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Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
4,130 backers pledged $1,076,211 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. LordZon about 20 hours ago

      Well Petersen Games always comes through in the end. This stuff is beyond their control. We all got CW and OS 2. You’ll get OS. And you’ll be glad you backed here. It’s extremely difficult to find all the expansions for CW after the fact.

    2. Fleabag - formerly HoodHero 1 day ago

      *Sigh* typical kickstarter project delay. The disappointment still hurts like the first time but you get use to it eventually. :')

    3. VegaPatch 6 days ago

      I think one of the reasons Dungeon Boss failed is that the Street Fighter Miniatures Game launched a few days before and in my opinion, seems to have more content for less money and it´s prepainted minis look better.

      Don´t kill me, but Cthulhu Wars seems at first glance a more complete package considering the cost of both.

    4. Artem Holubiev 6 days ago

      Unfortunately in case of Petersen Games (which is a small company) changing focus is threatening to leave other matters unattended.

    5. Michel Godbout 6 days ago

      Dungeon Boss won't happen, bu I understand there was a need to focus on that KS to see it funded.

      I feel sorry for PG that it did not take off the way we see their other games did... :-(

    6. Michel Godbout on April 19

      @Petersen games

      Like, you guys will deliver Chase Norton's copy first right? I mean, he will then let us know about the possibilites for Warsponge 2. LOL :-)

    7. Artem Holubiev on April 19

      Like I've predicted - all the action now in Dungeon Boss KS campaign :\

    8. Julap on April 17

      I am in the same situation of Artem Holubiev. My order is still "currently Processing".

    9. Scott D
      on April 17

      @ Bardolph. I think it was around March 23rd. It was the Australian store though.

    10. Scott D
      on April 17

      I received my Marchthuhu order already. I'm in Australia

    11. Artem Holubiev on April 17

      Does anyone have their Marchthulhu orders shipped? I'm worried that with new KS campaign for Dungeon Boss focus will be put to the support of that campaign... I'm getting no update on my Order Status (placed and paid on March 21st), so probably items out of stock already.

    12. David Kekejian on April 17

      Hey guys! Just wanted you to know there is the street fighter miniature game Kickstarter going right now and you should check it, it’s really cool!!!

    13. Artem Holubiev on April 12

      I wonder if Friday 13th would be a proper day for an update... :)

    14. Michel Godbout on April 11

      That's one ugly looking penquin (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)

    15. Hand Of Cthulhu
      on April 10

      For the Homebrewers that wanted the Penguins:

    16. erperuano on April 10

      Moreover after boarders's fraud news

    17. erperuano on April 10

      Well, could we have a short answer about shipping updates please?

      Also, if someone could explain what pdf must be printed by ourselves it would be great. Thanks for your future answers!

    18. erperuano on April 7

      Acording to Berton, It's a good time to a shipping update. Another issue, wich ones of the new cards of the pdf compilation have to be printed by ourselves?


    19. Missing avatar

      Berton on April 7

      @Kyle : The shipping is a long process (starting with the ship which must take all the packages, go from Asia to EU for exemple, then custom fees, pack it, call carrier in EU, etc.) which would take about 3 months according to Arthur and the planning in the campaign. And that's why we can except that the graal arrive in our house in June. Maybe later because of some issues/delay.

      That's why, because we are in April, I wanted to know if everything goes as planned and if the very first step of shipping is coming :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on April 6

      Shipping has always been scheduled for June. Did I miss something saying they were shipping early?

      Arthur commented recently that shipping should be on time

    21. Missing avatar

      Joe Jones on April 6

      General Question: Is OS3 on track to start shipping this month some time? The reason I ask is that I want to get to the Hyperspace KS...and get my OS3 loot =)

    22. VegaPatch on April 5

      I would also like to get shipment updates. I´m from Spain and I suppose I´ll get the game in late June but I have so much hype right now XD

    23. Missing avatar

      Berton on April 5

      Hello @Creator (or @Arthur ?).
      I know it's very early, but the hype meter start to fill rapidly on my side here waiting for shipping info (in France) :)
      From the planning you explained in video and linked in the campaign, it seems that April should be the first month of shipping (this step would take about 3 month until June).

      I know it's a big project and everything can happen and delay the shipping, no problem. Just wanted to know when we'll see the very first "shipping update" because in all other news you pointed out until now that everything goes as planned :)

      Hyper, Hype !

      Thanks :)

    24. Bardolph Carter on April 5

      I wanted the Dreamlands monsters pack, but it was out of stock, wasn´t it? when did you buy it @Scott D?

    25. Scott D
      on April 4

      I got from martchulhu, the shining traphezazoid pack, the dream world map pack, the dream world surface monster pack and the dream world underground monster pack. It's not been delivered yet but will be sent out in a week or so.

    26. Missing avatar

      Harry2017 on April 1

      I got many things that are missing. Now there is only the big yuggoth map (6-8) and the dreamlands surface set, that are missing - Ive found everything else and i am nearly complete :D :D

    27. Missing avatar

      Lorenzini Christoph on March 30

      Yeah i got goo pack 4 and ramsey campell horrors 1 and 2. Collection almost complete. Only Dreamlands map i am missing. XD

    28. Artem Holubiev on March 30

      Has anyone been lucky ebough to get anything from Marchthulhu Sale? And what's even more important - has it shipped already?

