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Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
4,130 backers pledged $1,076,211 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Philip Alexander Dale just now

      @Michel Godbout Hugs! ^_^

      You can still do a small pledge (for example $1) and increase it in the pledge manager later if that works for you. The pledge manager should stay open til May.

    2. Michel Godbout 1 day ago

      That Hellhound pledge is one heck of a deal.
      Still, ..... no money :-(

    3. Philip Alexander Dale 2 days ago

      True, but Gods War was made before PetersenGames moved to the "China-ready" model, so it's difficult to hold that against PG in my opinion; in fact it was the reason for the move to the new way of doing things. Other games of PetersenGames since making sure that production is ready in China ahead of time (such as the recently crowdfunded 'Evil High Priest') are actually AHEAD of schedule.

      Not intending to be rude or to get on your case, but the way you're talking makes me think you're going to be in the situation of kicking yourself later once 'Planet Apocalypse' actually comes out and the expansions and extras become MUCH more expensive and hard to get at retail. I'm already reading comments on THIS Kickstarter from people kicking themselves for not getting Dire Azathoth due to not liking the "clown face" now that Sandy has altered the model somewhat.

      The Hellhound pledge is an extremely sweet all-in deal, $299 and over 50% off as Arthur mentioned in the recent update, and including ALL the expensive PetersenGames-exclusive (read: not available in retail stores) content.

      So think hard about this. I actually, really, really, really don't want to guilt-trip you or make you get something you don't want, but I also don't want you to end up feeling bad later for missing out on all the available, discounted content for 'Planet Apocalypse' while it was on Kickstarter. I hope that comes across. :)

    4. Arthur Collaborator 2 days ago

      the concepts behind the minis are actually extremely far from being "thrown" together.

      It took Sandy and Keith over a year to develop all their look. First, they are specifically modeled after medieval European demonology (hence the faces on butts). So, not hodge podge, actually.

      And, to pick one strong example - the naked-female torso-for a head, that is not a random female torso, it's the VENUS DE MILO, because that demon is supposed to go after human lust. And so it surveyed all of human history and discovered that one of the most highly regarded pieces of sexual art ever happens to be the uber-famous venus de milo, and so is TRYING to entice the hero's base lust in order to destroy them.
      However, because it's a horrible demon, it couldn't make ALL of its body sexy or beautiful, so it could only literally make the torso from the sculpture.

      Basically all of the demons have back stories like that (or, alternately, are specific interpretations of classic medieval or Greek monsters, the idea being that these people long ago actually saw these demons, and then made art for them). Examples include the Tarasque, Geryon, Scylla, and the Nuckelavee.

      As you say, different strokes for different folks - it's subjective if you like it or not. But it's NOT AT ALL "a bunch of elements through together".

    5. Danny 2 days ago

      If it were another 6 months out I'd probably back PA, but I'm already waiting on this and Gods War. Seems like a lot to be waiting for all at once.

    6. Missing avatar

      dande48 2 days ago

      I'm normally a pretty big fan of a good Co-Op game. Some of the most successful games on KS have been Co-op (7th Continent, Gloomhaven, KDM, and recently Nemesis). I love the concepts behind PA. But the artwork, the color scheme, and especially the mini design really turned me off. Too much of it felt like a bunch of elements thrown together (hands-for-abs, minions-for-legs, naked-female-torso for head, face-for nipples). It feels like "weird for weirdness sake", instead of end-of-the-world horror.

      Just my opinion. Different strokes for different folks.

    7. Philip Alexander Dale 2 days ago

      The Kickstarter ends in 11 days as of this comment, so if you're going to jump on board, make up your mind within the next week or so! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley
      3 days ago

      It's not bad - I printed out everything at home in B&W and it took me about 2 hours while watching TV to cut everything out and stick the map together etc, sleeve the cards etc.

    9. jt 3 days ago

      Just a little cutting, eh?

    10. Sean, Lord of the Files 3 days ago

      The best I can say about PA is go grab the PnP. It's about $7 to print it all out in B&W at Staples plus a little cutting, and then you'll know if it's your game or not. Every Petersen Games PnP I've played has lead me to buy the game up to and including the expansions for Cthulhu Wars.

