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Confectionize is the world’s first company that lets you create your own Confection the way you want it.
Confectionize is the world’s first company that lets you create your own Confection the way you want it.
156 backers pledged $6,808 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Terri Ellen Pease on April 14, 2013

      You know, the whole kickstarter thing is a gamble. For me it's partly the excitement/voyeurism of watching a new, *potentially* successful business emerge. Yeah, this one didn't make, but I personally view the kickstarter thing as a whole. For every one that doesn't come together, dozens do. I've gotten cool things, including some delish candy from another kickstart, and still have my life, my business etc. I never send more for a kickstart than I'm willing to kiss goodbye. Assuming this woman didn't just take the money and run (and I don't think she did), it's like buying a stock that tanks. These things happen.

    2. Mark Engbretson on March 17, 2013

      FYI - Probably hard to make candy when the house has been foreclosed on.

    3. Desiree Gabel on March 14, 2013

      Yeah, I am also one of those people who has sent multiple messages and have not heard back or received my candy. Yeah, my $35 isn't the end of the world by any means, but it's more of the point by now. If she had been around letting us know that there are issues and done something, it would have been different, but she took our money and ran.

    4. Mark Engbretson on March 8, 2013

      Chad, we don't know that she DIDN'T go off on a cruise with the cash, or get cosmetic surgery, or redo her kitchen, or pay off credit card bills, or bail someone out of jail, or make a quick weekend trip to Vegas with a $5K bank role. That's the problem. All we have gotten so far is excuses and some not very sincere promises.

      I don't even see any attempt to have fulfilled this Kickstarter. I'm one of the idiots who signed up for a monthly plan . . . and who wanted caramel . . . . something which is not temperature sensitive . . . . and I'm still waiting for ANYTHING, when mine if one of the few orders that she probably COULD have shipped during last summer's heat wave.

      It's been almost 80 days since Jane last said, "I'll get back to you guys in a week with a plan." I have more faith now in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or the Great Pumpkin than I have in actually ever hearing from Jane again.

      I hope to be proved wrong . . . . but I wouldn't bet on it.

    5. Stephen Holinaty on March 6, 2013

      from the KS rules:

      If you realize that you will be unable to follow through on your project before funding has ended, you are expected to cancel it. If your project is successfully funded, you are required to fulfill all rewards or refund any backer whose reward you do not or cannot fulfill. A failure to do so could result in damage to your reputation or even legal action by your backers.

      To avoid problems, don't over-promise when creating your project. If issues arise, communicate immediately, openly, and honestly with your backers.

    6. Stephen Holinaty on March 6, 2013

      and I didnt post her home phone number. I posted the phone number that was published in the LLC Filing with her county. this is publicly accessible information on a government website.

    7. Stephen Holinaty on March 6, 2013

      you cant sue a person. she set up a legal entity LLC to hide behind. all I want is my contractual obligations as set out via the kickstarter rules: Send me some shit or give me my money back. this is written in stone in the kickstarter rules.

    8. Chad Schumacher on March 4, 2013

      Guys, let's give her a little bit of a break here. It's not like she is running off on a cruise with our money. I personally believe she did everything she could, and spent every dime of those funds to fulfill as many backers as she could. $7,000 doesn't go very far in the food business. If you want to sue an honest woman over a candy bar you didn't get - that's up to you. But posting her home phone number is just over the line in my opinion.

    9. Stephen Holinaty on March 4, 2013

      and it looks like the home phone number for that address is Home (208) 922-9218

    10. Stephen Holinaty on March 4, 2013

      more info:

      New Business Filings

      New Business filings with the Secretary of State's office
      Entry Details:
      Name: Confectionize
      Address: 689 E New Rockrose Ct
      City: Kuna
      Officer Name: Jane Parendo-Stjean
      Nature Of Business: retail trade service
      Type of filing: Assumed Name
      Zip Code: 83634
      Date filed: 04/30/2012

    11. Stephen Holinaty on March 4, 2013

      from the comments on update 18:
      her other email address for this project was : to which I have sent email to without response. Googling around her full name might be 'Jane Parendo St. Jean' from Boise, ID & Meridian, ID Age 42.

