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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter about 7 years ago

Cancellation Update

Posted by (Creator)

Hi Backers!

We have received many emails about the cancellation of our GloSpex project. We still do not know why the project was cancelled. We will find out. 

Regardless of the outcome GloSpex will be available in April. Also, Kickstarter is an fantastic company that provides an excellent service. So, I'm sure we'll be able to work out a way to address your concerns.

Thanks again for all the emails and the great support. We'll update you as soon as we know more.

Warmest Regards,



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    1. Chris Kennedy on - Different model than the KS wraparound.

    2. FuelBox Inc. on

      whats going on with GloSpex??

    3. Cory Ali on

      Unfortunately GloSpex is blocked by Kickstarter from commenting on this project. They are very much interested in helping original backers. More information can be found through their Twitter account (@GoGloSpex) or by contacting I got a response within 24 hours and was provided a link to be added to their order list. So they have not left their investors in the dark or are scamming us at all. Hope this helps some of you out. :)

    4. Diane Masaitis on

      Dear Kevin,
      I believe in your product and would like very much to keep abreast as to what is transpiring. By you not responding leaves all of your major investors (including myself) wondering why we have not received a response by you. You have all of our email addresses. Inasmuch as Kickstarter has done something out of the ordinary, it is still up to you to rectify the error and keep us posted. It has been days. I am worried. Please advise, as I am looking forward to receiving my product in April and have no desire at this time to cancel my order, or my investment.

    5. paul on

      why was this canceled, this is crazy that we have not reason or email explaining it

    6. Bonte Radu on

      We need updates. The wait is killing me.

    7. Missing avatar

      maicesin on

      We need updates.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      CPU-MD, what was the other project that was started and never materialized?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      It's a shame kickstarters canceled this, was there any reason why?

    10. Missing avatar

      Brandon Beumer on

      whats the website and CPU i hope youre not right about that but it makes sense

    11. Russell McIntosh on

      I think we at least deserve an explanation for this... either it be from you (Kevin) or Kickstarter.

      In the mean time they have set up a website, and can subscribe to their mailing list where they ask whether or not you backed their Kickstarter project.

    12. Myra Moretti on

      Percito, they don't charge you until the project's funding reaches the deadline.

    13. Percito del Castillo on

      im assuming since I didnt receive a refund through paypal, that this is going through?

    14. CPU-MD on

      Looks like it was a cheap marketing campaign for GloSpex.... What better way to find out if your new product will take hold than to offer backing through kickstarter. You get tons of free press from all the normal nerd blogs making them think you are involved in something new... This is the second offering from Kevin and company that never materialized. Why are you surprised?

    15. Ataris on

      So, it' has been a week. Any news?

    16. Nicholas Migneault on

      5 days later, still no word on what's going to happen.

    17. J Rey on

      I believe this project will be a success at the end. It has everything it needs to succeed and is much more advanced than many projects. It is less risky because it is ready to ship. Kickstarter can decide to be part of it, or not. I will buy through kickstarter or any other way because I like the product and believe the designer/owner is serious about this product.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nathan Higginson on

      Just a quick question for Kevin. So I signed up for the 2 glospex for $26 reward, and I was wondering if that would still be available if the ordering occurs through another site. Thanks again, I'm excited to try these bad boys out.

    19. Bryan Price on

      I can't believe that it's Friday, and we still haven't heard a response back from Kickstarter.

      All my other projects have been funded, and if as a backer I don't get a straight answer, I'll be deleting my account. Some transparency would be nice here, and when it takes this long and longer (or ever I guess) to come up with at least a peep of a reason, I don't play that game.

    20. David Duncan on

      can you set up a Facebook of this doesn't get straightened out and we can keep track of it through that. I was looking forward to these as concert sunglasses among other things,

    21. Missing avatar

      Donald Lee on

      This is my first time to participate on KickStarter. I'm not very impressed when they cancel/suspend/whatever a project without leaving a clear explanatory message here for everyone participating. I think we all deserve that from KickStarter.

    22. Missing avatar

      Austin Mills on

      Cylon would be sweet. I wonder what the hold up is. Normally KS is all Johnny On The Spot with stuff like this.

    23. Dan Berko on

      WOAH. +1 on CYLON SPECS!

      Really hope this all gets ironed out.

    24. John Mcmahan on

      Jim Harper is 100% right about doing a cylon version of glowspecs!

    25. Matt Hough on

      not on KickStarter. they should filter projects before they are posted rather than close to the end. rather annoying to say the least. I hope they give a very good explanation.

    26. Jim Harper on

      We would really like to have sets in red that were programmed to sweep side to side (like the Cylons on the original Battlestar Galactica.) Hope you can straighten this out.

    27. Victoria 'Traiya' O'Connell on

      This is very good news!
      I do hope this doesn't hurt your chances of of bringing this project to market, I simply can't wait to see these in real life.
      Hope you get this problem sorted soon.