    11. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      @TyDel Zombicide and Kingdom Death are both co-op games. Co-op games are easily one of the most popular board game types out there. It's slowness has nothing to do with it being a co-op

    12. jt 4 days ago

      The minis are not a selling point for me anymire simply because of how many damn minis I have from $1300 of God's war and Cthulhu Wars.

    13. Eden
      4 days ago

      I thought I would skip PA as well since I haven't enjoyed co-op games in the past.

      However, the rules sound fun and the minis are more of the usual PG awesomeness, so in the end I couldn't resist! Fingers crossed we get official (or community sourced) I-GOO / monster rules for the demons to play in our CW games. :) And maybe crossovers for the GOO / monsters from CW to show up in PA. How cool would that be!

      I'm also thinking the PA monsters and demons would be great for table top RPG games (D&D, etc.).

    14. Arthur Collaborator 4 days ago

      my little secret is that I generally dislike co-ops as well. My wife LOVES them, but I can only play even my favorite ones - Yggdrasil; Ghost Stories, etc. a few times. I have to have competitive strategy (whether abstract like Blokus or thematic immersion like CW, I need to compete).

      That said, I do love PA, and that much more than even OMD!

      All that said, not every game is for everyone, that's for sure. Theomachy isn't really my game either, and that's definitely competitive (and I can see the fun factor others have when playing, it's just not my style). On the other hand, I SUPER love Dicenstein.

      We have more games to be Kickstarted this year and they are very very diverse - some more co-ops (though very diverse), and two very competitive strategy games. Be on the look out!

    15. jt 4 days ago

      I hate to say it, but PA just does not seem like my kind of game. I tried to like OMD, but I just don't like hack and slash co-ops. Puzzlers and Story Tellers are cool. I don't have the imagination to turn PA into a story teller.

      I would take a small stint with cardboard co-ops, but I don't want to spend a bunch of money.

    16. Mendon Dornbrook 4 days ago

      Sandy looks great in a suit but should unbutton his jacket when he sits.

      That's how you get burst buttons. Do you want burst buttons!?

    17. Michel Godbout 4 days ago

      I still say it's because I have no cash! :-(
      Bad timing......

    18. Arthur Collaborator 4 days ago

      My interpretation of PA is that it was hounded by two big issues:

      A) we still haven't delivered The Gods War (and our Pathfinder book)
      B) the Nemesis and Hate Kickstarters were BOTH live (going against one of those would have been hard enough, but BOTH!?).

      At least, that's my interpretation. The game is super solid and fun - exceedingly replayable (especially for a co-op), and the miniatures are, IMO even better than most of our CW minis, believe it or not!

    19. TyDeL
      5 days ago

      @Cheis Loeffler, easy answer, co-op...

    20. Michel Godbout 5 days ago

      Well he died when he was 46, so, maybe a touch of grey. Even though his photo is in b&w, he does not appear to have black hair. It looks lighter.

    21. Scotty F. 5 days ago

      @Dennis Werfl
      I believe Young lovecraft was chocolatey brown, but you could always paint it as an old lovecraft and make it white as snow from too many nightmares of crawling chaos :]
      Or purple because yes?
      +1 Sandy looking SMASHING 'ol Chap!

    22. Michel Godbout 5 days ago

      Nice figs in the last update but where is the planet with the big Ka-boom as if from the use of the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator

    23. Dennis Werfl
      5 days ago

      Hi guys,
      I am painting my Onslaught 2 first player marker and have one problem... I don't know what haircolor Lovecraft had. Google didn't find much and afaik there are only b&w pictures of him. Does anybody know that? I'm guessing it must have been darkish perhaps brown to black judging by the black&white photographs.
      Help would be appreciated.

    24. Sandy Petersen 16-time creator
      5 days ago

      I look just fine in a suit and tie. Hrmph. Had to wear it in my china visit to add gravitas.

    25. Chick Lewis 5 days ago

      Seen the latest photos of great miniatures !!

      Sandy doesn't look TOO Weird in a Suit and Tie.

    26. Ken (The friendly gamer)
      5 days ago

      Thank you to James for his amazing help today with my issue regarding this game

    27. jt on February 9

      *Were new

    28. jt on February 9

      Just played my "I lost count" game on Wednesday. Man, 3p we're new, one veteran, it's always amazing to introduce people to this game. They immediately fell in love. What a perfect game.