    12. Stephen Holinaty on March 4, 2013

      if anyone DOES end up starting a lawsuit on this, please count me in. this counts as international breach of contract, (Canadian here). all I want is my money back.

      If Jane didnt think through any of the assosciated costs of running a business like this, thats sad, but totally not my problem. where we sit now, I have been robbed. Cash has been stolen from me with zero benefit to myself. I did not pay to let someone experience their dreams for a week and then change their mind and give up.

    13. Mark Engbretson on February 27, 2013

      Yeah, the colored ones are just starting to be produced, and they are doing them one at a time. No idea when gray will appear . . . . ideally, next . . . . but probably in the quantity order that people people pledged for.

      I'm thinking as well that probably the very cheapest solution, if she is no longer trying to run a business, would be to refund money rather that make up a few hundred pounds of candy - the shipping itself is a non trivial expense. However, Kickstarter and Amazon already took their cut . . . . and if Jane actually did buy a mountain of chocolate last spring . . . there probably is not any cash left. $7K is a lot to pull out of thin air if you don't have it.

      Was actually wondering if there is any way that someone could file a court case in such a way that it ended up on one of those TV judges shows . . . . where the award typically comes out of the fee for being on the show. Some situation where the backers get their money . . . but your also not chopping Jane into little peices and selling them on Ebay to recover the costs.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dr.K. on February 26, 2013

      Mark, I remember this story. There is definitely precedence for this type of issue. I don't want to put Jane into the position Quest was in. I just want my money back at this point. Still no word on my pebble, but I did order gray. They're just as far behind as Jane, but they at least provide us with updates. It's horribly irresponsible of Jane to act the way she's been acting.

    15. Mark Engbretson on February 20, 2013

      Grin, just got my Pebble last Friday and jailbroke my device so that it actually works as designed. Worth the wait, just would like to see the SDK now.

      Jane, on the other hand . . . I just wish that we knew the real back story on what is/was happening. I asked someone to look over the updates messages from an unbiased point of view and she mentioned as her first comment that from the get-go, Jane has offered nothing but excuses for delays, and not much else. Each problem taken by itself . . . maybe it could happen. All of them together . . . . I don't think so.

      I feel rather . . . stupid . . . now about backing this project. Kickstarter's "solution" to failed projects is to simply wash their hands of the situation and let mob rule determine what happens next. Which is, I guess, about where we are now.

      So . . . . take the high moral road . . . wish Jane whatever karma you want to float her direction, and move on . . . . or get nasty and try to royally mess up someone life over, at worse, checking . . . $200 per person or at most about $1 a day while this process has been going on, which is less than a vending machone cola.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dr.K. on February 19, 2013

      Mark, I also backed the pebble watch which is really delayed in manufacturing and delivery. However, we hear from those project creators. The problem here is that Jane has decided that our pledges aren't worth an update from her. I'm following up with litigation now and would really just rather get a refund than mess with this trouble.

    17. Mark Engbretson on February 11, 2013

      I don't thing that weather is/was the cause of the problems. Example: I wanted caramel bars . . . . which don't melt . . .still didn't get anything when it is probably one of the items that she could have shipped any time.

      I suspect that the problem is what many Kickstarter projects face.

      You set a goal to pull something off; don't take into account fully the cut that Amazon and Kickstater take; don't take into account the cost of postage, materials, production, whatever; and just ASSUME that the new business that you hope to generate makes enough profit to cover the cost to handle the pledge rewards.

      I'm making that guess since Jane once said that she was backed up 1,600 orders . . . and there are only 165 backers here. If this is true (and only Jane really knows), she didn't follow the typical pattern of shipping to Kickstarter backers first. Those orders . . . people do have a much easier time to reverse the charges on their plastic for any orders that they made.

      Even some of the high profile projects which raised a few million dollars, and which carefully budgeted the real world cost of the rewards right off the top (and squirreled that money away), look to be running short of cash to finish their projects.

