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Help fund the coolest coloring book ever! The artist behind "Mommy Has A Tattoo" is back with over 30 amazing illustrations...
Help fund the coolest coloring book ever! The artist behind "Mommy Has A Tattoo" is back with over 30 amazing illustrations...
62 backers pledged $5,088 to help bring this project to life.

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Hey Guys

I thought I'd try a video update this time! The gist of it is that I received the blue-lines from Hong Kong last week and approved them, so printing should commence shortly. We're about a week behind the original schedule because of the Chinese New Year celebration, so I'm told to expect the books now during the 2nd week of April. They should be sending me real, finished, samples for my final approval soon... and then I send them the remainder of the balance owed, and they release the finished product to ship here. I will, of course, spend that 2nd weekend in April packing and fulfilling everyone's books! 

Anyway. If you've read all this I guess you don't need to watch the video! Thanks for your support...


Phil Padwe

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Book ETA is April 5th...


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Quick Update... & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hey guys - still waiting for the funds to clear. In the meantime, I got in touch with my printer in Hong Kong and they're all ready to proceed. The print run will be 1,000 copies... making this a bit of a collector's item!!!

I'm sure it's because I've been drawing nothing but cartoons (finishing the Daddy Has A Tattoo book these past weeks), after having done nothing but commercial illustrations (for this coloring book project)... but ever since I woke up on New Year's Day, I've been like a fine-art MACHINE!!! I've already completed 5 large drawings. I'm really excited about the new style I'm working in, too. It's original and visually striking. I'll share a few of the new drawings here... just as a glimpse of what I've been up to. 

I hope your New Year's Eve was memorable and your 2012 is fantastic!!! I'm going to get back to Tattoo Children's Books now... switching gears : )

Best wishes and Happy New Year...
Phil Padwe

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Finalizing your names for the "Thank You" page!!! And looking for emails!!!


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Hey guys!

I'm so happy we made the target, and I'll be able to proceed with the new Coloring Book!!! I shot emails off to my supplier in Hong Kong and I'm waiting to hear back re: ordering instructions. I should be ordering 1,000 copies of TATTOO COLORING BOOK #2 shortly after the new year! The reason for the slight delay between the project completion and my ordering the books is that Amazon holds onto the funds for 2-3 weeks after the campaign finishes. Then, it's 5-7 weeks for the books to be produced and shipped overseas. (((Those of you who'll be receiving signed copies of "all the books" will have the option of waiting until the new book is printed and receiving all your books at once... or of receiving your shipment in 2 parts, if you require the existing books sooner)))

Because I'm so excited, and because I honestly can't think of anyone more deserving to share this with, than you guys who've been so supportive... here's a sneak-peek of the NEW ART I've been working on for the next children's book. This next book, DADDY HAS A TATTOO, is not a coloring book. It's a real, proper, hard-cover children's book with a dust-cover and 32 pages of full, bright, color... just like Mommy Has A Tattoo

It's packed with what I humbly hope you'll agree are top-notch illustrations and a REALLY FUN story. And from the ground up, it's also being designed to display and function on tablets and e-readers (not just in print). There is absolutely ZERO doubt that the future of publishing is digtal... so any print run for this "Daddy" book will be small. Like... micro-small.

It brings back the characters of James and his Mommy (from Mommy Has A Tattoo)... and this time introduces us to James' daddy, and a little girl named "Polly" who's as crazy about parrots as James is about tattoos! The two images below are of 

  • James and his family
  • Polly and her Daddy

This is simply the black and white line-art. I hope you'll enjoy them, and agree that the work is top-notch! I'm putting a lot of effort and a lot of trial-and-error into this project, at this point... and the result has been a lively, unique, illustration style I'm quite happy with!

Thanks again for your support, and keep an eye out for an email from me in a few days! I'll be reaching out to you guys to get your emails and mailing addresses in order, so I can start fulfilling my end of the deal!

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