    29. Michel Godbout on February 9

      That's right Rob and Rick....
      In my original shipment of the base game 2 of the 3 nightgaunts broke after very minimal use.
      The new batch is sturdier. Also, the trays of the new base game, I believe, helps protect the figs even more when in storage.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rob on February 8

      Ah thanks, I thought it was something like that but couldn't access the description.

    31. Missing avatar

      Rick on February 8

      @Rob Probably for people who wanted the sturdier models from OS2.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rob on February 8

      Trying to remember, why was there a nightgaunts 3 pack in the pledge manager?

    33. John Medany
      on February 8

      Sorry - what's the current link for the Omega Rulebook O3 edition ? The one in update one doesn't work any more

    34. John Medany
      on February 8

      @chris - its a different IP. Cthulhu is currently very popular where as PA is an unknown ...

    35. Michel Godbout on February 7

      No money... :-(
      spent what little I had left on Chase Norton's excellent Warsponge for all my CW purchases.

    36. Chris Loeffler
      on February 6

      As a backer the the last two waves, I am REALLY surprised how slow Planet Apocalypse has kicked off. It looks great, am i missing something?

    37. Missing avatar

      Ted Luera on February 2

      Question: on the crossover items from Planet Apocalypse (i.e.: Investigators and demon)... Will those items have the Cthulhu Wars bases or will it just be a figure dump from PA + rules? Will the Eradication Markers have CW bases?

    38. Chase Creation on January 31

      I feel that dande48. I feel it right now.

    39. Missing avatar

      dande48 on January 30

      Do you ever randomly get a Cthulhu Wars craving? It had been a while since I thought of OS 3, then last week it hit me like a ton of bricks! Super excited to get my order! I hope by some miracle it ships early.

    40. erperuano on January 29

      Thanks James. I think so, just the core.

    41. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on January 26

      Everything is good with Colonel Fubar, his pledge was completed and he was taken was care of in Dec I believe. There was a missed email the cause the confusion.

      Thanks everyone.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on January 25

      Artemis said:

      No italian version? That's super sad. :(

      Answer: If you know of a company that would like to take on this project in Italy, have them email us, and we can see what we can do.

    43. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on January 25

      erperuano said:

      @James Frashure I was noticed of the edition of Level up. Anyway, they are only going to sell only the core game or they are increasing the offer to more expansions?

      Answer: I'm not sure, I think they only did the core game to start. I will find out.

    44. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on January 25

      Selim Musleh Vega said:

      Hi, I know that the PM is closed but, is there any chance to get some battle dice?

      Answer: The PM is long gone and the numbers sent to China, we do have some Green Dice on our website we will be reopening soon. And after we ship to backers we usually have some extras that we sell.

    45. erperuano on January 25

      @James Frashure I was noticed of the edition of Level up. Anyway, they are only going to sell only the core game or they are increasing the offer to more expansions?

    46. Missing avatar

      Colonel Fubar on January 24

      How can my pledge be completed ? I never got any answer or acknowledgement of my last message. And I wasn’t asked to pay for shipping, this is the last step of the pledge manager, right ?

      So I have no clue that anything is done and after not getting a feedback, I asked for a refund and never heard for PG back. So since you say you have my email, contact me and let’s settle this one way or the other.

    47. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on January 24

      David Martinez Ortega said:

      Please, could somebody explain that about Spanish language?? Since when does that option exists?

      Response: A company in Spain Level Up paid to have the language translated. And bought a large amount, with this the get an exclusive right to sell the Spanish games in Spain.

    48. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on January 24

      Colonel Fubar said:

      I have been unable to respond to the surveys because I was abroad in central asia, and despite varions attempts to reach out through support and here to solve the problem, my O3 pledge will not be sent or refunded. As a back since the beginning, this is not really cool. My Gods War will be the last KS is get from PG. Too bad for them.

      Response: I handle all the Customer support for Petersen Games I have never sent out an e-mail stating we would not refund you your pledge. We I did have a conversation with you in November of last year and your pledge is completed.

    49. Lord Henry on January 24

      Hi Guys maybe for Cthulhu Wars OS4 you could think about an Italian translation. Many people in Italy would buy it.

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