, ergänzt: „Genau das möchten wir in Deutschland durch eine alternative Lösung bei den Übersetzungssets erreichen.“

Wir informieren euch, sobald die Fragen geklärt sind und wir mehr dazu sagen können.

 - Shubby

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    1. Missing avatar

      David on

      This faction sounds wonderful. I love the core concept of kneecaping your own units in order to facilitate making deals with your enemies. Really cool idea.

    2. Manuel Tants on

      @Michael Pflug: This is what the FAQ says:
      "Q: Will there be an add on option for the 3 mm punch board OR updated cardboard OR both of all the factions?
      A: We will consider offering the Faction die cut (punchboards) after the campaign in the Pledge Manager as an add-on."
      Looks like it's not 100 % certain yet, but there seems to be a real chance that they will be offered at some point.

    3. Michael Pflug on

      @ Andreas: Yes, but I'm asking about all the existing Faction boards.

    4. Justin

      So will the Ancients come with both the punchboard and cardstock like the tcho-tcho faction during OS2 or just the punchboard when we unlock the SG?

    5. Andreas Kotschote

      @Michael german translation pack will also have 3mm cardboard and the German versions too!

    6. Missing avatar


      This might be a somewhat special "requirement" regarding translations, but as someone who used to play in different groups, it would be extremely helpful to have material in English and German. That's easily covered for the old stuff with the translation packages, but an option to also get translation packs for the new stuff would be very appreciated (rather than being forced into a one-or-the-other choice).

    7. Missing avatar

      The Captain on

      Like the way the new faction sounds.

    8. Missing avatar


      @Arthur thanks for the chime in. I noticed that odd seems to be the meat and potatoes of the game. Hope to see more oddities coming along. I got into CW exactly because it's so many things that other games aren't :)

    9. Alderman Jack on

      +1 for DropDeadCriminal. Been wondering the same thing.

    10. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      @Zhan Hao
      Sort of. But, really, MOST Factions work in the abstract like that - slow to start, then get better in mid to late game. They DO need to co-exist with others, more, though.
      But, their spellbooks for their Monsters and Terror make them better (cheaper) AND worse at the same time. So, it's not really that they only get better. They're odd.

    11. DropDeadCriminal

      Why not maroon like the rest of the "bling" figures?

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Think I'd rather see a color gate for the Ancients and a thick punchboard faction card first as stretch goals instead of this fluff.

    13. Michael Pflug on

      If we buy the german translation packs. Will we also get the 3mm cardboard faction sheets, or the thin paper sheets?

    14. Missing avatar


      Is it just me or does the gameplay of the Ancients sound like an inverse Tcho Tcho? Slow to start, needs to coexist with others, designed to be heavy hitters mid to late game.