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"Water Glyphs" - Conductive Alliance Album 's video poster

Conductive Alliance is releasing a new record and wants you to be a part of making it happen! Read more

Chicago, IL Indie Rock
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This project was successfully funded on August 23, 2010.

Conductive Alliance is releasing a new record and wants you to be a part of making it happen!

Chicago, IL Indie Rock
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Thanks so much for visiting our Kickstarter page. Conductive Alliance had an amazing year and now we have a whole new set of songs ready to release. Once we get the album pressed, we can plan our next big tour and hit up a city near you. Our Kickstarter ends August 23rd and the album will be turned around and ready to go 4-6 weeks after that!

Though the recording, mixing, and mastering is all complete, the final process is actually getting the CDs manufactured. The money raised through our Kickstarter will be used to get the CD's made and distributed. Anything over the goal will go towards touring and future recordings!

We are always trying to push the music and ourselves when writing new songs. This record shows new sides to the band and we are really proud to share it with you. The album's intricate sound collages and experimental pop arrangements expand on the minimalist improvised approach heard in the our earlier incarnations. A broadened musical palette draws from spiraling tape loops, fizzing electronics, ethnic percussion, cello, and musical saw.

Tracking was split between Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios and Shape Shoppe. The album was engineered and mixed by Griffin Rodriguez (Icy Demons, Beirut, Man Man, and Akron/ Family) and Jud Eakin. Recording to tape, we captured the cavernous drum sounds and instrumental warmth of Electrical Audio and Shape Shoppe.

In case you were curious not about where we are headed but where we are coming from, here is some press for our last album Conductive Alliance:

Radio Free Chicago
"Each cut of theirs plays like its own universe, reads like its own book... their songs never get old, never slow down, never are boring. Between spiraling acoustics, fizzing electronics and the occasional spatter of tom drums, Conductive Alliance manages never to quite repeat themselves, never to drop the impression that they're moving forward. It's what the best symphonies manage to pull, and these are four guys."

Illinois Entertainer:
"Minimalist/indie/chamber/world outfit Conductive Alliance makes inspired and unclassifiable music on its self-titled EP. It is acoustic, hypnotic, and eclectic, with each song taking on its own character. It must be one of the more unique acts playing around the city and would stand out on any stage."

WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago's Sound Experiment
"Lush orchestration, interlocking and warm riffs, and deftly shifting meters that hint at nostalgia. This is a true Chicago group, with the same ear for the minimal, the sparse, and the hypnotically repetitive as Town and Country. And few can produce odd meters so natural and flowing. Conductive Alliance's finger-picking, harmonics, bowed bass, and hand-drumming on doumbek, produce a sense of wonder that accompanies such a uniquely rich soundworld."

So what can you do?

• Pre-order our album by making a $10 pledge right here on Kickstarter. You'll be the first to receive the album!

• Pledge more and get your share of the other awesome incentives we have to offer.

• Tell your friends! Direct them here to our Kickstarter page, find us on Facebook and Myspace and visit

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-Thanks to Kyle Weaver for providing the photography from Electrical Studios


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    Receive a physical CD of "Water Glyphs" and an official Conductive Alliance sticker featuring the artwork of Mat Daly! (

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    Get that Conductive Alliance custom screen printed T-shirt that you always wanted + the CD and sticker!

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    Get your choice of a private music lesson either in person in Chicago or over Skype + all previous gifts! Guitar (Eli), Bass (Nick), or Drums (Corey). Nick can also show you yoga poses.

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    We will put your name in the liner notes thanking you for all your support + all previous gifts!

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    We will throw you a private show and party (booze included) at our apartment/rehearsal space (Chicago only, sorry. Great excuse for a visit!) + all previous gifts!

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    We will write and record a song for you and let you name it + all previous gifts!

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