      I've pledged to 11 projects . . .and am still waiting on awards on 5 of them.

    18. cathy beal on January 5, 2013

      I was fortunate to get one of the first reward shipments, and Jane made excellent candy! Maybe this could someday be a seasonal business, Thanksgiving through Valentines Day.

    19. Amanda Plaugher on December 26, 2012

      I'm not even worried so much about the candy. Sure, I want it, but I Kickstarted what I thought was a budding business. I would like to know how and what that business is doing, and I think I have a right to know. We have undelivered product, a downed website, and, worst of all, a founder that can't be contacted and hasn't updated her investors for months. Right now I don't feel like I've backed a business, I feel like I gave someone a free kitchen upgrade.
      I hope this project actually follows through and that she responds soon. I want to be proven wrong.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dr.K. on December 23, 2012

      I followed up with Kickstarter, Amazon Payments, and with several email addresses I have for her. I also have an address for her, but I'm not sure that writing a physical letter will produce better results. I've given her until the end of January before following up with legal counsel. At this point I just want a refund. It does look like she's having financial trouble, so I suspect she use her investment for personal gain. I will follow up here if/when I hear from her or at the end of January with information and legal counsel. Because of the terms of her agreement she signed we have a strong case. I just hope she does the right thing and doesn't take it that far.

    21. Mark Engbretson on December 23, 2012

      For whatever it is worth . . . .

      When you back a project you enter into an agreement with the project creator, as described in our terms of use ( This agreement establishes a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and gives backers a recourse if they don't.

      But that seems to be rather limited to preventing further Kickstarter projects.

      The bad part will be that people will now be less likely to back future projects or try to help someone out or get a more negative feel for the whole kickstarter process.

      I wonder, though, how many people literally vanish off the face of the earth on these projects instead of just getting in way over their heads on what it actually costs to deliver on the project.

    22. Chris Kennedy on December 23, 2012

      I just noticed something on kickstarter. At the top, under 'Confectionize - Customized Confections Like No Other!' is 'Confectionize LLC ' which is underlined.
      CLICK on it. It will open a new window. Again under the big bold text is the project location & her last login to kickstarter, which was 'Last login Oct. 01, 2012'
      So for all of our messages here have gone unheard.
      if you kicktraq her project you'll find her name is : Jane Parendo [Can be seen at :]
      her other email address for this project was : to which I have sent email to without response. Googling around her full name might be 'Jane Parendo St. Jean' from Boise, ID & Meridian, ID Age 42.
      I do believe she has cut & run on the project. I hope she proves me wrong, but not logging in since Oct 1st - She has cut & run.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dr.K. on December 22, 2012

      Jane, can you please provide us with an update? It's the holiday season and a lot of us spent money backing this project that could have otherwise be spent on family. It's only fair that you provide an update. If things have fallen through on this project you should refund our money. I've already been contacted by a lawyer who wants to start a class action suit against you and I really don't want to pursue that avenue.

    24. Desiree Gabel on December 20, 2012

      I have sent a couple of messages over the last couple of months (nice and polite messages) and am starting to worry with everyone else. Is it time to see if there is a way Kickstarter staff can get involved?

    25. Missing avatar

      James McLellan on December 15, 2012

      Are things going alright over there? Haven't heard anything from you all in a while, and the website looks like it was taken down.

    26. Amanda Plaugher on December 14, 2012

      It would be nice to hear something from the creator. We haven't gotten an update since October and I'm starting to worry.

    27. Stephen Holinaty on December 13, 2012

      not only the site, but the jane@confectionize email account is disabled as well. I dont think we are going to be getting our rewards...

    28. Jamie on December 13, 2012

      Site is no longer available, Has anyone received their rewards yet?

    29. Mark Engbretson on November 30, 2012

      Well . . . you can't very well have up a web site taking orders new when you still running 6+ months behind in dealing with the ones that you already have. Sort of though that it was funny though that they got a back log of over 1,400 orders before doing the 156 generated from the KickStarter.

      Maybe a case of "watch out what you wish for . . . . you may get it?"