    29. Scotty F. on March 29

      Just wish we would be offered a core-set shiny trap pack for those of us who don't want filth or brain cylinders or whatever *cough*cough

    30. Scotty F. on March 29

      Being a completionist for this game is quite expensive. I think the fact that there are SO MANY options for gameplay variability lets the players pick and choose the bits and pieces they would rather play. I only have one expansion map based on friend input on gameplay and my playstyle preferences, but I have several Indie GOO and monster packs because I love me dem monsters :]
      Also added $15 to my pledge for dire azzy.... it's too beautiful to pass up, and offers a great display piece once painted!

    31. Vendetta
      on March 26

      @Jeff - thanks for the reminder on that item regarding battle dice from the FAQ, which I do remember reading in the past.

      I couldn't pull the trigger for the set of 200 in the end as I'll already have 60 (40 from OS2 and 20 from the Yothan pledge), which is still almost 8 dice per player in a full 8-player game (which I might experience just a few times in my lifetime, if I'm lucky); I'll eventually come to terms with not having *everything* for this game. :)

    32. Magnus on March 24


      Regarding your two questions I would say yes, but you might argue that Petersen Games will take the blow and what happens then... and in regards of Canada, they do have the same problem as EU, if Canada, Mexico and EU dont find a deal with the new US tariff policy within five weeks I think the timetable says, they might also get tariffs. Hopefully, the full game is delivered straight from China that woul solve alot of the problem

    33. Scott D
      on March 23

      This was my first Cthulhu Wars game. I’ve wanted it for ages but did not want to pay high retail costs. So I’ve gotten a fair bit in this campaign. I’ve now added to my order, the last faction I didn’t get during the campaign. Then I’ve since bought the great old ones packs 1,2 and 3. And just today I purchased the shining traphezoid pack, the dream wars map and the surface and underground monster packs....and I don’t even have my base game yet haha. I think I’m fairly close to having all the stuff released so far when this comes in June/July. Tell you better be as good as everybody says it is haha.

    34. Michel Godbout on March 23

      No problem. But, you know, had they shipped ahead of schedule, this page would be ablaze with comments in the line of :
      Where's my stuff?
      Why is the container stalled in the same place in the pacific for three days?
      Where's my stuff?
      Am I supposed to have received a tracking number?
      Where's my stuff?

      and other assorted questions and comments. :-)


    35. Missing avatar

      Richard Miniter
      on March 23

      Just wanted to be sure. Saw a comment a little back about a guy finally getting it to table and was thinking I missed something, thanks for the response.

    36. Michel Godbout on March 23

      I'm no wiz in international comerce so.... here a few things I as myself.
      Are these goods still considered exports from China, if the material was ordered by an American firm?
      Also, as the material was pre-ordered and paid for, can you retroactively charge said tarifs?

      And If yes in either or both cases, will Petersen games have Canadian orders delivered directly to Canada? Because, last I heard, we are not involved in this commecial dipute.

    37. Michel Godbout on March 23

      As stated in the campaign page : Scheduled for june 2018.
      So far they are on schedule.
      So, check back in another 3 months :-)

    38. Magnus on March 23

      @dande48 *lol*

    39. Missing avatar

      dande48 on March 23

      @Magnus, only on the steel components.

    40. Magnus on March 23

      So with the new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration will it have any effect on this game?

    41. Missing avatar

      Richard Miniter
      on March 22

      Sorry if I missed this in an update, I backed for the core game and a few add ons that the community recommended for me, no shipping has started correct?

    42. VegaPatch on March 22

      A reprint would be great!! Let´s see what Petersen Games think about it.

    43. Missing avatar

      Felix Salinger on March 22

      Yes. I am in for reprints. Esp. The maps

    44. Missing avatar

      dande48 on March 22

      * < $50 pledge!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      dande48 on March 22

      I'm agreeing with @Harry and @Chris. I think CW is the PERFECT game. I'd rather have a reprint of all the things I missed, rather than more factions, new units/mechanics, etc. Maybe if we could get some new neutral unit sets, but for the most part I'd love to see reprints of what's already been made. And PLEASE let there be a < $50!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Harry2017 on March 22

      You need something new. @Christopher: Have a closer look at the campaigns that you mentioned, you see that Fireteam presents new Events and Missions and Gloomhaven had a Solo Mode in the second printing...So an official Azathoth Faction would be a cheap, easy and nice way to reprint the game...

    47. Michel Godbout on March 22

      « Kickstarter does not allow real reprints»

      Really?!? Why the heck not? They still make money out of it so, why would they give a hoot.

    48. Christopher Davis on March 22

      Gloomhaven and Fireteam Zero both had very successful Kickstarter campaigns for Second Printings. (Technically not a “reprint,” I suppose.) I was able to get the stuff I missed the first time around, (and with much less risk to the publisher than if they were just to print it on their own. )

    49. Missing avatar

      Harry2017 on March 22

      As Kickstarter does not allow real reprints: Make an official Azathoth Expansion Material Kickstarter and offer all the things missing from Onslaught 3, too :-) That would be a cool (and for you cheap) Idea...And please offer a german upgrade translation pack for the rest of all your products like the GOO Packs, neutral Faction GOOs, Ramsey etc :-) I would be in!

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