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$36,211 pledged of $10,000 goal
$36,211 pledged of $10,000 goal

Project Cancellation

Hi Kickstarters-

It appears Kickstarter has terminated our project. We do not know why.

We are looking into it. 




Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.

    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gordon on February 15, 2012

      Kind of weak, to deny somebody tens of thousands of dollars and not even bother with a word of explanation. No offense but it makes me rethink using Kickstarter at all if this is the way they run their site.

    2. Spin on February 14, 2012


    3. Jim Kelly
      on February 14, 2012

      Classic Kickstarter

    4. Missing avatar

      goglospex@gltcinc.com 2-time creator on February 14, 2012

      Let me make a clarification. The project was suspended not canceled. We are trying to find out why they did this. They gave us no indication as to why they took this action. We hope to get this resolved quickly.

    5. Missing avatar

      Zaii on February 14, 2012

      this sucks, I pledged for the first one that didn't get funded and now this one is cancelled. I really wanted to show these off at some upcoming music festivals

    6. Missing avatar

      on February 14, 2012

      Funding shows "Suspended" in my backer history. As opposed to "Canceled" on the old GloSpex project. The bar on the page is yellow, I believe when the authors cancel them they are red.

      I'm just concerned over the email that it's not a suspension at all, due to the statement the credit card will not be charged.

    7. John Mcmahan on February 14, 2012


    8. Missing avatar

      jorge castillo on February 14, 2012

      If all fails start a new one....

    9. Missing avatar

      DalsR on February 14, 2012

      this email i got just broke my heart

    10. Chuck Rau on February 14, 2012

      We're standing by, Kevin. Let us know how we can help! They owe us all an explanation!

    11. Robert Wiggett on February 14, 2012

      well I for one am not going anywhere :P hope it gets resolved!