      Wouldn't be the first KS project to get swamped or have issues providing their rewards, although lengthly delays in updates is never a good sign.

    30. Chris Kennedy on November 16, 2012

      Looks like the confections are coming in the next 30 days; I just checked their site of & saw the landing page as :

      We are currently Updating our site to better improve our customers experience! As well as conform to new regulations!
      We are also using the time to catch up on our orders, so Any and All orders and or Rewards that have not been shipped will be over the next 30 days!
      Sorry for and Inconvenience!

    31. Carla on October 21, 2012

      Time for an update?

    32. Heidi Joy Clark, CMT on August 23, 2012 mine on the way soon?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Parrish on June 8, 2012

      Thank you. I got mine today, put in the fridge to cool down (it was hot out). Then tried one of the chocolate marshmallow ones. mmmmm delicious! Can't wait to try the rest (and try not to eat all of them in one day)!

    34. Darien Gee on May 7, 2012

      Congrats on getting funded!

    35. Missing avatar

      Tara McKinney on April 27, 2012

      I know it sounds a little weird, and I did not see it obviously listed, but would you be able to do crushed up kettle style potato chips?

    36. Mark Engbretson on April 26, 2012

      Hopefully, all the cash will not just go to the USPS shipping out boxes of candy! The flat rate boxes alone might be close to $1,000!

    37. Confectionize LLC Creator on April 26, 2012

      We made it in a huge way, Thank You all for supporting me, looking forward to making all your confections.

    38. Missing avatar

      Bethany Davis on April 26, 2012

      Congratulations on your funding triumph! I can't wait to taste some confections.

    39. Confectionize LLC Creator on April 25, 2012

      There will be White, Dark and Milk Chocolate drizzle available as well as a caramel drizzle as additions I just have not added them to the web site yet.

    40. Mark Engbretson on April 25, 2012

      Note: Your video of doing caramel shows you adding a drizzle of chocolate over the top which isn't an obvious add on your ingredient list - but sure looks like a winning finishing touch!

    41. Confectionize LLC Creator on April 24, 2012

      How to Customize? A few days after the Kickstarter project has ended backers will receive a survey to fill out so they can select their favorite Confection base (Marshmallow, Chocolate, or Caramel) and then build on that base by adding up to five ingredients from a selection of over 100 to create their own personal confection. If anyone would like to see all the options go to our website you can see all the choices available.

    42. Missing avatar

      deleted on April 24, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    43. Confectionize LLC Creator on April 23, 2012

      All of the extras will be in the first shipment if you are getting the confection of the month. All others will get the extras with their shipment.

    44. Christine on April 23, 2012

      How are you doing the extras for the backers who are getting a monthly "subscription"?

    45. Troy McDaniel
      on April 22, 2012

      Whoop! Broke $5k and still going strong.

    46. Confectionize LLC Creator on April 17, 2012

      Mark, I know it can be very difficult to come up with the perfect confection, with 15 bases to choose from and with 105 possible additions available makes for over a billion possible combinations. It would be impossible for me to make all the combinations but I am working on setting up a sample pack of combinations that do work together like a theme pack one might be spicy another might be fruity or nutty and so on. These would be small bit size pieces that you can try to see what you like. These are still in the works and something I will be refining with my backers on Kickstarter as well as on facebook in coming months through the use of polls and comments to come up with things that give a good representation of what we offer. I hope this answers your question, if not or it brings up another let me know I am always happy to help.


    47. Mark Engbretson on April 17, 2012

      How could you possibly make a decision on the perfect candy without working through a couple different choices first? Grin I know this invalidates the concept of Customized creations, but any chance that you might at some point have a "variations on a theme" option? Where you end up with single bite pieces - the base and nuts/fruit being the same, but spices and toppings perhaps being different? Or just too much trouble?

    48. Confectionize LLC Creator on April 17, 2012

      Michael, no bacon yet. I am trying to work out the shelf life of real bacon and find out what the regulations are on it so unfortunately not yet, and the fake bacon stuff for me is just not good so when the day comes we have bacon available it will be the real deal. I think we can all agree real is better!

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